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It’s been a minute since I’ve sampled a new brand, so it was a nice surprise to discover The Evergreen Tree, a Nevada-based brand that’s every bit as pure as their name would suggest. As some of you already know, kratom is derived from the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa, an evergreen tree from the coffee family of plants.

The Evergreen Tree brand is all about providing fresh, clean evergreen tree kratom that’s free of additives or any of the other bullsh^t that’s so common among American suppliers. Gone are the bells and whistles and bogus claims of smoke shop kratom and in its place are the simple pleasures of the Ayurvedic herb in its natural state.

Today’s review will throw a spotlight on the sublime strains, superb customer satisfaction and special incentives that have swiftly established them as a five-star kratom vendor.


The Evergreen Tree is one of the biggest kratom vendors in Las Vegas, NV. By working closely with a trusted network of farmers who implement composting, monitoring and weeding to yield an ideal crop, this seller has managed to produce one of the most exceptional product lines of 2020.

Specializing in raw kratom powder and pharmacy-grade kratom capsules, The Evergreen Tree offers plans to suit everyone’s needs, whether you’re a casual consumer or a retail supplier looking for a solid wholesale program.

This company works for its customers as much as they work for themselves. Their affiliate program offers social media influencers and bloggers the opportunity to earn a juicy 30% commission on every sale generated from referrals.


All of their plant matter undergoes three tiers of third party laboratory testing—alkaloid, biological/microbial and heavy metal analysis, respectively. Each batch is examined for purity and potential contamination including everything from coliforms and salmonella to staphylococcus and mold.

Additionally, their M. speciosa tea is analyzed for arsenic, mercury and other possible hazardous compounds, ensuring their customers’ uncompromised safety.

What’s more, they place a primacy on security and accountability. Every customer gets their own private label which is numbered so that each batch of kratom can be tracked in the event of tampering or returns.

Where some suppliers deal exclusively in small batch kratom, The Evergreen Tree offers all of their patrons bulk kratom powder and kratom capsules with deep discounts on kilos.


The Evergreen Tree kratom line includes no fewer than 24 exotic strains including all of the following:

Their illustrious catalog also features CBD gummies, CBD night cream, CBD oil, kratom extracts, liquid kratom shots as well as gold and yellow vein kratom powder.


Every one of their many kratom strains starts at $29.95 for 100 grams of powder. You can score a half kilo for $79.95 or go for a full kilo which costs $189.95. While this is a bit steep by current industry standards, you’ll know that you’re getting what you paid for when you taste the freshness and experience the awesome aroma.

Capsules are available in 100, 400 or 800 count containers which are securely sealed and convenient to store. A 100 count of caps goes for $29.95 while a 400 count sells for $119.95. An 800 count of 1.8-2% alkaloid caps will run you just $189.95.

Free capsule samples are provided to first-timers and return customers alike, making it easy to try new strains as they are introduced to their growing collection. By creating an account with this vendor you automatically earn 500 redeemable points.

Once you’ve successfully created your account, you can redeem said points for your choice of a three-strain split. Not too shabby if you ask me, particularly since most sellers charge for larger sample packs.

All first-time visitors are eligible for a free gift which ranges in size and availability. Be sure to look for your bonus rewards after you’ve added items to your cart but prior to checkout.


Promotional codes are provided on a regular basis via social media and similar platforms. Most verified codes are good for as much as 30% off your total at checkout.

In my personal experience, I was able to save 20% by using the coupon code firsttime20 during my checkout process. However, I am not entirely sure whether this is a code that was autogenerated or if it’s something that’s shared with multiple visitors.

My best advice to those who are considering a purchase would be to contact the vendor directly before placing an order. Ask them about their coupon codes and any other applicable deals that they might be running.


As a relatively new vendor they haven’t generated the kind of buzz typical of a first-rate brand, but mark my words. You’ll be seeing the Evergreen plugged among the online kratom forum communities in due time.

This top tier biak is something that’s guaranteed to wet the beak of voracious kratom consumers. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see people shouting them out on Reddit and YouTube by the time I post this up.


  • Fresh, quality leaf
  • Awesome kratom extracts
  • Wide variety of CBD products
  • Accepts major credit cards
  • Accepts E-check and bank transfer
  • Accepts in-person local cash payment
  • Fast shipping
  • Online chat feature
  • Quick payment resolution
  • Easy to navigate online store
  • Excellent affiliate program


  • Does not disclose lab results
  • Does not accept crypto
  • Does not accept Google App or Cash App


All things considered, there is little I would change about this successful and trustworthy domestic vendor. Although their lack of published lab results gives me pause, I’ve sampled enough of their stuff to confirm its purity and potency. Try their Bentuangie and Elephant kratom, and prepare to get bent. ; )

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