Ultra Gold Kratom Shot Product Review

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It’s been billed as the most potent kratom shot on the market, but is Ultra Gold Kratom Shot really all it’s cracked up to be?

Some users have had their reservations. Many have questioned the legitimacy of this local gas station brand. Others have suggested that this is the best kratom extract the smoke shop kratom circuit has to offer.

Today we’ll cut through all the speculation and hyperbole, and get right to the heart of the matter. Here is everything you need to know about the Ultra Enhanced Gold Shot.


Marketed as the premium kratom relaxation shot, Ultra Enhanced Gold is a proprietary blend of herbal supplements whose chief ingredient is Mitragyna speciosa or kratom. Ultragoldshot.com is the homepage for Ultra Enhanced Gold Shot, but you won’t find much information about this product on the site.

The threadbare design tells us that the brand is offered in partnership with three prominent (or not so prominent) smoke shops—eCig Saloon, PA Tobacco and Smokers Choice, respectively.

Ecig Saloon is a small-time tobacconist operating out of Otsego County in Upstate, New York. They lack ratings, reviews or consumer reputation. PA Tobacco is nowhere to be found on Google or Vapor Map. As a matter of fact, looking them up in search engines yields only a number of Smokers Choice locations.

By contrast, Smokers Choice has a sweeping presence on the smoke shop scene with hundreds of ratings, both good and bad. Some customers have said the selection was good but the service left something to be desired. Others have gone so far as to accuse them of posing a public health risk by selling products covered in white mold from high humidity.

This brings us to the next section in our Ultra Gold Kratom Shot product review.


One could speculate about the relative safety of this liquid kratom shot just as they could speculative about the relative safety of any kratom product. That’s because Mitragyna speciosa powder is an unregulated substance, one that varies in quality and potency.

Some experts in the field have said that kratom shots contain ingredients that are at best questionable and at worst harmful. This is especially true of smoke shop brands which tend to be manufactured by trunk slammers who are just looking to turn a quick profit before moving on to the next health and wellness fad.

When it comes to Ultra Enhanced Gold Shot, it is imperative that consumers familiarize themselves with the active ingredients in each bottle. Ultra Gold Kratom Shot is not merely a kratom extract, rather it’s a formula comprised of multiple chemical compounds.

Each bottle of Ultra Enhanced Gold Ultimate Liquid contains California poppy, Kratom, L-Theanine, Passion Flower, Sacred Lotus and White Willow Bark. Some of these substances are known to be kratom potentiators, meaning they may expedite the kratom “pick up.” But others, such as Passion Flower and Sacred Lotus, have not undergone conclusive studies.

It bears mentioning that White Willow Bark Extract is notorious for inducing nausea, ulcers, vomiting and stomach bleeding in some users. These side effects may be intensified by kratom which also carries potential for stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhea.

California poppy may cause sleepiness and drowsiness, something that is worth considering given kratom’s own potential for lethargy and muscle weakness. Taken in tandem, these two compounds may result in loss of motor skills, impaired judgment and possible unconsciousness.

Sacred Lotus is something which should be used with caution, particularly among users with preexisting conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. As with kratom, elevated heart rate and high BP might occur at certain dosages.

Unfortunately, smoke shop proprietors—and the brands they invariably carry—have been rather irresponsible where transparency and marketing are concerned. Few vendors bother to educate their customers about the dangers of larger dosages or the health risks such substances pose.

Here in the United States, kratom has faced a lot of scrutiny thanks to the poor business practices of lesser kratom brands. After a 2018 Salmonella outbreak was linked to a number of online kratom suppliers, the FDA issued a public warning, urging Americans to avoid kratom consumption.

In the ensuing years, trusted sellers have taken measures to ensure the safety and security of their customers. Many of the best names in the industry have practiced GMP compliance and the top brands of 2020 routinely submit their kratom powder for third party laboratory testing.

Alas, Ultra Gold Shot (UEG) may not be one of these GMP compliant companies, regardless of the claims they make on their packing. No lab results are disclosed, nor are any explanations offered about the process by which UEG Shot is prepared.

Most seasoned users are already aware of the process by which gold and yellow vein kratom powder is produced. For those who don’t know, gold kratom is achieved by taking green, red or white vein kratom leaves and subjecting them to fermentation.

This scientific method of conversion chemically alters the structure of kratom’s alkaloid profile, resulting in a stronger product with enhanced levels of mitragynine and 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine).

This method typically yields a plant matter that is 4% higher in terpenoid indole alkaloid than plain leaf. By contrast, Ultra Enhanced Gold Ultimate Kratom Leaf Extract is marketed as being 20% stronger than other extracts.

This is where the oft-misleading lexicon of kratom vendors can get you in some trouble. Some suppliers stock 20:1 kratom extract, but the 20 in the name does not mean that it’s 20% stronger, rather it refers to the formulation of leaves used in the infusion process.


One skeptical user wrote: “…the back just says 400mg of kratom. Doesn’t even say there is extract in it which enhanced would normally mean. Don’t have high hopes for this. Your best case is it’s plain leaf mixed with a little bit of shitty extract.”

Another user chimed in, writing, “That’s the type of information that is supposed to be on the label, when following regulations for dietary supplements. One of the big concerns for some seeking to ban kratom is the lack of adherence to regulations.


If you’re in the mood to take a gamble on something like OPMS Gold or the infamous VivaZen, you can find Ultra Gold Kratom Shots at just about every filling station or novelty shop across the United States.

This product is widely available at novelty shops and gas stations as well as online retailers. Wholesaler suppliers such as Jack B Goods and Nu Wave Botanicals regularly stock Ultra Enhanced Gold at their online store.


With some many safer and more legit items on the market, there is no good reason for consumers to bother with something as sketchy as Ultra Gold Kratom Shot. Shop around and you’re bound to find something that’s better suited to your individual needs. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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