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Mitraman Botanicals is Austin’s premier source for quality small batch kratom. Over the last year and change, this humble Texas supplier has left a lasting vestige on the global marketplace. In less time than it took OPMS to become the smoke shop brand of choice, Mitraman Botanicals established themselves as an industry giant.

Their online store is certified safe and secure, stacked with goodies and streamlined for your shopping convenience. In the past, I’ve talked about the need for more easy-to-navigate e-commerce sites. Mitraman has led this charge, offering customers a web shop with a minimalist design and simple product pages.


Mitraman Botanicals is the Lone Star State’s answer to MitraGaia. A TX-based kratom vendor with a five-star rating among consumers, MMB is Violet Crown City’s one-stop shop for all of the exotic strains you’ve been longing for.

This brand stands out like a peacock among geese by virtue of their ever-expanding catalog. New strains such as Green Batak and Chocolate Bent are added on the reg, and prices have remained relatively fixed over the 15+ months that their site has been active.

Unlike other brands on the domestic market, Mitraman routinely updates their collection on a consistent basis, posting monthly menus of what they’ve got in stock. They are also transparent about kratom’s status, clearly stating that these “botanical specimens” have “no intended end-use” and adding that they are not “sold for consumption.”

Furthermore, this supplier only sells to individuals who are 18 years of age or older. This demonstrates their commitment to kratom legality as well as their dedication to keeping the industry a safe and honest place.

When shipping costs went up, they were forthcoming with their customers about the $1 increase they would have to charge to cover the difference. This is more than I can say for the glut of domestic vendors who constantly hike up prices without any explanation whatsoever.

What’s more, they give their patrons a multitude of options including a 2 or 4-way split at no additional charge. This is not unheard of for kilos, but these cats provide 2-way splits on as little as 250 grams!


Mitraman carries a vast array of potent kratom products such as gold and yellow vein kratom powder, and FST (Full Spec). Their sublime plain leaf strains include all of the following:

Please note that many of these strains may be sold out by the time you read this. At the time of this writing, seller was running low on more than 10 strains.


As if bad ass cultivars and 4-way free splits weren’t enough, MMB has some of the sweetest prices of any domestic supplier. A 100 gram pouch is 20 bucks while a 250 gram bundle is $33. A half kilo is a mere $53 while a full kilo goes for just $88 dollars.


After sampling five of their current products—Chocolate Bent, Green Hulu Kapuas, Red Horn, White Ketapang and Yellow MD, respectively—I’d have to select White K as my choice for the #1 spot. This finely textured tea is the GOAT of their current crop and really took me by surprise.

If you’re a longtime reader, you might remember what I said about White K in my complete guide to Ketapang Kratom. At the time, I said that the white vein was significantly milder than greens and reds. Although I stand by that assessment, I’d be lying if I didn’t cop to wild’n out with some of Mitraman’s White K.

What this vendor’s White Ketapang illustrates is just how much each Mitragyna speciosa cultivar can vary from supplier to supplier. In other words, don’t turn your back on a strain after sampling it once. Consider picking it up from a different source and seeing if your experience deviates.

In the case of Mitraman Botanicals’ White Ketapang, I was genuinely wowed by the sense of exaltation this one produced. There are only so many ornamental words that one can use to dress up the aroma of M. speciosa, but one that immediately comes to mind when I think about this white vein is mirth; the good humor and jubilation it instilled was worth every red cent.


Based on my review of the aforementioned five samples, I can gladly rank this seller among the top-rated kratom suppliers of 2020. Their straightforward approach and devotion to the customer satisfaction has made them a must for any discerning botanical enthusiast.

It’s always nice to see a next gen company coming to the table with pragmatic solutions for the 21st century. Mitraman Botanicals is one of those companies, a brand that’s set up to serve consumers who demand privacy, safety, security and transparency.


Speaking of practical solutions for the millennial world, Mitraman accepts crypto payments of your choosing along with Apple Pay, CashApp, Google Pay, Venmo and more. If you’re unsure about whether or not they’ll use what you’ve got in your digital wallet, hit ’em up via their email or online order form.


Numerous Reddit members have counted MMB among their favorites with one posting about their “excellent customer service.” This is nothing incredible in and of itself, but when you consider the wave of reviews they’ve garnered from members of the ever-picky online kratom forum communities, you begin to see the bigger picture.

These cats have impressed some of the most reliable reviewers on the Internet including a board member at I Love Kratom. Said member said, “He’s a small batch vendor. One man band. When I first began hearing about him I thought he was being overhyped or just simply too good to be true or that the people hyping him on forums had some sort of vested interest to do so. He’s very much the real deal.

“Today I dosed some products from a couple of vendors I found on here and neither one held a candle to his. One thing that really makes him stand out is that previously I never once had luck with gold or white strains. His gold stains especially the borneo are flat out amazing.”


  • Exotic variety
  • Free shipping
  • Offers multiple split options
  • Accepts crypto
  • Offers shipping upgrades
  • Solid consumer reputation


  • Does not disclose lab results
  • No kratom coupon codes


Mitraman might just be one man, but he’s one helluva salesman. This kratom is top notch and the savings are as superb as the speciosa itself. Give ’em a shout and see what’s up.

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