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Top Extracts is a long-established brand with strong ties to the kratom advocacy movement. Proud supporters of the AKA (American Kratom Association) and AHPA (American Herbals Products Association), this vendor has set themselves apart from others in the industry by investing in quality and leading the charge for full disclosure.

Specializing in additive-free kratom powder, kratom extracts and kratom capsules, Top Extracts has differentiated themselves from their counterparts by eschewing flashy advertising in favor of a straight-forward approach.

This Illinois-based kratom supplier doesn’t waste time with cheap gimmicks or bogus medical claims, opting instead to focus on fulfilling a simple promise: 100% pure Mitragyna speciosa. No. B.S.

From their auspicious beginnings as a small town company to their rise to prominence in the last few years, this Chicago-area apothecary has demonstrated their affinity for the Ayurvedic herb and their deep devotion to customer satisfaction.

In 2019, they were instrumental in the fight to preserve kratom legality in Naperville, Ill. Today, they have branched out from kratom into other ethnobotanicals such as kava and CBD products, but they have not lost sight of their mission.

Their catalog remains a streamlined affair, one that’s tailored to the specific needs of consumers. There are 12 products for focus, 12 for energy, nine for general health and more than a dozen soothing agents that promote calm.

Of particular interest is Top Extracts Red Bali, a superior red vein kratom powder that is warm and inspiring like Super Green Malay while inducing the pronounced tranquility of Red Horn Kratom.


Despite its misleading name, Red Bali Kratom does not actually come from the island of Bali. On the contrary, Red Vein Bali is grown on the Indonesian island of Borneo where it is cultivated in the lowland rain forests by native petani (farmers, in English).

Bali is used as a primary port for exportation, hence the name. Like other kratom strains from Indonesia, Red Bali Kratom is sourced from one of a finite number of local plantations where it is harvested by experienced farm hands.

This strain differs from other Indo Kratom variants in that it is not technically a strain but, rather, a kratom blend. That’s right, Bali is typically made from a combination of leaves from Red Borneo and White Sumatra.

Top Extracts Red Bali comes in organic capsules, each of which contains 0.60 g of raw kratom powder. Every bottle is filled with 150 caps in total. One capsule equates to 600 milligrams of M. speciosa.


Each bottle of Top Extracts Red Bali sells for $42 when purchased individually. Bulk deals are offered on larger quantities with each bottle going for just $38.50 when you order two or more.

A comprehensive buying guide is provided on each of this vendor’s product pages. Wholesale kratom prices are also available to enthusiasts with their own brick-and-mortar apothecaries.


I should probably clarify that I didn’t turn to Top Extracts for the express purpose of buying kratom capsules. Instead, I was turned on to their liquid kratom shots by a friend who thought I’d be curious to try their Flow Kratom Alkaloid Suspension.

While visiting their online store, I was unable to find the product in question, but by then they had already lured me in with their transparency and detailed strain information. This is a vendor that gets it, plain and simple.

Their lab testing, GMP certification and embrace of forward-thinking paradigms had me sold on their kratom caps. After placing an order for my go-to strain (Super Green), I received a free sample of Red Bali capsules.

While I won’t bore you with a redundant story about my experience(s) with SGM, I will tell you that this Red Bali blew me away. By now, I have tired of many traditional plain leaf options, but this blend delivered the kind of balance so many of us crave.

Within 15 minutes of popping four capsules, I was flush with excitement and feeling great. My fingertips tingled and my chest felt like a cloud. The motivation and creativity was followed by an equal measure of serenity and well-being.


This blend is powered by high concentrations of 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine), the terpenoid indole alkaloid that is believed to be responsible for kratom’s relieving and replenishing properties. Together with mitragynine—as well as kratom’s other alkaloids and flavonoids—7-OH forms the building block of the Mitragyna speciosa aroma.


Perhaps owing to the admittedly bland and somewhat generic-sounding imprimatur of the brand, Top Extracts lacks the kind of internet buzz typical of top-tier kratom vendors. However, it is widely understood among serious noot nuts that Jim and his team are honest and dependable suppliers.

They earned four and five star ratings among more than 40 reviewers online. Those who frequent online kratom forum communities have undoubtedly experienced this brand for themselves.


Although they lack the massive buzz of bigger names, Top Extracts are a trustworthy outfit with a solid product. Red Bali kratom capsules are but one of their many exceptional offerings. Give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments.

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