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I’ve been talking about Happy Hippo Herbals a lot lately and with very good reason. These cats have taken the hassle out of trying to build your own stacks by offering exceptional proprietary kratom blends at a fair market price.

The Happy Hippo speed chart has enabled users to get a fix on exactly what strains are right for their needs. And their strains guide has turned us on to some of the most sublime cultivars on Planet Earth.

If it’s not blatantly obvious how much I dig this brand, read on for detailed info about Happy Hippo II, the specialty blend that’s geared toward gearheads and intellectuals.

Are you embarking on a creative project without a map?

Happy Hippo 2 can help you out.

Peep this!


Happy Hippo II is HHH’s Super Red Indo/Borneo Kratom blend. Billed as the premier mixture for both body and mind, this sublime mixture purportedly instills full-bodied tranquility while boosting imagination.

With temperate alacrity and great ease, Happy Hippo 2 unleashes a bold aroma that may result in clarity, inspiration and creativity. Those who have used it swear by its supposed enhancement of perception and elevation of cerebral faculties.

Although kratom has not been approved for medicinal use by the FDA, recreational users have embraced this research chemical for the attributes it possesses. In the case of Happy Hippo 2, those attributes owe to the awesome levels of MG (mitragynine) and 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine).

Combining the exhilarating prowess of Red Vein Borneo with the serene effects of Red Indo, HHII emancipates one’s inner-child while providing a staycation to the self-conscious being.

I know, that might all sound a bit hippie dippie, but we are talking about a product from Happy Hippo, after all. You’ll have to pardon a little New Age-y language here. Talking about this fantastic brand simply puts me in a place of beatific mirth, one that sends these fingers searching for airy fairy adjectives.


For the more frugal user, the bottom line is important and this Idaho-based kratom vendor seems to get that. That’s why an ounce of this red vein kratom blend goes for just $12.00. You can score a four ouncer for $46 or dig deep for some bulk kratom with a kilo for $240.00.

You can find Happy Hippo kratom coupon codes on social media, some of which may be good for as much as 15% off your total at checkout. Unlike other online stores, you can checkout as a guest or register an account for special offers.


Regulars to this blog are well-aware of my distaste for red vein kratom powder. Although I’ve come around to select strains in recent years, my go-to has always been Super Green Malay and similar veins.

Given this fact, I am always reluctant to try new products from the red family. This all changed when I heard about HHH’s Happy Hippo 2. This blend seemed like it was tailor-made for me—the aroma was fresh, the effects were almost immediate and the perceived benefits were awe-inspiring.

It is rare that I am this taken by any blend, preferring instead to stack my own plain leaf when I deem it necessary. That being said, Happy Hippo II is an ideal mixture; the lucidity it provided is undeniable, and I can’t say enough good things about its efficacy and duration.

When my artist friends tell me they’re feeling blocked, I always suggest picking up a sampler of this blend. It worked wonders for my own writer’s block and helped me to overcome the hurdles of a structural problem while working on a long-form narrative project.

I’m not about to make any claims about kratom capsules having any kind of concrete benefits, but I will say this: When I needed to get my creative juices flowing this bad ass blend served as a catalyst. Self-communication is something that’s important and this Red Indo/Red Borneo hybrid offers an assist.


Since this is a relatively new kratom product, you are unlikely to find much chatter about it, either on Reddit or among members of online kratom forum communities. However, the love for Happy Hippo Herbals is evident everywhere you look.

One Reddit user wrote, “I have to report that all of the kratom I’ve got from Happy Hippo is indeed ‘premium’ quality. It’s all been good stuff. No ground up stems or other junk — only what seems to be pure leaf, very finely ground. I really appreciate that, and for me the slightly higher prices make it so worth it. And they always throw in a small pouch of a free sample, with each purchase.”

Another user agreed, writing, “I started out with Happy Hippo and was always very happy with their quality and the weight of their products. Customer service was great, too – once I had a shipment a little light, told them and immediately received a substantial discount code off the next order.”

Elsewhere, a seasoned user said, “Happy Hippo has some extraordinary strains…The quality is exquisite. I just wait for the biweekly sales and go for it!”

Another user explained how to make Happy Hippo Herbals’ somewhat restrictive pricing work in your favor. To wit: “HH is absolutely amazing and their sales balance out the cost. Every Monday a new strain is 50-60% off until Weds, and each week, a different strain. Thursday’s they have another sale that goes until Monday, and recently they had a major sale on 4 oz yellows that blew my mind. I wait for the specials, but sometimes they go fast…

“…Plus, the free sample included has often introduced me to a new strain and if I love it, I order and order big during a sale. The cost evens out if you shop smart and besides, it is stronger and you may not use as much. HH is among my top five, perhaps top 3 vendors, period.”


So what are you waiting for? Snap up a Happy Hippo kratom sample pack and see what’s up! Hit us with your impressions in the comments.

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