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Hulu Hippo is that bold and elusive kratom strain that everyone’s heard of but nobody can seem to find. If you’ve been searching in vain, look no further than the White Hulu product page at Happy Hippo Herbals’ online store.

You won’t find Hulu Hippo at any smoke shop or neighborhood apothecary, so pay attention if you’re looking to purchase the strain that’s chill AF. To be clear, Roaring White Hippo this is not. Hulu Hippo is the slowest herb around.

Looking to unlock an experience that’s as exhilarating as it is alleviating? Read on for all the detes on this dynamic white vein kratom cultivar.


Hulu Hippo was the name given to HHH’s White Hulu Kapuas. This Indonesia cultivar hails from the high density forests of the Kapuas Hulu district in West Kalimantan. Like other kratom strains, White Hulu contains more than 24 unique alkaloids and flavonoids, but it is especially rich in 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine).

This terpenoid indole alkaloid plays an instrumental role in the signature verve of this white kratom variant. As such, this strain is mellow, mirthful and particularly replenishing. Although no medical claims can be made about the purported benefits of kratom, users have attested to the value of White Hulu Kapuas in the following areas:

  • Mood elevation
  • Mild exhilaration
  • Moderate tranquility


As I mentioned earlier, Happy Hippo Herbals is the premier vendor for White Hulu, but you won’t find it listed as Hulu Hippo on their site. That’s because HHH prides itself on quality and consistency.

Consequently, each batch of kratom undergoes rigid testing for purity and potency. This is why they routinely change the names of their signature strains. Those who wish to score some premo White Hulu would do well to search Chill Hippo. This is the current Happy Hippo nickname for White Hulu Kapuas.

Like their other strains and specialty blends, Chill Hippo is made available in powder form. Kratom capsules are also available on a limited basis. As of this writing, the only strains offered as caps are Maeng Da and Rockstar Hippo.


An ounce of Superior White Hulu starts at $12 with a four-ounce pouch selling for $46.00. A half kilo goes for $150 while a full kilo will run you a staggering $240.00. If you’ve ever visited any of the online kratom communities, you’ve likely seen posts lamenting these sky high prices. This is understandable, but there’s much to consider when it comes to industry price points.

Although $240 is well above the industry standard for 1000 grams, it is worth mentioning that HHH charges these flat rates for a reason. Quality control and dependable importation cost money. For a brand to thrive in these trying times, it behooves independent business owners to factor costs into their price tags.

To put it another way, we need them as much as they need us. You get what you pay for, Jack. And in the case of Happy Hippo, you get quality herb at a high but, ultimately, fair price point.


Longtime readers are well aware of my predilections where kratom veins are concerned. Aside from the occasional White Sumatra binge, I’m more partial to greens than any white or red vein kratom powder.

When I first sampled this seller’s OG Hulu Hippo, I was genuinely astonished by its subtle yet superb aroma. If you’ve ever been flabbergasted by a indica-dominant cannabis strain you probably have some handle on what I mean.

Hulu Hippo is chill without leaving you in a daze, and it’s got a lovely fragrance that wakes up the senses. If I had to compare it to anything, I’d say it’s sort of like walking into a florist shop whilst wielding a bracing cup of English breakfast tea.

All lame similes aside, there is much to marvel at with this one, most notably its beatific comeup and its bodacious merriment. If that seems like the kind of hyperbolic hogwash that I normally rail against on this blog, I apologize…but this one makes me giddy and that’s the best way I know how to describe it.

If you’re feeling emo, delete that sh*tpost and throw some Hulu Hippo in your cold press. You’ll vanquish the blues in less time than it takes you to cue up that Taking Back Sunday single.

Seriously, Chill Hippo is legit and you’ll dig this one’s positive vibes.


In the past, users have raved about the awesome savings with this strain. This makes sense since the seller in question has offered Happy Hippo coupon codes that were good for as much as 50% off total at checkout.

While some have suggested that their prices should be illegal and their product is nothing new, others have vouched for their reliability and potency. One user said, “Their prices dont bother me because their stuff is good and consistant. Shipping is lightning fast. Do i like some other vendors better, yes. Are most cheaper, yes. But i love HH peoducts on hand cuz they ALWAYS work.”

Elsewhere, a user wrote, “Happy Hippo has some extraordinary strains—love Magic Hippo—but Sleepy is my favorite, as is Snuggie. The quality is exquisite.”


Chill Hippo (formerly Hulu Hippo) is the strain you want if it’s bliss and laughs that you’re craving. What’s more, you’ll be able to save with this one in the long run since it generally takes less to unlock its unique aroma.

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