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Ranked as one of the top 2020 B2B2C kratom vendors, Craving Kratom is one of the largest suppliers of discount kratom extract and kratom capsules. But are they really a worthy choice or just another cheap imitation of a successful brand?

In today’s review, I’ll tell you all about the origins of this curious imprimatur and what they’ve got to offer. I think you’ll agree that there is more than meets the eye where these cats are concerned.


Not to be confused with the omnipresent smoke shop favorite Krave Kratom, Craving Kratom is the product of DSMB Group LTD. The company has its EU headquarters in Northern Ireland. Their US partners are located in the South Austin area of Central Texas.

They are a GMP-certified business and a vendor in good standing with the AKA (American Kratom Association), the United States’ most influential nonprofit kratom advocacy group. They were one of the first companies to issue a COVID-19 statement, detailing their good manufacturing practices (GMP) and their additional PTO and workplace social distancing measures.

I don’t know about you, but I’m impressed when I see any business that is willing to set their employees up with free alternatives to public transit. Craving Kratom has done this and much more to ensure the safety of their staff and customers.

Every batch of M. speciosa plant matter is submitted for third party laboratory testing where it is analyzed for heavy metals, bacteria and other potential adulterants.


This seller understands the need for more affordable solutions in a marketplace overrun by greedheads and shady drug profiteers. Their mission has been to provide American customers with quality Mitragyna speciosa products at a price that won’t leave them penniless.

They have differentiated themselves from their competitors by offering newbies some seriously deep discounts. First-time visitors get 40% off their total at checkout. That’s substantial savings in and of itself, but noobs also receive a free kratom extract tablet.

All of this demonstrates Craving Kratom’s desire to please their patrons and share their catalog with new people. It’s also refreshing to see a vendor giving away free extracts since a lot of American brands stopped offering free sampler packs.


In addition to their many kratom capsules and Maeng Da kratom extract, they stock a host of plain leaf kratom strains and proprietary blends. Each of their blends Ultra Enhanced M. speciosa powder which tests four times higher for the alkaloid Mitragynine.

What’s more, they are one of only a handful of American sellers to regularly stock gold and yellow vein kratom powder including the dynamic Gold Bali and the iconic Yellow Vietnam.

The following is a full list of their plain leaf strains:

Y’all already know how I’ve felt about White Dragon from my White Dragon strain review, but just to reiterate: White Dragon is a killer blend that’s easily more potent than MD blends at the right dosages. Craving Kratom’s White D is no exception; it’s a bold, full-bodied mix with a restorative finish.

My other favorite from their collection is the Super Indo. In the past, I have balked at this “enhanced” strain because it didn’t do much for me, but theirs made for a serene afternoon of productive thought and marked decompression.

As I mentioned in my strains guide, Gold Bali is a well-balanced mid strain that’s potent at smaller dosages and doesn’t dissipate for at least three hours. Of the few gold strains I’ve been fortunate enough to try, Craving Kratom’s would effortlessly make the top five. It’s bracing without being overwhelming and I didn’t get the wobz, not even for a minute.


Plain leaf starts at $9.95 for 28 grams with two ounces selling for $15.95. A four ouncer costs $24.95 while an eight ounce pouch will run you $41.95. Those who wish to buy bulk kratom will be happy to learn that Craving Kratom sells split kilos and offers a full kilo for an industry low $119.95.

All of their ultra enhanced blends go for $50 for an ounce or $75 for two ounces. A four ounce pouch will run you $140.00. You can also pick up five tablets of 45x chewable kratom extract for $18.60.


This vendor regularly dishes out sitewide specials and promo codes. Verified codes can be found on several sites and social media platforms, some of which are redeemable for as much as 25% off your total at checkout.


Members of the best online kratom forum communities have been vocal about their appreciation for this international brand. Over at I Love Kratom, platinum boarder MadMaxNightrider said, “Craving Kratom is a very good Vendor with Fantastic customer service & very good quality Kratom. All the Strains seemed to be above average quality & had good potency.

“Prices for a KG is about $120 which is a good price for the quality that you are getting here. I have tried many Vendors that sell their Products for over $300 KG & their quality wasn’t as good as Craving Kratoms. I can Recommend Craving Kratom as a Reliable Vendor that has Excellent Customer Service & quality Kratom.”


  • Wide variety
  • Multiple extracts
  • Novelty items
  • Affordable pricing
  • Lab tested products
  • Craving Kratom coupon code
  • Accepts credit cards and crypto
  • Accepts Google Pay
  • Customer incentives
  • GMP compliance


  • Does not disclose lab results


If you’re in the market for some dope White Dragon and a unique collection of extracts, you’ll want to check these dudes out. This is not just another smoke shop kratom company, it’s a bona fide source for bulk kratom.

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