Chameleon Kratom Products Review [Vendor Warning]

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Chameleon Kratom is one of those wholesale kratom brands that consumer need to be mindful of. Popular among athletes and bodybuilders for the legal alternative to sports doping that it provides, Chameleon Kratom products consist of nootropic stacks in capsule or tincture form.

This US-based wholesale vendor has attracted a lot of attention, both positive and negative. Their reputation for potency is outweighed only by their reputation for being risky.

So, is the Chameleon Kratom Capsule Stack safe? And is it worth the gamble?

Let’s have a look!


Chameleon Kratom is a product of Triangle Pharmaceuticals, a Nevada-based Limited Liability Company with a history of eschewing public health guidelines. Their catalog includes Molecule Kratom and Raw Form, both of which carry Mitragyna speciosa in strains such as Gold Bali, Maeng Da and Malay.

This brand is widely available in two prominent forms—kratom capsules and kratom tinctures, respectively. The Chameleon Kratom Tincture 7ml is described as an ultra premium liquid kratom shot.

This is one of the largest problems facing the kratom industry and one that threatens the future of kratom legality in the United States—irresponsible suppliers making bold marketing claims that are largely baseless and devoid of scientific data.

While it is undeniable that kratom extracts are stronger than plain leaf, determining a safe and appropriate dosage can be damn near impossible. Many users have fallen ill after downing an entire kratom shot while others have felt nothing but nausea.

When companies throw terms like “ultra” and “premium” around, it’s easy for them to jack up the price of their merchandise. This increase in profitability doesn’t necessarily equate to an increase in health and wellness. This is why scores of individuals have been hospitalized after using smoke shop kratom products.


A 60 count bottle of Chameleon 5 Strain Matrix Blend goes for $12.00. Sites like Wholesale Central have set a $250 minimum on purhases of this item, making it an ideal shopping experience for those who prefer to buy bulk kratom powder and kratom capsules.

Chameleon Kratom 7ml Ultra Potent Tincture is strictly available via third party wholesale distribution. You’ve likely seen this tincture on display at your local headshop or tobacconist. Each 7ml bottle can sell for as much as $15.00 per unit. You can find it online at Legal Herbal Shop.

Chameleon Kratom Blend 27 reviews have been extremely divisive, with one user saying that it did not do much while other users have called it an awesome stack. One thing everyone can agree on is the steep price. At $12 per bottle for kratom caps, this one isn’t exactly highway robbery, but paying upwards of $15-20 for a tincture at your ‘hood’s smoke shop is like flushing your paycheck down the toilet.


In 2018, Triangle Pharmaceuticals made history when they refused to comply with the FDA’s involuntary recall on products believed to be contaminated by Salmonella. The Salmonella outbreak had potentially disastrous implications for the future of kratom legality, but most vendors stepped up to solve the problem.

Of all the companies approached by the FDA, Triangle Pharmaceuticals was the only one that would not cooperate. Consequently, the administration served them with an unprecedented mandatory recall. Among the items listed on this mandatory recall were Chameleon Kratom Formula 27 and Chameleon Kratom Formula 51.

What this mandatory recall demonstrates is the unwillingness on the part of Chameleon’s parent company to do the right thing in a hazardous situation. This illustrates that they put their profit before their customer’s safety and well-being.

What’s more, their stacks contain other chemical compounds which may interact poorly with Mitragyna speciosa. These herbs have not been sufficiently evaluated by the scientific establishment.

When shopping for kratom online, you want to identify certain unwavering traits in a speciosa vendor. Trusted kratom suppliers will offer third party lab results that ensure purity and potency. They will provide customers with a 30 day money back guarantee. They’ll never refuse to discontinue an item if said item is found to be adulterated.

The top-rated kratom suppliers in the biz offer detailed strain information, clear legal disclaimers and kratom coupon codes. These incentives as well as others underscore their desire to share the wonders of this Ayurvedic herb with a discerning public.

You’ll know you’re dealing with the genuine article when you see a seal of approval from the AKA (American Kratom Association) or a proclamation of GMP compliance. Many of the best kratom vendors are certified and in good standing with watchdog groups.

In order to find a reliable source for kratom extracts and liquid kratom shots, you may want to join one of the many online kratom forum communities where boarders share strain experiences, brand recommendations and vendor warnings.


A senior member at Anabolic Steroid Forums said, “Took the 4 caps yesterday at 4pm. I had the same energy spike I did the day before. It’s pretty neat actually. I dont feel any different, I still didn’t get any relaxed feeling but when I got home again I didn’t want to sit down. I was very productive again.

“No joking here, I usually get home from work and you can’t get me off the sofa. My son could be walking around with a shitty diaper on and my ass isn’t getting up yo change it. I’ll pretend I can’t smell the disaster, just so I don’t have to get up. If my wife asks me to do something, it’s a miracle if I actually get up. I’m tired when I get home. I don’t want to move. Not after taking this!”

This all sounds well and good, but it’s hardly an experience shared by all who try it. One user over on Reddit wrote, “Got a bottle … and have dosed a couple times now. Taking roughly 3-3.5g and not getting to much.”

Yet another user said, “I’ve had the most success with the Chameleon blends when mixing with another strain. Example: Cut my normal dose of another strain to 50-75% of what I’d normally take (i.e. If I normally take 4 grams, make it 2 or 3), then add 1 gram (2 capsules) of the Chameleon blend.

“I open the capsules and toss-n-wash along with the other strain, by the way. I too tried taking the Chameleon blends by themselves and didn’t get much from them. But when used as an add-on with something else, it makes for a VERY nice burn.”


All things considered, Triangle Pharmaceuticals is a company to avoid like the plague. Their cavalier attitude and irresponsible marketing claims make this a hard pass for me. If you’re thinking about picking this one up, think again. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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