Raw Kratom Product Review: What You Need to Know

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Raw Kratom is a wholesale kratom brand of questionable origin, one which has sadly pervaded the smoke shop landscape. Even though you will likely find this product at any local headshop, convenience store or novelty shop that doesn’t mean that it’s safe or effective.

In the interest of shedding some light on this elusive kratom vendor, I’ve gathered comprehensive information about their full product line. I think you’ll agree that there is something fishy about this seemingly funky brand.


Raw Kratom is a product of unknown origins, one that is regularly stocked by ShopCBDkratom.com. For those who don’t already know, CBD Kratom is a Minnesota-based company with offices in the Minneapolis-St Paul area. They are also a massive chain of metropolitan smoke shops with locations or franchisees in Chicago, Dallas, Houston and St. Louis.

According to their homepage, their CBD products are grown organically in Colorado and Oregon while their kratom products—kratom extracts, liquid kratom shots and kratom edibles—come from Southeast Asia.


Raw Kratom Extract comes in a variety of forms including powder and kratom capsules. Their caps come in a three count pouch which sells for a staggering $20. As if this doesn’t raise enough red flags, no strain is disclosed on the front of the bag.

More ponderously, their three count baggie is resealable, suggesting that it contains more than one dose.

Additionally, Raw Kratom offers a 15ml liquid kratom tincture. This also sells for the rather steep price of $20.00. The price hike doesn’t exactly add up when one considers the fact that their 9ml tincture costs just $10.00.

Finally, Raw Kratom manufactures Kratom Taffy, full spectrum edibles that come in an array of vein colors including red vein kratom powder. Each single serving taffy costs six dollars a piece with a 50 count going for a whopping $275.00.


The folks behind this brand have recently released an edible form of M. speciosa. Raw Kratom Taffy Singles are “all-natural” alkaloid-infused taffy. This edible comes in four veins—gold, green, red and white.

It is worth noting that gold and yellow vein kratom powder does not actually constitute a kratom vein. As I mentioned in my strains guide, Mitragyna speciosa only grows in three natural vein colors—green, red and white, respectively.

Gold kratom describes any strain which has been produced by means of chemical alteration. Such alteration may entail bagging up and fermenting kratom leaves or exposing plant matter to direct sunlight. This results in photosynthesis which changes the natural color of the veins, giving the leaves a bronze-like hue.


I should preface this section by clarifying that many seasoned kratom users take dosages in excess of 15 grams. By and large, healthy individuals have been able to safely use this substance in larger dosages without any serious ramifications.

However, kratom is not approved for medicinal use and is regarded as a dangerous compound by the FDA. In recent years, the Mitragyna speciosa herb and its key alkaloids—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine—have been the subject of much scrutiny.

After a salmonella outbreak swept across the kratom industry in 2018, the FDA issued a public warning, urging American citizens to avoid consumption of M. speciosa in any form.

Consequently, kratom vendors have had to take measures to safeguard their businesses as well as their customers. Many trusted suppliers routinely submit their kratom powder to third party laboratories where they are tested for heavy metals, microbes, mold and other forms of potential contamination.

What’s more, the industry has begun to shy away from recommending dosages. Although no claims can be made about kratom’s purported benefits, one thing is clear: larger dosages can be hazardous to your health.

Most responsible vendors will agree that kratom should not be taken in dosages larger than eight to 10 grams. Alas, smoke shop brands have persisted in manufacturing products that are bigger and stronger than their plain leaf counterparts.

The sheer number of retail kratom extracts and wholesale kratom tinctures is mind-boggling. Raw Kratom has taken this trend one step further with their Raw Kratom Taffies, a line of fruit-flavored candies that are supposedly infused with “full-spectrum alkaloids.”

This is problematic on two fundamental levels: 1) No further information is provided regarding these alkaloids, so consumers have no way of knowing which alkaloids are used in their extraction process. 2) Each Raw Kratom Taffy contains 20 mgs of Maeng Da.

20 milligrams of any raw kratom powder would be excessive, particularly for first-time users. The casual consumer is more than likely unaware of proper dosages, to say nothing of the preponderance of adverse effects which may occur.

If an unsuspecting customer purchases Raw Kratom Taffy and consumes the entire thing in one sitting they will likely freak out, regress into a state of inert catanoia or even become seriously ill. The likelihood of side effects is especially high given the strain that is used. Maeng Da is widely considered the strongest kratom strain on the market.


There are few Raw Kratom review online and even less chatter among online kratom forum communities. Aside from a single Reddit post that seems like little more than blatant shilling there has been no discussion of this company or their products.

This is a surefire sign of Raw Kratom’s status (or lack thereof) in the industry. Normally, top-rated kratom vendors are the subject of hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews, warnings and user recommendations.

If you’re thinking about buying kratom extracts and you need a legit source, kratom forums got the hookup. Do some digging and you’re bound to find a heap of posts in which members share their positive experiences with reputable items.


In light of my extensive research, I cannot recommend Raw Kratom to our readers. If you decide to gamble by purchasing one of their extracts be sure to approach it with proper precaution. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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