Green Malay vs Green Borneo

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Are Green Malay and Green Borneo identical in their effects? By now, most seasoned users already know that each kratom strain possesses its own unique blend of chemical properties. Nevertheless, many consumers want to know exactly what makes them so diverse.

When it comes to Green Malay and Green Borneo Kratom, there are various elements that factor into their respective aromas. As you’ll see, each of these stunning cultivars has its own distinct traits, all of which contribute to their global fanfare.


Green Malay and its enhanced variant, Super Green Malay, have dominated the ethnobotanical marketplace thanks to its bold character, cascading warmth and inspirational clarity. More than any other plain leaf strain, Green Malay Kratom is said to instill motivation, ardor and unparalleled creativity.

Green Malay has its roots in Malaysia where it’s grown in abundance for centuries, but contrary to popular belief it is not sold there in 2020. The passing of the Poisons Act of 1952 effectively banned kratom sales in the so-called Land of Smiles.

Despite this prohibition, the Mitragyna speciosa (read: kratom) tree continued to grow in the wilds of Malaysia and can still be found in its dense forests today. Consequently, visitors have taken the cuttings of the Malaysian cultivar and smuggled them out of the country.

Today, most Green Malay Kratom is sourced from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Once it has been imported, Green Malay is frequently subject to a signature extraction process whereby key alkaloids are infused back into the plain leaf. The result is Super Green Malay, a subtle but strong enhanced strain.

In this humble writer’s opinion, Super Green Malay (SGM) is the quintessential daytime strain, one that may just do for you what it’s done for me. To wit: I came to this strain because I was struggling to wake up before Noon and I was coping with fatigue.

After brewing a mere two grams of SGM, my chest felt flush with warmth, my fingers were tingling and I was itching to get to work. The sense of pride which had once attended my writing career returned with a renewed sense of purpose. I felt happy and confident for the first time in ages. What’s more, my joints were no longer throbbing and I was eager to plow through daily chores.

SGM is widely available in a variety of forms including powder, kratom capsules and kratom extracts.


As its name would suggest, Green Borneo hails from the Indonesian island of Borneo. This massive, rugged island provides the Mitragyna speciosa tree with optimal sunlight and humidity, to say nothing of the mineral-rich soil.

Green Borneo grows in the biodiverse rainforests of the region where it reaches awesome heights in excess of 90 feet. These OG (old growth) kratom trees yield larger than normal leaves, each of which contain robust central veins. It is these green veins which give Borneo Kratom its power and duration of effects.

In my personal experience, I have always enjoyed Green Borneo as a mild recreational strain. However, I don’t believe that it holds a candle to the fragrant finesse of SGM. As far as I’m concerned, there is no contest when it comes to these two cultivars—Super Green Malay wins out every time.

The major reason why I prize SGM over Green Borneo comes down to the shorter duration and milder effects of the Borneo strain. Green Vein Borneo is a bit of an unpredictable example of M. speciosa, one that doesn’t always do the trick at lower dosages.

By contrast, SGM is generally considered safe and effective at a threshold dosage of 1.5 to 2 grams. That is significantly less than Green Borneo which typically takes a low dosage of 2.5 to 3 grams to be efficacious.


Green Malay may be deeply exhilarating at moderate to high dosages whereas Green Borneo is more sluggish and drowsy when taken at moderate levels. The crisp fragrance of Green Malay is shared by Green Borneo, although the latter is far more bitter in flavor.

Green Vein Borneo is notorious for being a “heavy” strain, one that may result in the dreaded “couch lock effect.” At higher dosages, it may cause dizziness, lethargy, headache or confusion.

Of course, both of these M. speciosa variants share something of the same properties in common. Each of these cultivars contain substantial concentrations of indole alkaloids, many of which work in concert to induce potent effects.

At smaller dosages, there isn’t much of a difference between Green Malay and Borneo Green. Both elicit positive vibes and heightened awareness. However, Green Malay is known for providing focus and invigoration in ways that are unimaginable with Green Borneo.

The effects of Green Malay include all of the following:

  • Sharpened focus
  • Warmth
  • Mild serenity
  • Moderate exhilaration
  • Clean boost

The following are the most commonly reported effects associated with Green Borneo:

  • Mild invigoration
  • Moderate relaxation
  • Restful sleep
  • General sense of well-being

As you can probably tell, Green Borneo is definitely the crunchier of the two, making for an ideal night cap. In other words, users should be sure to leave this one at home.


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Everyone is different and as such, no two people will respond in the exact same way to a given kratom strain. As one user on Reddit said, “I have been using Kratom for 10 years and I dont really tell much of a difference between any of the strains. It is either really good, good, average, less than average or weak. The effects are the same though, just stronger with some than others.”

Elsewhere, one user said, “Super green Malay is always euphoric for me. I love it.”

Another user concurred, writing, “Super green Malay I find to be energizing more than sedating. Its a good daytime strain.”

On the subject of Green Borneo, one user wrote, “Green Borneos make time pass fast, as long as you got a busy job. If over taken slight, if no work or job you will snooze away. With green borneo even if over taken, you wont think about snoozing as long you got something to focus on every 3 seconds. I think this is one of the strains that doesn’t get enough credit.”


I think you’ll agree that there is much to recommend each of these exotic strains, but there are also many factors which should be considered when you buy kratom online. If you shop around and do your research, you’ll find the strain that’s right for you. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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