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Kratom fusions are something that we’ve seen more and more in recent years. As the growing trend of “stacking” has evolved from a bodybuilding fad to a global phenomenon, an increasing number of kratom vendors have introduced specialty blends.

Regulars to this blog will remember the impression that proprietary blends have left on me in the past. Just last week I was rhapsodizing about the rad line of Sky Hippo blends from the Las Vegas brand Happy Hippo Herbals.

Most blends are designed to appeal to the specific needs of consumers. As such, some will be more invigorating and inspirational while others will be more tranquil and reflective.

In the case of the Indra Fusion, it’s fair to say you’ll be counting on it whenever you’re counting sheep. Indra Fusion is a gentle, soothing combination, one that you’ll definitely want to take when traveling long distances.

Let’s take a closer look at why this is.


Indra Fusion is a product of Online Kratom, a California-based kratom vendor with a wide selection of proprietary blends and kratom extracts. They have quickly established themselves as a reliable source for kratom capsules and 20x kratom extract.

This brand’s plain leaf strains are among the most affordable on the market, but their specialty blends are another story altogether. Enhanced products like the Rama collection or their Crimson Veda extract can get expensive really fast.

For example, their Rama sampler packs cost between $61.60 and $86.30, depending on whether you want to buy kratom powder or kratom caps. Indra Fusion is another item that’s not exactly offered at a cut-rate price point.

This combo powder starts at $14.90 for a mere 15 grams and it only gets crazier from there. 50 grams go for $44 while a 100 gram pouch sells for $88.50. If you want anything even approximating a half kilo, you’ll have to settle for 200 grams at an astronomical price point of $170!

So, what’s in this bad boy that makes it worth such a bogus price?

Nothing that you can’t get from other suppliers at a fraction of the cost. Online Kratom’s Indra Fusion contains Red Kali (Indo) and “Premier Krishna Green Malay.”

What makes their Green Malay a premier offering? And what does it have to do with Krishna, the Hindu god of supreme consciousness? Nothing really. Such words are often used by domestic kratom sellers to distinguish their brand from those of their competitors.

If I had to chance a guess, I would say that Online Kratom use this name to describe the Zen-like attributes of this blend. As I explained in my strains guide, green veins like Green Malay are known for being spirited, cerebral and inspiring.

Alternately, red vein kratom powder can be strong, peaceful and profound. Ergo, the combination of Red Kali and Green Malay embodies all of the venerable attributes associated with the avatar of Vishnu.


Before we dive too deep into my personal opinion, let’s consider the purported benefits of Red Kali and Green Malay, respectively. Like I said in my Green Malay vs Super Green Malay post, Malaysian kratom is a 7-OH-dominant strain with high concentrations of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Super Green Malay is renowned for its warmth, insight, motivation and clarity. At higher dosages, users have reported sensations of epiphanies and exhilaration.

By contrast, Red Kali is somnambulistic in nature, providing a long-lasting sense of serenity while promoting potential rest and rejuvenation. For those craving repose, Red Kali is the way to go.

When combined these two robust cultivars create a bold and impressive aroma, one with a protracted duration and a noteworthy conglomeration of feelings. Like other Indo Malay blend, Indra Fusion is a delightful marriage of low key arousal and exceptional comfort.


In the interest of exploring the experience users have come to expect of this combination, I submitted to sampling a batch myself. What I found was more than a little pleasing.

Although I wouldn’t say this put me on any spiritual plain or deeper level of consciousness, I would go so far as to call it satisfyingly experiential. In other words, brewing a dose of Indra Fusion delivered a gratifying good time that got me lifted without giving me a case of the couch lock.

Seasoned users will agree that “slow” doesn’t mean zombie, yet all too many nighttime strains knock you on your butt before you can fully appreciate kratom’s effects. Not so with Online Kratom’s knockout blend.

Indra Fusion may not be the strongest or greatest combination of green and red veins, but it’s absolutely a viable option for those who wish to achieve elation without succumbing to immediate drowsiness.

What really propels this one forward is its infusion of indole alkaloids; Online Kratom imbue this blend with 10% pure kratom extract, giving their plain leaf an extra jolt for good measure.


Users have been all but unanimous in their praise for this West coast ketum supplier’s in-house mixture. One expert boarder over at I Love Kratom said, “I have been using Indra Fusion from OK for a while, on and off. It is a great Fusion for relaxation and a calming mind. I usually use about 5gr. to relax and not fall asleep.”


  • Mild boost
  • Moderate tranquility
  • Elevated mood
  • Soothing vibes
  • Restful sleep
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Nutty taste
  • No kratom hangover


  • Cost-prohibitive for the casual consumer
  • No free samples
  • No third party lab results


Even though I’m always nervous about vouching for brands that don’t post certificates of analysis or a simple promise of third party testing, I can tell you that OK is a brand that’s worthy of your business. Their specialty blends are something worth writing about, regardless of how expensive they might seem.

For our more frugal readers, I suggest picking up a small 15 gram sampler. In all likelihood, you’ll get 4+ dosages out of your pouch. Just make sure to brace yourself for the presence of extract. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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