O.P.M.S. Kratom Gold Review – What You Need to Know About This Product

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The kratom marketplace is a problematic one for consumer and supplier alike. Here in the United States where Mitragyna speciosa and its alkaloids remain a largely unregulated substance, the industry is oversaturated and potentially dangerous.

Many shady brands have taken advantage of kratom’s lack of regulation by distributing substandard or synthetically-altered kratom products. An equal or greater number of consumers have suffered from adverse effects as a result.

You may remember the 2010 kratom scandal in which Swedish doctors identified the presence of a dangerous synthetic painkiller in a brand of kratom powder. Multiple fatal intoxications would later be traced to this kratom product, a brand called Krypton which was cut with O-desmethyltramadol.

Over the ensuing years, such contamination has only become more common. A widespread Salmonella outbreak all but demolished the industry’s reputation back in 2018. That’s when the FDA declared kratom a public health risk.

Much of this perceived risk owes to poor business practices on the part of vendors and their farmers. As we’ve seen before, some independent kratom companies can improperly store their kratom powder and kratom capsules, exposing them to airborne contaminants, cat dander and other potential hazards.

As I’ve said in my kratom strains guide, the Mitragyna speciosa herb can provide calm and comfort under the ideal circumstances…but it can also be detrimental if left in the wrong hands. This doesn’t just apply to inexperienced consumers who take too much of it, it also applies to the suppliers they trust to handle it before it reaches the marketplace.

A good vendor is usually easy to identify, especially in the wake of the aforementioned Salmonella outbreak. The top-rated kratom suppliers in America maintain clean storage facilities, hygiene-conscious green rooms and practice GMP standards of quality control.

These same sellers are typically on good terms with the AKA (American Kratom Association) and other non-profit watchdog groups. The very best sellers regularly submit their plant matter to third party laboratories where it is tested for heavy metals and other adulterants.

So where does OPMS rank when it comes to the best kratom suppliers of 2020?

In order to answer that, I took a closer look at this controversial brand and what I found was more than I ever would have expected.


OPMS stands for Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa or Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions ™, depending on which web page you land on.

A product of Choice Organics, a California-based wholesaler, OPMS describes their potent kratom extracts and kratom caps. As one of the fastest-growing names in the biz, OPMS Kratom has been imitated more than any other brand.

Whereas other vendors have seen newcomers copying their logo’s color or font, the folks at Choice Organics have watched as sketchy wholesalers have passed off their products as OPMS Kratom.

If you purchased OPMS Kratom from a filling station or ma-and-pa smoke shop in the last five years, you may very well know exactly what the phony OPMS looks like. These brick-and-mortar establishments have often been hoodwinked into carrying single size packages of OPMS knockoffs, some of which are more difficult to identify than others.


Where lesser companies might take this kind of rip off act in stride, writing it off as flattery in the form of imitation, Choice Organics has taken a stronger hand. Their website clearly warns customers about the threat posed by such imitators and their bogus wares.

As a 2018 press release states, “Due to the serious danger to the public, stores that carry fake OPMS products will be treated no differently then the criminals that make these products. The O.P.M.S. Legal team will go after these stores and will disrupt their business aggressively.”

If that sounds at all extreme, consider the ramifications of imitating a top shelf brand. Not only do these pretenders pose a risk to the health and well-being of the public but they also threaten the livelihood of the folks who started the OPMS line.

Instead of crying over spilled milk, Choice Organics have taken pains to educate consumers about the subtle differences between their official packaging and the packaging of knockoffs. As they write on their website, “O.P.M.S Gold products…have not been sold in bags in a year. OPMS has replaced old packaging for vendors in the beginning months after changing packaging and therefore old packaging is fake. Any vendor selling O.P.M.S. Gold products in a bag is selling a fake product likely to contain research chemicals.”


Ostensibly available in two forms—capsule or liquid kratom shot, respectively—OPMS Kratom is offered in a pair of colors. O.P.M.S. Silver is arguably the most popular, frequently selling out at land-based establishments and begging the question, “Is this stuff really more powerful than MIT 45?”

O.P.M.S. Kratom Gold is the copper-colored alternative to O.P.M.S. Silver. Made from Green Vein Maeng Da, O.P.M.S. Gold is said to be the most potent option in their arsenal by some, but others have their qualms.

I’ve asked this same question in a comparison post. In said piece, I mentioned that OPMS Kratom Gold capsules were the subject of some consternation, particularly among users who felt bamboozled by marketing claims.

The single biggest lament among consumers seems to be that OPMS Gold simply isn’t as strong as it’s purported to be. As an extract manufactured as a tincture, it is undoubtedly stronger than most plain leaf…but that’s not saying much when you consider the accessibility of Super Enhanced Maeng Da Thai Kratom and other extracted solutions.

With 20x kratom extract readily available, it is hardly mind-blowing when a supplier touts their Gold Kratom capsules as the “pinnacle of all kratom products.” Especially when this same supplier alludes to a signature process of extraction without elaborating on what that process is.


  • Nationwide availability
  • Online store
  • Enhanced Kratom
  • Limited B.S.


  • Limited strains
  • Does not disclose lab results
  • Leaky bottles
  • High prices


Choice Organics’ OPMS Gold Kratom is a viable choice for those who are new to M. speciosa extracts, but take it with a grain of salt if you’re a seasoned user. MIT 45 this is not, nor is it any match for the stuff sold by more sincere and forthcoming vendors.

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