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If you live in the Evergreen State, you already know that kratom is derived from Mitragyna speciosa, an evergreen tree from Southeast Asia that has captured the hearts of health-conscious Americans who are seeking an alternative lifestyle.

Unlike other evergreen trees, kratom comes from the coffee family of plants. As such, it is known to be quite stimulating at certain dosages. For this reason, it has become popular among Washingtonians who want a break from the jitters and comedown of traditional coffee products.


As of this writing, Mitragyna speciosa and its key alkaloids—mitragynine and 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine, respectively—are 100% legal to sell, possess and/or consume in the state of Washington.

Kratom powder, kratom capsules and kratom extracts are widely available across the Evergreen State. In fact, there are approximately 200 smoke shops and convenience stores carrying kratom tea in the region.

Common headshop offerings include liquid kratom shots, raw powder and kratom caps. Other items that may be accessible include kratom chewing gum and kratom drinks. In recent years, we have seen the rise of kratom vending machines which make it easy for consumers to score their favorite kratom strains 24/7.


Finding quality kratom can become a real headache if you’re one of the many discerning consumers who value purity as much as potency. Fortunately for those residing in Thurston County, the folks at Guthro’s Garden got the hookup.

If you’re on the hunt for some hella good Ayurvedic herb that’s as fresh as it is fast, this Yelm city mainstay may be your ticket to ride. Read on to learn all about their bucolic setting and bad ass botanical catalog.


Located in the heart of Yelm, WA, Guthro’s Garden LLC is the brick-and-mortar location of Angie and Guthro, two down home residents who wanted to share their love of M. speciosa with the masses. Over the last few years, they have cemented their reputation on the local scene by providing their neighbors with some of the highest quality ketum on the market.

Guthros Kratom has found its way onto a list of trusted vendors compiled by the online kratom forum communities at Kratom Connoisseurs and The Kratom Forum. This is no surprise since this quaint indie-owned spot has been sharing their ethically sourced herb with the public for the better part of a decade.

By regularly rotating stock and switching up their strains, they have managed to safeguard customers against the dreaded SSS (Stagnant Strain Syndrome) while introducing them to new previously unexplored cultivars such as Reserve Indo, White Sumatra and their signature blends.

Owned and staffed by longtime M. speciosa enthusiasts, this kratom supplier has become a pillar of the community and a reliable source for strong product.


Before you take the plunge and burn rubber to their brick-and-mortar store, you may want to do some digging. For a shop that’s in good standing with their local shoppers they lack the online presence that has kept most small businesses afloat.

As I write this, their official website remains disabled and their brand name is curiously absent from platforms such as Reddit and I Love Kratom. If they are, indeed, a name you can trust you would think they’d do their part to put users at ease. Alas, there is no evidence to suggest that they are maintaining customer service on the Internet.

After conducting thorough research, I was able to find one Reddit post from four years ago that mentions Guthro’s directly. Responses to the post lament the “sky high prices” of their product line and suggest alternatives including Billy Weaver of SoCal Remedies and Super Speciosa.

One user claims that most every Guthros strain is more bitter than any other kratom they’ve tried, comparing the taste to that of perfume. Of course, this same user is quick to add that it “smelled normal and the effects were OK. The Dark Sumatran was the most bitter but had the strongest effects.”

What this illustrates is the importance of doing your homework before placing an order with a kratom vendor. Users should always look for brands that disclose lab results and guarantee purity. Such bitterness points to a bad batch, one that should not be distributed by any trustworthy seller.


Although Guthro’s Garden Kratom is a viable choice for those living in Washington State, every user should be sure to demand accountability from this vendor. If they refuse to provide batch numbers and lab results, you would do well to shop around. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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