OPMS Kratom Liquid Review [Product Warning]

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This liquid kratom extract is one of the most prevalent items on the smoke shop scene, but its value may not match its presence on the national circuit. O.P.M.S. Kratom Liquid is one of the most talked-about Mitragyna speciosa products around and everyone wants to know what it’s all about.

If you want a fair and balanced overview, you’ve come to the right place. The following review will walk you through the good, the bad and the fugly, delivering everything you need to know about O.P.M.S. Liquid Kratom and the facts surrounding it.

Strap in ’cause this one might get a little rough.


O.P.M.S. Liquid Kratom is said to be one of the highest quality kratom shots on the market, but there’s more that you should know about this stuff than the marketing suggests. The company responsible for this brand claim to use a patented method to yield their liquid kratom tincture, but no such patent could be found online.

Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions (O.P.M.S.) is said to be a trademark of Choice Organics, a California-based operation that does not appear to have any patents registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Their trademark also appears to be bogus.

O.P.M.S Liquid Kratom differs from other kratom extracts in the techniques employed to produce it. Typically, kratom vendors use hot water and chemical solvents during extraction, but the folks behind OPMS claim to manufacture cold-pressed extract.

The clear advantage to using a high pressure technique is the theoretical lack of damage to the kratom leaves. In traditional extraction, boiling water was used to remove key alkaloids from the leaves. This piping hot fluid could destroy integral components of kratom’s chemical makeup.

By contrast, cold water and high pressure would preserve the integrity of each alkaloid, resulting in a more well-rounded and robust infusion. This all sounds well and good, but the company behind this tincture has been less than forthcoming with their operation.

Unlike other companies that invite customers on guided video tours of their GMP-certified facilities, the peeps behind cold-pressed kratom extract are reluctant to show consumers how the sausage is made, so to speak.


It depends. Although Mitragyna speciosa and its alkaloids are legal in many parts of America, some states and municipalities have passed legislation to ban or otherwise restrict the sale and possession of this substance.

Consequently, OPMS Kratom Liquid cannot be sold in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont or Wisconsin. Kratom legality is a controversial subject, one that remains a large concern for vendors and consumers alike.

Earlier this year, a kratom ban was proposed in San Diego County, California. Back in 2014, kratom went from being legal all across Florida to being outlawed in Sarasota County where lawmakers designated it as a “designer drug.”

Many top-rated kratom suppliers are working closely with advocacy groups to preserve the future of kratom in the United States. Organizations like the AKA (American Kratom Association) are working tirelessly to share the science behind kratom with prominent policymakers.


Don’t count on it, Jack! More than just about any other brand, OPMS has proven out to be the least consistent and most deceiving. Users frequently post to online kratom forum communities about their OPMS horror stories.

Is OPMS the strongest kratom? No. But it can be pretty strong, especially if you’re a noob who’s taking the plunge and going all in right outta the gate. I’ve talked to beginners who didn’t know any better and they’ve said how intense their experience was.

“I thought that kratom was supposed to be smooth and mellow,” one said. “That definitely wasn’t how I’d describe it.”

Much of this confusion owes to the glut of misinformation about Mitragyna speciosa and its alkaloids. While some strains are known to be milder than others, most users fail to realize that moderate dosages are quite potent.

Taking a full pack of OPMS kratom capsules can lead to nausea, dizziness, dilated pupils, confusion or even hallucination. With OPMS Kratom Liquid, the potential for adverse effects is that much more likely.

Liquid kratom shots are made by implementing an extraction process which infuses the natural kratom leaf with higher concentrations of psychoactive properties. These compounds include the terpenoid indole alkaloid 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine) which is a major metabolite that mediates kratom’s more alleviating qualities.

In tandem with mitragynine and speciogynine, 7-OH may induce a powerful aroma that’s exhilarating, animating and inspiring. Certain attributes of this alkaloid profile may be especially pronounced in OPMS products…or they may not. Like I said, they don’t have much of a reputation when it comes to consistency.


In my experience, OPMS can be a satisfying M. speciosa solution…if you get lucky. My initial experiences were with O.P.M.S. Gold and O.P.M.S. Liquid Kratom. In both cases, I felt burned after purchasing them.

The Gold did not live up to its name in any way, shape or form. It had a stale fragrance, its color seemed off and the aroma was all but non-existent.

When I first sampled some O.P.M.S. Liquid Kratom, I found it to be hard to choke down and kind of unsettling. As someone with an iron stomach, I can usually handle even the harshest of concoctions.

Not so with this one. The OPMS Liquid Kratom Extract Tincture was unwieldy, to say the very least. After dosing from the 8ml bottle, I found myself feeling agitated and sweaty.

Profuse sweating is not uncommon when brewing M. speciosa, but this was ridiculous! I’m talkin’ sheets of sweat pouring down my face and an urge to grind my teeth as if I’d taken something that is decidedly NOT of the coffee family of plants.

This was rather odd given the supposed origins of this extract. This tincture is marketed as O.P.M.S. Liquid Maeng Da Extract. Maeng Da is beloved by many consumers for its lack of jitters or sweats. Obviously, something was off in their mixture or maybe my diet happened to be off that week.

This is another mitigating factor that users don’t always consider—if your lifestyle is unhealthy and your routine is disrupted, you may respond differently to kratom than you would under optimal circumstances.

As I said in my O.P.M.S. Kratom Silver Maeng Da review, this brand is really hit or miss. Those who are expecting to be wowed from day one would do well to manage their expectations.

Of course, that’s just one man’s opinion. So, what are other people saying?


As with all Choice Organics kratom products, this tincture has severely divided those who try it. Some users call it total garbage while others express amazement that it doesn’t get more love. One user on Reddit said, “the Liquid Kratom felt like what kratom used to feel like for me four years ago…It was very strong. Perfectly so. And the effects lasted for around four hours.”

Another user chimed in, writing, “I’ve had it a few times. And yes, super strong. Take 1/4 and you are good to go. I feel any more is too much.”

Elsewhere, users have noted the unbearable taste of this tincture, comparing it to “satan’s butthole” and “satan’s tears” (apparently, the kratom community is overrun with goths and black metal fans).

Yet another user admonished the sub-reddit about the strength and unpredictable nature of the kratom shot, saying, “I took one of those shots before, and within 30 minutes I felt so overwhelmingly high that I couldn’t drive straight and had to pull over to have my friend take the wheel. For the next 4 hours I had such an intense feeling of nausea and confusion.

“My eyes were bloodshot all night and even the next morning. I could barely walk and if I tried eating I would’ve thrown up immediately. I’m not too sure what was in that shot, but I got it from a gas station, and the cashier said she takes them all the time but to be careful.

“Said she took 2 once and had cold sweats for an entire day, just shaking in her bed. Maybe it was because my tolerance was low and I hadn’t done Kratom more than a few times, but I will never touch that stuff again.”


This is definitely one for risk-takers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth the gamble. If you’re in the mood to live on the dangerous side, you can take a shot…but don’t take the whole thing or you’ll probably hork. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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