Yellow Indo Kratom Strain Review

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Yellow Indo Kratom may well be the ultimate kratom strain for those seeking perspective on difficult matters. A deeply introspective variant that’s said to instill empathy and focus, Yellow Indo Kratom makes for an emotional and spiritual experience.

Before you write this off as yet another bogus claim about a product that can vary greatly in quality, consider the following review. In it, I’ll share my own experiences with this noteworthy cultivar and point you in the direction of trustworthy suppliers.


Think of it as the Mitragyna speciosa equivalent of Kali Mist, a cannabis strain that’s prized for summoning new creative pathways and boundless imagination. Like Kali Mist, Yellow Indo Kratom is favored by artists and intellectuals for its inspirational prowess and mental clarity.

Forged from the leaves of OG (Old Grown) Indo kratom leaves, Yellow Indo gets its tawny hue and voluminous alkaloid content from the unique drying process implemented by Indonesia’s native petani. These skilled artisans employ direct sunlight to produce leaves that are infused with optimal levels of the terpenoid indole alkaloid 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine), among others.

Although it is still a rather rare variation, one that is typically offered as small batch kratom, Yellow Indo is often made available in the form of kratom capsules.


Many customers ask me, “What does Indo kratom do?” I’ll tell you just like I tell them, it does everything that any kratom strain can do. As much as we like to single out particular strains for their purported benefits, the truth is that all kratom strains share the same alkaloids and other chemical properties in common.

Yes, some strains can be more lethargic in nature, making them more suited to nighttime use. However, every form of Mitragyna speciosa contains elements that make them both invigorating and exhilarating.

In the case of Yellow Indo, these properties occur at particularly high concentrations. Consequently, Yellow Indo Kratom is more suited to experienced users who have acclimated to kratom’s oft-intense aroma.

Despite its substantial potency, Yellow Indo is less bracing than many daytime strains; its animating qualities are more subtle than those of your Super Green Malay or Yellow Vietnam. In fact, a lot of users marvel at the balanced serenity of Yellow Indo Kratom.

As one colleague put it, “You’re chill all day, but without nodding off or feeling hungover.”

This is why so many consumers have turned to gold and yellow vein kratom powder—to enjoy enhanced strength without the sluggishness or lethargy that’s common with moderate dosages of Maeng Da and similarly potent strains.


As with kratom extracts and liquid kratom shots such as UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo), users should take care not to overdo it. At higher dosages, yellow kratom may lead to stomach cramps, liver damage, agitation, hallucination, kidney damage, respiratory depression or worse.

For the best results, one should always start with the lowest possible dosage before graduating to a moderate dose in due time. Cycling one’s dosage is also advisable as it prevents against tolerance, addiction and abuse.

The following is a general guideline for dosing with Yellow Indo:

  • Threshold = 2 grams
  • Low = 2.5 to 3 grams
  • Moderate = 3.5 to 4.5 grams
  • High = 5 to 8 grams

Taking kratom in excess of 8 grams is ill-advised as it may lead to adverse effects, some of which can be quite severe. Those with preexisting health conditions should consult with their physician prior to brewing kratom tea.

Pregnant and lactating mothers should not consume kratom as it may be detrimental to the health of their child.


Consumers have gone crazy for this sun-dried sensation with some awarding it five-star reviews and others recommending it to newcomers at online kratom forums. As is common with almost any strain, this one has its fair share of detractors.

One user insisted that it was the weakest strain they’d ever tried while another user posted about the “yucky acrid taste and smell” of SoCal Yellow Indo. This simply illustrates the need for trusted suppliers to who can source quality product.


I have only had the pleasure of using this one once, but once was enough to leave a lasting impression. Without burdening you with a lot of hyperbole, I can happily report that it optimized my daytime ritual and left me feeling motivated to complete an artistic project that I was hesitant to work on.

As artists, many of us have trouble pulling the trigger on creative works. Yellow Indo Kratom opened my mind to the innate possibilities of the project I’d been avoiding and induced the confidence and giddiness to get the ball rolling.

Like my go-to strain, SGM (Super Green Malay), Yellow Indo Kratom left me feeling warm, uninhibited, and full of vim and vigor. This is the kind of motivation so many of us lack in our daily lives, but it’s right there thanks to the relationship that some sellers have fostered with Indonesia’s finest.

Unlike so many strains, this one didn’t cause any nausea or headache. That’s more than I can say for some of the mass market solutions you find at your neighborhood smoke shop.


When it comes to gold and yellows, I always start with the top-rated kratom suppliers on the market. These are the cats who check all boxes where quality control and consistency are concerned.

You’ll know you’re dealing with the crème of the crop when the vendor in question provides detailed origin info, a satisfaction guarantee, third party lab certification and GMP compliance.

For my money, you can’t go wrong with these top-tier choices:

  • Amazing Botanicals
  • Happy Hippo Herbals
  • Original Harvest Kratom


You inner-child will sing and your spirit will reward you when you brew Yellow Indo Kratom. Just be sure to stick to dosage recommendations or you may end up with the dreaded couch lock effect. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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