Ganesh MD Gaia Blend Review

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Anyone familiar with this blog knows that I fell head over feet for Mitragaia straight out the gate. I’ve been writing about these cats since their name was still Gaia Ethnobotanical. And while the company moniker may have changed, their consistent quality has not.

As I mentioned in my 2019 Mitragaia review, the introduction of Gold Bali to their collection was a pleasant surprise. This was back when sourcing legit Bali Gold powder seemed like a Sisyphean challenge.

Fortunately for fans of fermented kratom, this Florida-based brand has continued to source clean and exciting strains from all over Southeast Asia, never once diverging in efficacy or freshness. Ganesh MD is a prime example of this dependability.


Over the last two years, this vendor has been offering a proprietary blend of Maeng Da speciosa that’s distinct from any other stack on the market. There’s a reason this one’s become their number one bestseller—it’s that freakin’ powerful!

My Hindi friends might recognize the name Ganesh as one of the most venerated deities in Eastern mythology. Ganesh MD gets its name from the Ganesh elephant, a creature that’s symbolic of wisdom, understanding and esteemed intellect.

This makes perfect sense for two reasons: 1) Gaia Ganesh MD is a blend of Elephant kratom leaf, so named for the oversize leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree which resembles the ears of an elephant. And 2) This fine mixture of micronized speciosa powders delivers an experience of clarity, lucidity and serenity like few other Maeng Da strains.

By merging their Maeng Da red vein kratom powder with Elephant leaf, Mitragaia have produced a tea that is elucidating and exhilarating.


It behooves me to remind our readers that kratom has not been approved for medicinal use by the FDA. Therefore, no claims can be made about the purported benefits of kratom use.

Having said that, I have to say that I’ve particularly enjoyed the “aroma” of this proprietary blend. I found it to be well-balanced and long-lasting. With all of the tranquility of Red MD and all of the general well-being of Elephant leaf.

This is just the latest in a line of exotic MD innovations from the folks at this Jacksonville giant. Their Gold variant is every bit as popular as Ganesh and just as powerful.


Like I said in my strains guide, the effects of plain leaf can be quite strong for some, but they don’t always do much for those of us with a tolerance. If you’re in the market for something slightly more potent, you may be thinking about scoring some gold and yellow vein kratom powder.

This sun-dried take on plain leaf contains higher concentrations of key alkaloids, making for a more moderate aroma at a fraction of your normal dosage. Mitragaia’s got you covered with their MD strain. The Gold MD kratom effects are more magnified than just about any other gold leaf I’ve encountered.

This tea is profoundly invigorating and, paradoxically, very relieving; many users have marveled at the combination of mild vitality with moderate exhilaration.


The outpouring of love for these strains has been almost as awe-inspiring as the strains themselves. As one user said on Reddit, “Gaia’s Gold Maeng Da is wonderful! I highly recommend this batch. It’s the best I’ve ever had. Warmth in my limbs and I can feel it in my chest, if you understand the sensation.”

Another user agreed, adding, “I’ve been using kratom for 5 years now and Gaia’s gold maeng da is really f**king good.”

In a user review of the Ganesh blend, yet another user wrote, “Good lord, this strain packs a euphoric punch for me. I ate something earlier that really upset my stomach and gave me a headache – took a nap – still felt like shit and decided I was gonna see if this strain would help.

“I believe it is a red strain due to the red labeling on the bag. But to my surprise within 25 minutes I could feel my stomach tension release and my headache began dissipating. I felt this warm blanket effect around my chest and head that is phenomenal. I was going to write my review on it tomorrow on the first burn but truthfully am feeling the effects just as much as my first burn of the day.”


In the humble opinion of this blogger, this is really no contest. The Ganesh blend will always win out over Mitragaia’s Gold Maeng Da by virtue of its full spectrum aroma and protracted duration.

While I would most certainly recommend the Gold strain to anyone who wants an enhanced MD powder, I’d have to afford a better rating to the blend for its unique attributes and general versatility.

Normally when someone asks me to recommend a strain, I ask them to share their personal needs so I can get a feel for what vein color would be most suitable. With the Ganesh blend, you can brew it for just about any occasion and you’ll find your sweet spot (at the appropriate dosage).


This is where Mitragaia really blows all other vendors out of the water. As they have grown their company and racked up an ever-expanding number of loyal customers, they have made it their business to reduce prices rather than instituting cost-prohibitive price hikes.

A one ounce pouch of Ganesh MD kratom sells for a mere $3.35. You can score 250 grams for $20.10 or buy bulk kratom for an industry low $80.40 per kilo.


Ganesh truly embodies the symbolic spirit of the Hindi god and all of the Zen traits we’ve come to associate with this Ayurvedic herb. This is a diverse mixture that’s tailored to the needs of the tolerant and curious alike. But be mindful of your dosage, lest you overdo it. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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