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Soap Korner kratom has long been a brand that’s attracted an equal measure of both ire and adoration. This Colorado Springs kratom vendor had customers shook back in 2018 when news hit that a lawsuit had been filed against them.

The suit, filed by a North Dakota resident in association with a Seattle-based “Food Safety Law firm,” alleged that the plaintiff had suffered a viral illness from using Soap Korner’s red-vein Maeng Da for a period of five days.

The complaint drew a parallel between Soap Korner’s products and the then-widespread Salmonella outbreak which had been linked to the kratom industry.

Despite the fallout from this unfortunate event, the brand has continued to grow. What was once a humble brick-and-mortar shop has since developed into a popular online store with a loyal customer base from all across the country.

As I said in my 2019 review, this supplier has had its fair share of foibles, but they have learned from their missteps and appear to be investing heavily in R & D. In the last year alone, they have set a new standard for excellence with their evolving line of hemp products, kava, kratom capsules and moringa powder.

A glaring example of their quality can be found in their Super Red kratom tea, an enhanced strain that’s generated almost as much buzz as the company’s historical hiccups.


A red vein kratom powder derived from the oversize leaves of the Banjarmasin kratom tree, Super Red is fermented to produce a higher alkaloid concentration. The resulting plant matter is far more robust than your average plain leaf, often testing at least three times higher for mitragynine than Rifat kratom.

You can tell you’ve got the real deal when you see this baby’s color. Unlike most red vein kratom, Soap Korner Super Red is dark in hue and floral in scent. The fragrance releases notes of green tea and berries, no doubt due to the unique soil composition of the South Kalimantan woodlands.

The purported effects of Super Red include a marked elevation in mood with moderate tranquility and profound exhilaration. Like traditional Red Banjar, Super Red Kratom is serene, cerebral and long-lasting. Unlike plain leaf, this strain is renowned for its long-term recreational aroma.


You can score a Soap Korner discount for $30 off your total at checkout by visiting sites like Coupon Birds. Other promotions are offered from the seller directly. Users can inquire via their contact info for special deals and seasonal specials.


Together with Gold Extract tablets, Super Red and Yellow Vietnam form the Soap Korner trifecta of strongest strains. Like Super Red, gold and yellow kratom are fermented and/or exposed to direct sunlight. This exposure to moisture and humidity alters the chemistry of the Mitragyna speciosa herb, yielding a superior degree of potency.

So, how does Super Red compare to Yellow Vietnam? To understand their similarities we must first acknowledge their differences.

Yellow Vietnam is a cultivar from the Mekong Delta, one that shares more in common with Green MD than Red Banjar. This full-bodied strain is abundant in flavonoids and alkaloids including, but not limited to, corynoxin, isomitraphyllin, speciogynine and 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine).

Alternately, Super Red is abundant in mitragynine, paynatheine and speciogynine. Both share the same indole alkaloids in common, but concentrations vary dramatically. These are very much two distinctive kratom variants.

The indigenous people of the Au Giang Province call Yellow Vietnam “giam,” meaning “seen.” This is due to the awesome clarity it brings to bear on user experience as well as the prevalence with which this Ayurvedic herb grows.

In Banjarmasin, Red Kratom has been referred to as “luar” which roughly translates as “beyond.” As you can see, Super Red is undoubtedly the more profound of the two and something to behold.


While Soap Korner reviews have been pretty mixed, most users agree that Super Red is one of the best products they’ve yet to roll out. Some have suggested that Soap Korner might be a “gas station sushi” vendor, but those people obviously haven’t sampled this exceptional super strain.

Their reds have long been favored among consumers with one user writing, “Ordered on (I think?) a Monday, got it on Friday. Even included a Christmas card wishing us well. Nice touch. But more importantly – the product. The consistency was very fine, no sticks and leaves horror stories here.

“I looked up a proper online tea recipe, and recalling that my friend had given me 4 grams, I tried about 5.5 or so grams in water brought to a soft boil, then simmered for 15 minutes. I had a strainer ready and everything, and was delighted to find my method had almost entirely eliminated the coarse layer of nasty sediment that the ‘hot water from the restaurant’ method left.

“I had about two cups and boy oh boy. I was simply thrilled. The stimulating effects…the subtle (but not overdone) euphoria. This is simply a GREAT product, a true quality of life changer, and I must commend soap Korner for their fast, exemplary service, and high quality product. I’ve made quite a few batches of tea now, and I have to say this is just a fine product and vendor all around.”


Regardless of what you may have heard, Soap Korner is a legit supplier with solid quality control standards and crazy good strains. Their recent blends and enhanced powders are among the strongest I’ve sampled, and that’s saying something! Hit ’em up today and give them a go. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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