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Since kratom found its way to our Shores, the residents of the Granite State have greeted the Ayurvedic herb with a heaping spoonful of gusto and a healthy measure of skepticism. Some have sought to eliminate its presence while others have made it their business to preserve the integrity of this fragrant tea from the coffee family of plants.

Mucho Kratom is one of those outfits fighting to protect the quality, cleanliness and future of Mitragyna speciosa AKA Kratom. Today’s review will delve into how this Strafford County proprietor has gained a foothold in the increasingly slippery kratom industry.

But first, let’s explore New Hampshire’s current legal status.


Yes. Mitragyna speciosa and its chief chemical components—the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine—is currently legal in the Granite State for persons 18 years and older.

Unfortunately, there are limitations in place on a regional basis; folks who live in Franklin City are prohibited from selling or possessing Mitragyna speciosa products. Those who wish to buy kratom powder and kratom capsules must purchase them outside the city limits and at their own risk of prosecution in their place of residence.

At a glance, it is clear that the future of kratom legality is under threat in New Hampshire. As we speak, there is a bill on the Senate floor that seeks to ban kratom by classifying it as a Schedule I controlled substance.

Concerned individuals are encouraged to contact their local representative and let their voice be heard on this important matter. Users can also donate to nonprofit advocacy groups such as the AKA (American Kratom Association), thereby supporting their ongoing efforts to educate lawmakers about the value of this Ayurvedic herb.

Notwithstanding the prospective passing of such legislation, kratom remains legal to sell, buy and consume in the state. For the time being, you can purchase this powerful plant matter from any one of 200+ smoke shops, headshops and convenience stores in the area.

So, why buy from Mucho Kratom? Let’s have a look.


Located in the lush brick mill town Rollinsford, Mucho Kratom is Southern NH’s number one kratom supplier. Their online store is a safe haven for the northeast’s growing crowd of kratomites. As the New England region’s premier M. speciosa vendor, they have an awesome responsibility to deliver goods that are superior to your smoke shop brands.

This is a mission that this independently-owned business has taken quite seriously. In the last eight months alone, they have set about making their teas more accessible to those who are struggling with the ramifications of the global health crisis.

As I write this, a greeting on their website informs customers that they may apply for free shipping if they can demonstrate that they have been monetarily affected by the government shutdown.

As their page clearly states, “We know that many are out of work, receiving unemployment that is a fraction of your normal pay and are on a fixed budget. Due to these factors, Mucho Kratom wants to help by offering a temporary discount to those who qualify for as long as the shutdown lasts.”

Those who apply may receive as much as 40% off their orders and gratis shipping at checkout. The application process is simple and easy, and the company’s customer support staff are quick to provide resolutions.

This supplier’s products are ethically harvested, immediately quarantined from one another upon arrival in the States and third party laboratory tested for potential contaminants. Every customer receives a batch number and detailed tracking information once their products have shipped.

More importantly, Mucho Kratom has a money back guarantee that’s more than a mere empty promise. Unlike so many of their competitors, they stand by this guarantee. If you get a batch that doesn’t meet your standards they will refund your money and, in some cases, send a replacement free of charge.


Mucho Kratom carry a variety of kratom strains in green, red and white veins. Their bestsellers include Maeng Da, Red Bali and White Indo. Their signature products include a MK-Ultra kratom blend and Full Spectrum Kratom.

Each of their strains is sourced from a trusted farmer in Southeast Asia where it is harvested at a peak period in the season. The resulting plant matter is mature and highly concentrated.


All of their M. speciosa variants start at $10 for 25 grams with 100 grams going for $30 and a 250 gram pouch selling for just $60.00. Alas, this is small batch kratom, so you won’t get any split kilos or 1,000 gram packages from this vendor.

Their kratom capsules are ideal for customers who want to sample their wares without the headache of digital scales and measuring spoons. You can score a 30 count for 10 bucks or a 60 cap bottle for $18.00. So far as I can tell, there are no limitations on how many bottles you can purchase at one time.

For those who are seeking bulk deals, you may want to check out their bulk site Kratom Express. As you can see, this vendor has really thought of everything.


After purchasing two sample packs from Mucho Kratom, I was pleasantly surprised by how compact and secure their packaging was. Whereas other sellers provide resealable pouches that are anything but, MK’s Premium Kratom Powder comes in sleek black sleeves that are a breeze to peel and reseal. The tea was finely textured like baby powder and had a fragrance that matched its consistency.

Of the three strains I tried, I’d have to vote for Red JongKong as my # 1 choice. This Indonesian leaf was uber-chill and mucho exhilarating, offering four-and-a-half uninterrupted hours of positive vibes and rejuvenation.

If I had to compare it to anything I’d say my experience was like that of a garden snake slithering effortlessly through an open field of untouched grass. The sun was on my back, the warmth was in my chest and I felt like I could effortlessly achieve my daily goals.


  • Fresh OG strains
  • Free shipping on orders in excess of $65.00
  • Third party lab testing
  • Money back guarantee
  • Fast Priority Mail shipping
  • Fine customer service
  • Solid social media presence
  • Accepts eCheck


  • Does not post lab results to website


This New Hampshire supplier has a solid rep as a dependable brand with users lauding their quality and affordability. A platinum boarder over at I Love Kratom said, “Mucho Kratom is a good solid vendor with quality Kratom … Kratom seems to be fresh & is of a fine grind with little smell or taste. Shipping was good at 4 days & it was packaged very well. The Pouches were of quality material & were easy to open & sealed good enough.”

Their brand has racked up hundreds of Likes and tons of reviews across social media with customers calling them fair, awesome and a definite go-to favorite for plain leaf and kratom extracts alike.


This New England supplier is a slam dunk, one that values transparency and sustainability as much as they value customer satisfaction. Their strains are superb and their devotion makes all the difference.

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