Urban Ice Natural Organix Review: The Times They Are A-Changin’

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Urban Ice Organics is one of the most trusted American kratom brands and one that’s never ceased to amaze me. From their involvement with the Netflix documentary A Leaf of Faith to their introduction of the coveted Kratom Box, this vendor has consistently satisfied even the most jaded of consumers.

That’s why I felt in incumbent upon me to check out where their heads are at in these difficult times. What I found really spun my head around, to put it mildly.

Peep this!


As I explained in my 2019 vendor review, Urban Ice Organics are the people behind naturalorganix.com, an online store with a streamlined approach to M. speciosa. This Nevada-based brand has set the standard for GMP compliance and third party lab testing that the rest of the industry is only beginning to adapt.

With fresh leaf, free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee they have grounded their company in the hard realities of the global marketplace. The customer’s always right and the kratom speaks for itself. No bogus marketing claims. No irresponsible dosage recommendations. No bullshit.

In 2019, the proprietors or Natural Organix recognized consumer demand for more affordable solutions and responded in kind. Within the first quarter of the year, they had rolled out their buzz-worthy Kratom Box, a monthly subscription service that delivered $200 worth of mitra goodies for a jaw-droppingly low rate of $99.99.

This served to not only grow their business further but effectively silence users who had lamented their cost-prohibitive price points. But something has changed in the ensuing time.

In this Year of the Rat, Two Thousand and Twenty, Urban Ice Organics have done away with their Kratom Box and have, sadly, resorted to what some are calling cost-prohibitive pricing.


Like all other domestic business owners, Urban Ice Natural Organix are struggling with the tenuous circumstances of 2020. Since the advent of the COVID-19 crisis, kratom vendors have seen record shipping delays, lost packages and increased scrutiny from government agencies.

They have also weathered the fallout caused by shady brands, at least one of whom drew attention from the FDA for exploiting the pandemic in an effort to sell more kratom. On May 15th, the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research issued a warning letter to The Golden Road Kratom, a California-based company whose website had been touting kratom as a treatment or cure for the novel coronavirus.

All of these problems (and more) have plagued industry in the last eight plus months. Urban Ice Natural Organix is just one of those companies that has reacted in a cool and calculated way.

In an effort to adapt to the times while meeting their customers’ needs, this vendor has made some crucial changes. One of those changes is the steep pricing which enables them to continue their operations in the face of shipping delays, staff restrictions and potential import alerts.

When you purchase from kratom vendors in 2020, especially the top 10, you are supporting an independent business that needs you as much as you need them. Urban Ice is one such business and they’ve demonstrated their value in a variety of ways.

Since the start of the pandemic, Urban Ice has made up for their prices with sitewide clearance sales, mix and match savings and free home delivery on orders placed in the state of Nevada.

In spite of the ongoing public health crisis, Urban Ice Natural Organix remain fully stocked with a multitude of strains, liquid kratom shots, proprietary blends and kratom capsules. More importantly, they continued to submit each batch of M. speciosa plant matter to third party laboratories where they are tested for heavy metals, microbes and other potential contaminants.


As if all of this wasn’t enough already, the supplier has a wealth of special offerings for the discerning user. They include a Ninja Tube (don’t ask, don’t tell), a Morning Focus supplement and a Pomegranate Super Tea shot.

You may remember from my post about kratom potentiators that pomegranate is a great addition to mitra tea, one that may just give you that much-needed pick me up sooner rather than later.

For all you heads who feel like hittin’ Mr. Natural while brewing your mitra, you can cut out the middle man with their Mix & Match of Indoleaf, a CBD-infused kratom powder that’s available in a kilo for $159.99.

If that doesn’t twist your nipplets, consider their line of CBD products which includes a 1000 mg tincture and a 250 gram container of IndoLeaf.


This seller keeps it on the reg with their dependable strains which include Red Bali, Super Green Malay and Maeng Da. Additionally, they carry some incredible blends such as Evening Recovery and the aforementioned Morning Focus.


  • Free local delivery
  • Third party lab testing
  • CBD x Kratom
  • Awesome specialty blends
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Accepts C.O.D.
  • Accepts E-checks


  • 5-7 day shipping delays
  • High prices


The survival of kratom legality depends on vendors who are honest, fair and transparent without being flashy. Urban Ice embodies the sort of integrity and sustainability that ensure the future of this Ayurvedic herb. Hit ’em up now some of that sweet Evening Recovery and stay up. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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