Green Malay Kratom Strain Review

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Consumers have gone crazy for Green Malay kratom, resulting in increased demand for stronger solutions. As Super Green Malay takes its rightful place as Malaysian Kratom’s enhanced successor, we take a look back at this historic cultivar and what makes it so damn special.

To understand the allure of this alleviating herb and the aroma it unleashes we must first consider where it comes from and how it is prepared. Throughout the ages, the natives of Southeast Asia have chewed the leaves of Malaysian kratom for its purported value as a folk medicine.

Despite centuries of use across much of Indonesia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and beyond, the Mitragyna speciosa or kratom tree has faced restrictions and scrutiny over the last 100 years. After the passing of Thailand’s Kratom Act of 1943, this Ayurvedic herb was banned in the Land of Smiles.

Soon thereafter, other countries followed their example by placing limitations on the harvesting, sale and possession of this incredible herb from the coffee family of plants. In 2018, the FDA issued a public warning, urging Americans to avoid kratom consumption.

Since then, it has been made clear to consumers that kratom is not intended for human consumption in the United States. In fact, the FDA has made it clear that no medical claims should be made about the potential efficacy of kratom in any area.

Nevertheless, hundreds upon hundreds of domestic users have turned to kratom for its unique combination of alkaloids and flavonoids. Malaysian kratom is one strain that is of particular utility to many American customers.


As I explained in my Green Malay vs Super Green Malay comparison post, Malaysia has grown in abundance across Malaysia for many decades. Although it is illegal to sell kratom in the so-called Wild East, lots of visitors have managed to flout Section 30 (3) of the Poisons Act of 1952.

Consequently, the cuttings of Malaysian kratom trees have found their way to border countries where they have been successfully cultivated for quite some time. The intricate root system of the Malaysian ketum variant results in a sturdy edifice that is as large as it is potent.

Green Malay Kratom (GMK) is the green veined Mitragyna speciosa leaf. It gets its name from the jade-hued central vein of the tree’s many flowering leaves.

The current marketplace is overrun by a wide cross-section of sketchy smoke shop brands that claim to be sourced directly from Malaysia, but don’t believe the hype. Most of the GMK in circulation today comes from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

At peak maturity, GMK contains higher concentrations of 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine) than virtually any other cultivar. As you might have suspected, this large concentration of the terpenoid indole alkaloid makes for a strain that is extremely soothing and thoroughly enjoyable.

Like other green vein kratom strains, GMK is available in a variety of forms including raw powder, Private Reserve, kratom capsules and kratom extracts.


When you’ve spend as much time researching kratom as I have, you are bound to come across a lot of bogus hokum. In the case of Green Malay Kratom, I have heard some real whoppers. Just this week alone, I have seen bloggers claiming that GMK can assist in the restoration of bone degradation and diminishing cognitive capacity.

Like I said earlier, kratom is not approved for medicinal use and as such, it should not be regarded as a form of medical treatment. To be sure, kratom does not have the ability to cure or otherwise manage any preexisting health condition.

On the contrary, seasoned users will tell you that you should avoid kratom use if you are suffering from a preexisting health condition. History has shown that kratom can interfere with prescription medications and may have detrimental effects when taken by individuals suffering from high blood pressure, kidney disorders, fatty liver disease and other serious issues.

That being said, GMK has a lot to offer the keen user. Of the people I polled for this review, five were career moms, two were entrepreneurs, two were career musicians and one was a full-time factory worker. All agreed that GMK was a vital part of their routine.

The moms all but unanimously said that kratom helped them to mitigate their double lives as both devoted parents and serious business people. One suggested that Green Malay was her “escape” after a week of “screaming children, car pools and stressful conference calls.” As she explained it, “I’m totally zapped by the time the weekend rolls around, but GM keeps me going when I finally have some Me Time.”

Both entrepreneurs agreed that their work routine was a mess before they discovered kratom. “My work life sucked,” one said. “When I started burning some [GMK] I found my beast mode. I went from pulling in 40k as my worst self to building my business from the ground up. Now I’m hitting comfortable numbers without working through sick days and vacations. It keeps me focused, it keeps me confident and it gives me the edge I need to compete in this game.”


At small dosages, Green Malay is believed to be invigorating and elevating, offering heightened awareness and the possibility of creative inspiration. These attributes should not be confused with any claims regarding Mitragyna speciosa’s purported benefits, rather they should be taken as the reflections and observations of an experienced kratom user.

Throughout my travails, I have had the pleasure of trying many kratom strains, but GMK and SGM remain my all-time favorites. Not because they are the strongest, not because they are the most exhilarating (although they usually are IMHO) but because they are practical.

As someone who uses a lot of mental bandwidth, so to speak, I appreciate a mitra tea that keeps me functional, focused and feeling creative. Green Malaysian Kratom is that kind of herb, a utility strain that enables me to work my butt off in a cerebral and comfortable fashion with plenty of time to day dream and conceive new ideas.


Some of the most jaded longtime users have been astonished by the aroma of GMK. One user on Reddit wrote, “So I had never tried any Malay’s before. But heard some good/mixed things. So I got an OZ of it from my online vendor. And man it’s pretty damn good. Definitely my current favorite at the moment.”

Another user said, “I decided to try some green malay before I went into work. 3 size 0 capsules so something like a gram and a half-ish. Man I gotta say, it was the best shift I’ve ever had. I was motivated beyond belief and we closed almost an hour early.”


There is a veritable king’s ransom of sources for bulk kratom powder and kratom capsules. Most every legitimate kratom vendor maintains a secure online store. Some of the biggest kratom suppliers offer split kilos, kratom coupon codes and more via social media.

If you’re looking to buy kratom online, you should check out my top five Green Malay kratom vendors. Each of these brands has been carefully evaluated and are widely regarded as honest, affordable and easy to purchase.

  • Amazing Botanicals
  • Kats Botanicals
  • Mitragaia
  • Natural Organix AKA Urban Ice Organics
  • PDO Botanicals AKA Pharmacy Dropout


Green Malaysian is made for the discerning consumer who wishes to experience a clean, cerebral brew that’s unlikely to interfere with multitasking and problem solving. If you’re anything like me, you’ll dig this strain for its superb fragrance and lasting motivation.

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