Gold Sumatra Kratom Strain Review

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Gold Sumatra is so hot right now! Put it this way: if kratom strains were measured based on Scoville units, this one would be akin to Mad Dog 357. That’s how popular this Sumatra variant has become.

Gold Sumatra Kratom bursts onto the botanical scene back in 2016 when vendors like SoCal started carrying it. In less time than it takes to tie one on, this copper-hued killer wowed users with its wide array of effects and its inimitable duration.

Anyone who’s ever been disappointed with a fleeting aroma knows that kratom rarely sticks around for more than three to four hours. Many “premium” strains have been marketed as “long-lasting,” but few can top the extended duration of Maeng Da or White Sumatra.

Enter Gold Sumatra Kratom to bring up the back end with a lengthy period of heaviness that’s made that much more impressive by its intervals of elevation (what all you wooks out there would call “plateaus”).

If you’ve never heard of gold and yellow vein kratom powder, you don’t know what you’re missing. Fortunately for you, I’ve done a deep dive into the latest kratom trend and compiled all the facts about this subset of Mitragyna speciosa.

As you’ll see, the singularity of Gold or Yellow Sumatra is what makes it so rare and desirable. That’s why vendors are falling over themselves in the rush to stock as much as they can.


Often marketed as Yellow Sumatra or Yellow S, Gold Vein Sumatra isn’t technically a strain in and of itself, rather it is a chemically-altered version of Red Sumatra. Don’t be fooled if some fly-by-night supplier refers to it as Gold Vein or Gold Vein Sumatra.

The gold in Gold Sumatra refers to the color resulting from the harvesters’ signature fermentation process. It DOES NOT refer to a natural vein color. As most of you probably already know, there are only three naturally occurring kratom vein colors—green, red and white, respectively.

As I covered in my strains guide, the effects of red vein kratom powder vary wildly from those of other M. speciosa veins. It is said to be the most abundant form of Mitragyna speciosa in the Western world, but few are aware that it is used to produce Gold Sumatra.

Red Sumatra Kratom is grown on the lush tropical island of Sumatra, deep in the heart of Indonesia. There a cadre of skilled artisans harvest the most mature leaves and set about exposing them to direct sunlight during the drying process.

Unlike other gold and yellow strains, Gold Sumatra Kratom is not simply splayed out on rocks beneath a scorching sun. Instead, batches of kratom leaves are bagged up and left to ferment for a controlled period of time.

This fermentation, coupled with natural photo-oxidation, yields higher-than-normal alkaloid concentrations. It also alters the chemical structure of the plant matter, producing a micronized powder that contains a richer assortment of terpenoid indole alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides and polyphenols.

Gold Sumatra Kratom gets its name from the aforementioned photo-oxidation which changes the natural color of red vein to more of a copper-like yellow-gold.

Although quite rare given its intricate method of cultivation, Gold Sumatra is made available by select vendors in powder form as well as in pre-packaged kratom capsules.


This alkaloid-dense herb is infused with a host of alkaloids, each of which works in tandem with the others to induce profound effects. These compounds include epicatechin, isospeciofoline, paynantheine, mitrafoline, speciociliatine, speciogynine and the much-coveted 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing).

Users have discussed a variety of purported benefits, all of which are tangential given kratom’s status as an unregulated substance. Here in the United States, the FDA has not approved kratom or its alkaloids for medicinal use.

Common effects of Gold Sumatra include all of the following:

  • Elevated mood
  • Mild exhilaration
  • Moderate invigoration
  • Substantial “clean” boost
  • Tranquility
  • Clarity of thought
  • General sense of well-being


Whereas other strains boast an aroma that starts to dissipate at around two to three hours, Gold Sumatra Kratom typically sticks around for as long as six hours before slowly wearing off. Unlike other strains, users do not generally experience kratom hangover or any other kind of comedown.

First-time users have reported effects that lasted in excess of seven or even eight hours. Although this is seldom the case among seasoned kratomites, you cannot underestimate the staying power of this Sumatra surprise.


As with any form of kratom, users need to approach it with caution. Those who have taken Yellow Sumatra, especially at higher dosages, note the potential for apoplexy, nausea, “wobz” and stomach cramps.

The taste of this signature blend is especially bitter to beginners who are not accustomed to the flavor of kratom leaves. As such, consumers should avoid taking it via the “toss ‘n wash” method as it will likely trigger their gag reflex and may lead to vomiting or stomach discomfort.

For the best results, everyone should begin with a threshold dosage. As Werner Herzog would say, “Even dwarfs started small.” By beginning with the lowest possible dosage, you will allow your system to acclimate to Gold Sumatra’s effects without getting overwhelmed.

A threshhold dosage is approximately 1.5 grams while a 2-2.5 gram dosage is considered low. A more moderate dosage would be somewhere between 3 and 4 grams.


It would seem as though everyone who has tried it falls in love with it. One user on Reddit wrote, “Very nice powerful red, it truly is gold.”

Another user agreed, writing, “My first impression was that it was my favorite red…Seems like a perfectly balanced red for my tastes.”

Elsewhere, a recreational user said, “it’s really nice. Similar to white Borneo with the motivation and energy but also relaxing at the same time. Relaxed body high as well and an overall content state of mind.”


Since this one is usually in short supply, it behooves you to find a reputable vendor you can count on. Far too many suppliers simply slap a bogus label on their pouches and mislead customers about what they’re going to get.

The top-rated kratom suppliers in the biz serve as direct brokers between you and ethically-sourced kratom powder. If you want to buy kratom online, you need to know the people you’ll be dealing with.

You can always tell whether a seller is legit based on the information they disclose. The best of the best offer detailed About Us pages, third party lab certification and a money back guarantee. Consider doing some research before making an impulse purchase.

By joining online kratom forum communities, you’ll unearth user experiences, strain reviews and brand recommendations. Of course, at the end of the day, it’s all up to you. So do you due diligence and be sure to ask the important questions.

The following is a short list of the best kratom vendors for Gold and Yellow Sumatra. Each of these brands has been thoroughly vetted, and are known for their quality and affordability.

  • Buy Kratom Bulk USA
  • Happy Hippo Herbals
  • Original Harvest Kratom


I think you’ll agree that this is one of those prized gems that really measures up to the hype. I’ve sampled this one three times now and each brew made me feel brand new. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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