Sky Hippo Product Review: Happy Hippo Kratom’s Moderate Strains

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This Sky Hippo Kratom review is for my fellow heads who hate the intensity of fast strains almost as much as they loathe the oft-underwhelming aroma of slow strains. So-called sky strains describe any balanced blend that leaves a smile on your face without turning you into a couch-locked hungry hippo.

If you’ve ever found yourself in the throes of SSS (Stagnant Strain Syndrome), you’re already aware of the harm that can come from sticking with the same old herb. At Happy Hippo Herbals, the staff are all too familiar with this phenomenon and work tirelessly to bring next level blends to a discerning public.

In the past, I have extolled the virtues of HHH’s hella powerful Rockstar Hippo blend. And this Idaho-based kratom vendor has repeatedly impressed with their new releases. But when it comes to moderate strains that keep you on Cloud Nine without the kratom hangover commonly associated with slow red-vein kratom powder, there is a limited number of solutions to choose from.

The following is a breakdown of the best Sky Hippo blends in the HHH repertoire. To put it mildly, you’ve got your pick of the litter, my friend!


Some users have mistakenly identified Happy Hippo’s authentic “bone leaf” (Bone Hippo AKA Stem & Vein) as the premier example of a sky strain, but that’s not truly the case. In reality, Bone Hippo is merely shredded stem and vein which is produced by using plain leaf which has been thoroughly sifted.

Much of the plant matter that is normally left behind in the sifting process finds its way into Bone Hippo. This does NOT make it stronger or better than your plain leaf or proprietary kratom blends.

For those who want something truly funky you’ll want to look elsewhere. The best place to start is with Happy Hippo Herbals’ five moderate blends. These mixtures vary substantially from one another, both in terms of vein colors as well as spectrum of chemical properties.

The following is the full list of HHH moderate strains:

  • Elite Elephant
  • Ghost Hippo
  • Happy Hippo I
  • Happy Hippo II
  • Platinum White Bali

Elite Elephant is a prime example of Super Green Malay at its finest. This fresh, harmonious variant is subtler than White Thunder Hippo while providing clean synergy when combined with other strains. This one stacks nicely with just about any other blend in the HHH catalog.

Ghost Hippo is a safe bet for any newbie who wants to avail themselves of the gentle warmth and innate clarity of Mitragyna speciosa without developing a coffee-like case of the jitters. A bold White Vein Borneo strain, this one is as animating as it is elusive. This one is rare, so snatch it while the gettin’s good.

Happy Hippo I, otherwise known as OG Hippo, is a smart blend of Green Vein Indo and Borneo Kratom. As with Ghost Hippo this one is cerebral and invigorating. The difference is, Happy Hippo I offers all of the lucidity of Borneo with the protracted motivation and vitality of the Green Indo Kratom strain.

Happy Hippo II is another Borneo mix, this time bolstered by a fair amount of Super Red Indo. As seasoned users probably aready know, Super Red Indo (SRI) is an enhanced leaf in its own right, one that is notorious for instilling pronounced head rush, some genuine empathy and a conversational quality that’s ideal for the introverted among us.

Last but definitely not least, they’ve got Platinum White Bali, an irresistible M. speciosa variant that’s almost as powerful as White Sumatra and just as versatile as your average Red Bali kratom. Platinum Bali is the tea you want to brew if you’re dealing with the blues or looking for something new.

This premo cultivar is one that’s said to vanquish negativity and instill confidence. It’s easy to see why, seeing as how a small dosage gives one an almost instantaneous case of jazzed up jubilation. All snazzy alliteration aside, I’m being straight when I tell you that Platinum White Bali is the way to go if you’re looking to get out of the doldrums and party down.

Of all the Sky Hippo strains mentioned here, I’d have to choose Platinum White Bali and Elite Elephant as my go-to sky blends. These two powders are sociable, mirthful and mindful, making for an awesome recreational brew.


The sky is the limit…but only if you’re willing to brew your own or chance a toss ‘n wash. Alas, these blends are not available as ready made kratom capsules. That being said, it’s well worth the added hassle of making your own capsules.

Another downside to these particular strains is the cost-prohibitive nature of their price points. Each powder that I’ve mentioned starts at $12 or $13 for an ounce, but a kilo will run you a staggering $260.00. What’s more, a half kilo (500 grams) sells for more than the industry standard for a full kilo.

If it’s bulk kratom powder and kratom capsules that you’re craving, you’ll want to consider other vendors. But if you’ve got some mad money to throw around, Sky Hippo is something worth sampling.

There’s also the matter of HHH’s third party lab testing which does not appear to be current. Upon revisiting their lab testing page, I was shocked to find that their last publicly disclosed lab report beared a date of March 23, 2018.

This is especially troubling given the health crisis the world is grappling with right now. However, it is worth mentioning that HHH have always been honest and transparent in the past. Visitors are urged to contact them directly for updated analysis reports.


  • Wide variety
  • Outstanding quality
  • Unique blends
  • Ultimate purity
  • Established brand
  • Friendly staff
  • Fast shipping
  • Free bonus gifts (I got four ounces of Maeng Da with my last kilo purchase)
  • Multiple payment options


  • Site can be slow to load
  • Strain information is a bit confusing
  • Prices are high


Anyone who’s yearning for a more moderate brew will find something suitable in the Happy Hippo online store. Just be careful when selecting the strain that suits your needs as some are more dynamic than others. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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