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Soflo Kratom has scored major points among the ethnobotanical community and with good reason. They are a true independent that was founded with one clear mission in mind: source the freshest and most alluring strains from all over Southeast Asia and offer it at a fraction of the smoke shop price tag.

This supplier specializes in small batch kratom, so you won’t find any cost-prohibitive limitations on how much you can purchase. Those who wish to avail themselves of a sample before ordering up can do so without breaking the bank.

Visit any of the online kratom forum communities and you will be astounded by the outpouring of support for this ma and pa brand. Today we’ll take a look at what sets them apart from their competitors and why you should stay tuned to their website for their next restock.



Their many exciting strains include the always in-demand Chocolate Bent and Stem & Vein. They also carry a full line of gold and yellow vein kratom powder including Gold Bali and Yellow Borneo. The following is a short list of my absolute favorites:


14 gram pouches start as low as seven bucks with 28 grams of plain leaf selling for $10.00. Soflo Kratom discount codes are redeemable at checkout and may be good toward as much as 15% off your total.

Priority Mail shipping costs around eight dollars and may be cheaper depending on where you reside. I got a 28 gram pouch for $18.00 including Flat Rate shipping.


Customers can choose between paying with Apple Pay, cryptocurrencies, eCheck, Venmo or Zelle. Green pay is also available if you prefer to remunerate by other means.


The kratom industry is notorious for its bold claims and oft-irresponsible marketing. Many vendors stoop to shocking lows in an effort to turn a profit (I’m looking at you, Oxykratome ™) and lots of suppliers don’t even bother to submit their products to third party laboratories for proper testing.

By contrast, Nick and his team at Soflo Kratom take pains to educate their customers about the realities of Mitragyna speciosa and the risks associated with it. Their transparency extends beyond a simple disclaimer about kratom’s lack of approval by the FDA to more important matters; their homepage urges consumers to avoid combining kratom with alcohol or other medications.

Not only are they forthcoming about the fact that M. speciosa is not intended to treat any health condition but they are also quick to instruct users to comply with local and federal regulations. For your convenience, they have even created a page that lists all of the states where kratom has been outlawed.

If all of that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, consider their front page which regularly bears important updates about seasonal deals and special offers. As of the time of this writing, their header is advertising their forthcoming restock.

This is worth mentioning because, in the past, Soflo Kratom has added some thrilling new offerings to their collection. As a matter of fact, they were the first vendor I encountered who added Chocolate Bentuangie to their catalog and when I tried it I knew they were on to something.


This seller regularly offers Soflo kratom discount codes via social media. Follow them on Instagram for updates and promo codes. They also post a number of revealing images, both of their kratom powder and kratom capsules as well as limited edition kratom soaps and kratom concentrates.


Some of the most trusted forums have posted user reviews about this brand. One user on I Love Kratom said, “I was reading so many positive reviews about Nick and his company Soflo that I had to see what all the rage was about . I’m super stoked that I did because I now have another quality vendor that’s GMP and very affordable…I tried two strains but look forward to trying more of their selections.”

Another user agreed, saying, “Great prices and great kratom. He’s one of my 3 vendors I buy from now.”

Elsewhere, a user wrote, “I can attest to the quality of his products and the top notch customer service! Nick is SO easy to deal with and his product is some of the best I have ever had! His website is easy to use, his packaging is super clean, and has an organic feel that I just totally dig.

“I just placed an order to give his chocolate bent a try, it should be here tomorrow and I can’t WAIT to post a review of it!!”

Another user echoed this sentiment, saying, “I’ve been with Nick since the beginning and I’ve always been completely impressed with everything I’ve ordered from him. Soflo definitely has the highest quality kratom I’ve ever seen, found him on the green dust discord a few months ago, when there was a just a buzz going on about Soflo kratom and I now know why.

“I ordered from him before all the rage and great reviews started, solely from my personal experience and communication with Nick. I first contacted him and gave him a brief history of my love and enthusiasm for kratom. He replied right away and continued to answer all my questions about his business, quality and service. And he was honest about everything, he blew up on discord basically overnight and consistently remains one of the top vendors out there.”


  • Exotic strains
  • Quality leaf
  • Fast shipping
  • Honest owner
  • Solid consumer reputation
  • Accepts crypto
  • Accepts Apple Pay
  • Kratom coupon codes


  • Does not offer kilos
  • Does not disclose lab results


Those who appreciate dealing with an honest and awesome person should do well to contact Nick and see what he’s got in stock. You’ll be thankful that you did.

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