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A lot of wild things have been written about Green Malaysian Kratom and while some of them are worth exploring, others lack a basis in reality. The same can be said of Super Green Malay, an enhanced “strain” that has often been confused with its plain leaf counterpart.

In the interest of demystifying these two sensational herbs, I’ve compiled the following strain comparison. As you’ll see, there is a marked difference between plain leaf Green Malay (GMK) and Super Green Malay.

This is what’s up:


If you’ve visited a Green Malay Kratom Reddit post, you may have fallen under the spell of some sketchy marketeers who make like it comes from Malaysia. On the contrary, kratom sales are prohibited under Section 30 (3) of the Poisons Act of 1952.

Despite the murky state of kratom legality in Malaysia, the Mitragyna speciosa tree continues to grow in abundance across the country. The prevalence of these Malaysian kratom trees has led to poaching by visitors from border areas.

The truth is, GMK is grown in Papua New Guinea and parts beyond by skilled farmers who have planted the cuttings of traditional Malaysian trees and cultivated the resulting plant matter.

As I said in my Green Malay vs Maeng Da strain comparison, Malaysian Green reaches peak maturity prior to harvesting. Consequently, its alkaloid profile is dense in 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine) and other mitragynine.

These voluminous concentrations of 7-OH make for a merry, mellow and mind-expanding brew that’s heady and positive. The high w/w percentage of mitragynine ensures that GMK will impart restfulness after hours.


Although no medical claims can be made about kratom, its utility as a natural tea is undeniable. Many users have embraced this stunning example of the evergreen Rubicae herb for its serene aroma and somnambulistic qualities.

Some who have struggled to achieve restful sleep find that brewing a cup of GMK tea assuages their restlessness and lulls them off into a replenishing repose.


Super Green Malay earns its name by blending the superb relief and chill vibes of a red strain with the clean vitality and exhilaration of a green strain. This well-balanced super strain is produced by means of extraction.

This cold-pressed extraction yields alkaloid content that is like no other. In essence, SGM is an infusion of the best and brightest that ALL kratom veins have to offer.

There is a widespread misconception that Super Green Malay is the Ultimate Elephant Kratom strain, but in practice this is not always the case. While some suppliers have used Elephant leaf to produce SGM, others have manufactured Super Green Malay from traditional plain leaf.

Commonly reported effects of Super Green Malay include warmth, increased sociability, motivation, sharpened focus, moderate exhilaration and general sense of well-being.

Like Green Malay, SGM is available in a number of different forms including powder, kratom capsules and kratom extracts.


Where GMK is known for its mild boost and moderate tranquility, Super Green Malay is famous for being bigger, faster and stronger, so to speak. SGM is extremely exhilarating and more frenetic than the plain leaf variant.

Where Super Green Malay is renowned for its warmth and motivation, Green Malay is prized for its more “crispy” aroma, one that can leave you feeling relaxed and ready for a power nap.

Determining which is better is a matter of relativism; some users will prefer Green Malay for its subtlety and wide spectrum of effects while others will opt for SGM and its profound experience.

As one user on Reddit said, “I have both. Super green Malay is like their regular green Malay on steroids…I actually like the regular green Malay for work better than super. It’s got the mood boost without the speediness and almost crazy euphoria.”


The best vendors for these magnificent strains are on the internet. The most trusted suppliers on the market maintain safe and secure online stores.

The following are my top picks for these two incredible cultivars:

  • Kraken Kratom
  • MitraGaia
  • PurKratom

As you can see, these vendors prove their mettle by providing customers with affordable options, satisfaction guarantees, third party lab testing, GMP standard and kratom coupon codes.


Whether you’re looking for some subtle rejuvenation or a promise of powerful exhilaration, you’ll find all of it in Green Malay and Super Green Malay. Give ’em a whirl with a sample pack and see what you think. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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