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Expert Botanicals have been a favorite around here for quite awhile. Earlier this year, I told you all about their far flung distribution and safe organic solutions in my Expert Botanicals Vendor Review.

What I neglected to mention was the sheer excellency of their red vein kratom powder. While I’ve always aimed to be as fair and unbiased in my reviews for this blog as I possibly can be, I may have given an unfair advantage to green veins. I’ve often praised Super Green Malay and White Sumatra to the exclusion of equally meritorious red kratom strains.

Much of this owes to my personal preferences—I tend to respond well to greens whereas reds don’t always hit me in quite the way I would like. But all of that changed when I picked up Expert Botanicals’ Red Bali Kratom and was reminded of what a great red can do.

This dynamic strain really changed my sh^t up and I knew I had to let y’all know what’s up with this addition to the Expert Botanicals family.


As I said in my strains guide, Red Bali is one of the most popular red veins on the market. A hybrid of Borneo and Sumatra, Bali Red is valued by users who crave a Zen-like aroma and a tranquil experience.

A superior morning brew that’s as inspiring as it is soothing, Bali Red derives much of its power from its exceptional concentrations of ajmalicine, corynoxine, mitragynine and 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine). These robust indole alkaloids work in concert to induce a cerebral fragrance with an expansive duration.

Expert Botanicals’ Bali Red is offered as powder or kratom capsules, both of which are delivered fast, free and, most importantly, fresh. This is premium grade Mitragyna speciosa leaf at a competitive price point.

My personal experience with this brand has been incredibly positive. Few latter day vendors have gone so far to ensure quality, purity and consumer satisfaction. As far as smoke shop kratom is concerned, I can’t think of a single wholesale kratom supplier that’s as honest or reliable.

An initial dose of 2.5 grams left me feeling amped up and aware of the world on a heightened level. My thinking was more lucid and my mood was on point. A blissful attentiveness attended my daily activities.

What I really dig about Red Bali is its capacity for amplified emotion and empathy. After all, we live in increasingly desensitizing times. It’s always important to stay connected with our humanity.

I can’t speak for other users, but I can say that in my experience Expert Botanicals’ Bali Red put me in touch with my feelings and made it easier to articulate my emotions.

There’s a reason why this one has been called the red wine of kratom strains. It’s as rewarding after a stressful day as it is before confronting a busy work schedule. Earthy, aromatic, inspiring and well-balanced, this cultivar is simply divine.



Expert Botanicals’ Bali Red is available in powder or capsule form with raw powder starting at $13.99 for 30 grams. A 70 count bottle of kratom caps costs just $18.99.

You can opt for a 60 gram jar of powder for $19.99 or pick up a 300 count bottle for $59.99. If you’re one of many mitra enthusiasts who prefer to stock up big in one shot, you can score bulk kratom for as little as $99.99.

A kilo of micronized powder sells for an industry standard $149.99 with a 1000 count bottle of kratom caps going for the same price. There are also 20 count travel bottles which cost a mere $6.99. That’s hella good when compared with smoke shop price tags which can run you as much as $10 for a two capsule packet.


Users can order bulk Bali Red when they buy kratom online. This brand is well-represented in the online store of Zen of Mind. The Zen of Mind site is easy to navigate and full of surprises including kratom potentiators such as akuamma seed and CBD x Turmeric.

This Houston-based wholesaler provides customers with free shipping on orders of $50 or more. Expert Botanicals coupon codes are also accessible via social media. You can also find Expert Botanicals on Facebook where they have earned a four-star rating among reviewers.


Expert Botanicals’ kratom capsules have been the subject of discussion among many online kratom forum communities. Over on Reddit, one user said, “I use bali by them great product helps me sleep at night with my back issues.”

Elsewhere, another user echoed this sentiment, writing, “Very excited to be able to support a great vendor…”


There is one significant drawback to dealing with this brand and it’s there failure to demonstrate purity. Many of the top kratom vendors pride themselves on GMP compliance and third party lab testing.

By contrast, Expert Botanicals does not claim to test their products for heavy metals and other adulterants. More alarmingly, no lab results or other forms of certification are disclosed.

When buying from a third party such as Zen of Mind, be sure to do your homework. Ask experienced users about the vendor’s reputation, dig up any info you can about their day-to-day operations and don’t hesitate to reach out directly for additional information.

The best suppliers in the current marketplace are those who value customer satisfaction. The more trusted vendors are all too happy to provide potential clients with detailed info, third party lab results and kratom coupon codes. Some will even deliver free samples so you can confirm their quality.


Although they still have a way to go in the quality control department, Expert Botanicals has established themselves as a dependable source for consistent M. speciosa variants. Bali Red is the latest example of their four-star wildcrafted kratom powder.

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