Canopy Royal Bentuangie Product Review

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We can all remember with great nostalgia the first time we brewed a cup of kratom tea. That initial wave of tingling warmth slowly gave way to a surge in emotional connectivity. For some of us, it was a familiar feeling while for others it was the pickup they’d been searching for their entire lives.

As I wrote in my piece about Robotripping, the seeker must find the safest and most convenient route to their perfect escape. Whether it’s an escape from the doldrums of World Affairs or a brief reprieve from a stressful work environment, the seeker needs to find the path that will lead them to their personal state of bliss.

Of course, searching for bliss can seem like a Sisyphean task, one that’s marred by roadblocks and inevitable Dead Ends. Much like searching for a winning lottery ticket, the prospect of finding your bliss can seem unlikely, especially in a society as fraught with distractions and disappointments as ours.

Still, you press on because you know it’s out there. Your impulses connect you to it, you can feel that it’s close.

Well Jack, it’s closer than you think.

If you’re one of those aforementioned folks who remembers their first time, you’ll be over the moon when you make the acquaintance of Canopy Royal Bentuangie. This is that strain that slaps a smile on your face, my friend. And just like your first time, you’ll know that ya just got lucky.


I’ve been talking a lot about Canopy Botanicals lately and with good reason. This North Carolina kratom vendor is the fastest growing online apothecary in the current marketplace. Boasting a wide selection of everything from Eucalyptus Spearmint tea and chamomile flowers to activated charcoal and sricracha sea salt, Canopy’s got something to make every kratomite crazy with excitement.

Some of my recent favorites have included Canopy Pink Elephant and White Elephant, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the myriad of awe-inspiring effects that Royal Bent has to offer.

Bentuangie Kratom is a rare fermented leaf from West Borneo, one that is prized for its optimal balance of aroma. As some of you will remember from my Red Bentuangie strain review, this 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine) dominant cultivar is terpene-fueled and full of surprises.

Royal Bentuangie earns its decidedly ostentatious moniker thanks to its distinction from other examples of red vein kratom powder. Whereas most reds are primarily known as “fast” strains with a strong sense of invigoration, Canopy Royal Bentuangie carries a transverse influx of tranquil vibes, making it favorable for those who wish to brew at any time of the day or night.

Although kratom is not approved for medicinal use here in the United States, hordes of individuals have found it to be an excellent recreational tea, one that is chill as an ice chest on a ski slope. This happy-making Mitragyna speciosa variant is up there with the absolute best kratom strains.

Of particular note is its versatility with one user expressing amazement that it wasn’t a blend of red and green. As one of my colleagues said, “Holy sh^t! It hits like a red, but damn! That’s some green fragrance, bro!”

This is understandable given the (mostly) pleasant taste (remember, this is an acquired taste in general, so you might disagree with me here), floral aroma and extensive duration of effects.


Some of our readers will have no doubt skimmed through this review thinking, “Alright, what’s the catch?” Well, I got news for you. There isn’t one.

Canopy Botanicals is a no frills, no B.S. Kratom vendor and their Royal Bentuangie is no exception. This is fresh, reliable leaf at an affordable rate that won’t leave you trying to rub two pennies together to make a dime.

Like their other illustrious strains, Royal Bent starts at just $3.80 for a 25 gram starter bag. You can score 125 grams for $15, 250 grams for $25 or go all out and pick up a kilo for an all-time industry low of $79.00.

As the company’s homepage tells you as soon as you land there, these cats have got you covered. You get a flat rate with plenty of bonuses including Chimes Ginger Chews in a variety of flavors and free kratom samples.


Consumer reputation is strong with this one. Regardless of the shipping delays which have plagued them (and so many other suppliers) since the advent of the global pandemic, most orders arrive in under a week.

This brand is renowned for their excellent customer service, ideal consistency in quality and devotion to adding new and alluring kratom blends. As if that’s not enough to attract a loyal fanbase, they have even managed to maintain acceptance of credit cards despite the limitations placed on such high risk businesses.

If you’re expecting to hear good things from the online kratom forum communities you’d be right in that thinking. Users have raved about this particular strain with one user writing, “Without a doubt my new favourite red only recently discovered is…Red Bentuangie…I have been really delighted with the level of pain relief and relaxation.

Elsewhere, another user said, “Ya its bomb, the only complaint is one of my 250s broke open lost maybe 20gs other than that…got quality leaf and customer service. The bents really good though.”


Those who wish to avail themselves of an easy, breezy brew will find exactly what they’re looking for with Canopy Royal Bentuangie. With an unpredictable bite but a well-rounded aroma, Royal Bent is the arrow you want in your quiver if you’re looking to quell your daily stressors.

Buyer beware: Canopy Kratom can be rather habit-forming given its wealth of effects and baseline elation. Be sure to start small and rotate your batches. That being said, if this one doesn’t give you a big grin you might wanna check your pulse.

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