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Vitalize Max has become one of the most prominent kratom solutions on the market. With placement in some of the biggest convenience store chains and CBD shops across America, the Vitalize Shot has established itself as the successor to Viva Zen and other controversial Mitragyna speciosa products.

Despite its apparent prevalence, this proprietary blend of herbs hasn’t earned the reputation associated with more established brands. In today’s review, we’ll delve into what Vitalize Shot consists of, the team behind it and the reason for its popularity among headshop consumers.


VitalizeMAX Herbal Relief Supplement is a product of MMS Distribution LLC, a Garden City company specializing in wholesale kratom and CBD. This NY-based vendor serves a host of nationwide retailers and third party distributors.

As East coast business owners go, they have managed to earn major points with clients. They are highly recommended by 20+ jobbers and retailers. Owner and operator Danny Tiseo has been called a “top-notch relationship builder” and the company itself has been called trustworthy and greats by its many satisfied customers.

While the company itself may be safe for proprietors who want to know their investment is secure, the safety of Vitalize Kratom Shot is another matter entirely. VitalizeMAX is erroneously billed as a “dietary supplement” which is verboten under FDA guidelines.

Kratom and its key alkaloids—mitragynine and 7-OH—have not been approved for medicinal use by the Food and Drug Administration, nor has it been accepted as a dietary supplement. In recent years, the Administration has even gone so far as to issue a public warning, urging citizens to avoid kratom consumption.

Unfortunately for more legitimate kratom vendors, wholesale manufacturers have taken advantage of kratom’s status as an unregulated substance, releasing stronger kratom extracts and liquid kratom shots in an effort to cash in on the widespread demand for this Ayurvedic herb.

Along the way, we have seen sketchy brands like Krypton befouling the biak or ketum herb’s good name by lacing their kratom powder and kratom capsules with dangerous synthetic additives.

This does not appear to be the case with Vitalize, but there is still much that should give customers pause. The discerning kratom user already knows that stacking kratom with other compounds can have potentially disastrous results.

A rash of kratom hospitalizations and illnesses have been associated with such combinations. Many individuals who suffer adverse effects do so because they are already taking other drugs.

VitalizeMAX is not merely another kratom tincture, it’s a liquid kratom shot that contains a blend of different herbs including White Willow Extract. For those who don’t know, White Willow Bark is among a number of substances that are regarded as kratom potentiators.

This means that White Willow can, theoretically, expedite the speed at which kratom’s effects hit. Some have even suggested that White Willow can enhance M. speciosa’s natural aroma and duration. However, it is worth noting that White Willow Extract may cause headaches, stomach upset and digestive issues as well as itching or skin rash when taken on its own.

Considering kratom’s own potential for headache, nausea and vomiting, there is reason to believe that consuming these two compounds in conjunction with one another will intensify these side effects. In fact, it is the number one complaint I’ve observed from those who have shared their Vitalize experience with me.

“It’s awesome if you’ve got an iron stomach,” one friend told me.

“The worst,” insisted another. “I couldn’t stand up straight for two hours and I kept retching the whole time.”


This is where things get especially hinky. Retailers can purchase a 12-pack of VitalizeMAX for just $49.95 which is a real steal for kratom extracts. Unfortunately this affordable price point does not extend to smoke shop consumers who are likely to face a significant mark up.

After surveying a dozen headshops and tobacco shops, I found that the average cost of a single kratom shot was in the neighborhood of $15-18.00. To call this a bit of a rip-off is like saying Charlie Manson was a tad eccentric.


The Vitalize Shot is marketed as an herbal relief supplement, but Danny and company do not clarify what kind of relief they are talking about. This solution is said to enhance mood while soothing aches and pains.

Any seasoned kratom vendor can tell you that such claims are largely baseless and ill-advised, particularly since the FDA has warned vendors about using such language in their advertising. According to the Administration, there is insufficient scientific evidence to back these claims.

As mentioned earlier, this kratom shot contains a kratom potentiator that may be detrimental to one’s general well-being. When taken in tandem, Mitragyna speciosa and White Willow Extract may intensify each others’ adverse effects.

More alarmingly, Vitalize Shot does not bear any seal of GMP compliance or third party lab testing. Unbiased laboratory analysis has become a necessity when purchasing wholesale kratom. Never has this been more important than it is now as we work to mitigate the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

When you buy kratom online, you should always demand honesty, security and transparency. VitalizeMax does not appear to provide consumers with any of this. Not only are no lab results disclosed on the Vitalize Shot bottle but this brand lacks an official website where such results might be disseminated.

Consequently, this product lacks the evidence safety or security of so many competitors’ product lines. Furthermore, the taste of the kratom shot itself is all but unbearable. One colleague compared it to a warm energy drink that someone’s used as a spit receptacle.


Although I have found Vitalize Shot to be far from safe or even pleasant, others have pointed to its superior efficacy. One user said, “I’m actually enjoying Vitalize as we speak, and I love it. If you were a Vivazen fan, Vitalize is way better in terms of effect. However, the taste is absolutely atrocious, and it really lingers. Best to chase it with something carbonated.”

Another user strongly disagreed, writing, “I have no tolerance to Kratom and I have to drink at least three Vitalize shots to get a noticeable effect. Sadly each shot is $7.99 in my area.”

This coupled with Vitalize’s removal from several notable online suppliers’ catalogs points to the theoretical illegitimacy of this brand.


Just because something promises to be stronger than plain leaf doesn’t mean that it’s nearly as clean or rewarding. In most cases, it can be downright dangerous. For a stronger aroma without the bitter taste, consider kratom blends or horned leaf kratom.

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