Kratom and Sex: A Guide to Mitragyna Speciosa and Stamina

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Many ill-informed consumers have turned to kratom after reading about its purported effects on the male libido. While there may be some merit to claims of increased stamina, it is important that the public understand the facts about this popular tea.

Kratom is derived from the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa, an evergreen tree from the forests of Southeast Asia. This powerful psychoactive herb belongs to the coffee family of plants, namely Rubiaceae.

Given its genus, it’s little surprise that this tropical substance has found favor among the sleep-starved and physically active. However, there is much misinformation about its effects with many shady kratom vendors perpetuating bogus or unfounded claims.

If you’ve turned to kratom to get your Mojo rising, there’s much you need to understand. For example, did you know there are more than 24 chemical compounds in the kratom leaf?

These chemical compounds include a host of potent indole alkaloids, each of which works in concert with one another to produce the unique aroma of kratom strains. For those who aren’t aware, alkaloids are organic substances that consist of at least one nitrogen atom.

Much of kratom’s notoriously bitter taste comes from the presence of indole alkaloids, all of which are naturally bitter herbivore deterrents. These non-toxic bug repellents protect the kratom leaf against destruction or degradation.

One of the major chemical components of kratom is 7-OH (or 7-hydroxymitragynine, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing). This terpenoid indole alkaloid is an active metabolite of the Ayurvedic herb, one that mitigates its organic relief.

In this way, kratom is believed to be both invigorating and exhilarating, offering a subtle balance between animation and rejuvenation. Some have questioned the legitimacy of such claims, but hundreds of users have attested to the value of this amazing plant.

Today, Mitragyna speciosa is offered in a vast array of forms including kratom extracts, liquid kratom shots, signature blends and even kratom chewing gum.

Although kratom is not approved for medicinal use by the FDA, many Americans have incorporated Mitragyna speciosa into their lifestyle routine. Select strains have become particularly popular among athletes, entrepreneurs and other working professionals.

In recent years, we have heard quite a bit about the supposed increase in stamina from kratom consumption. Here are the facts, so far as our research has suggested.


Kratom capsules have been irresponsibly marketed as a fitness supplement by some domestic suppliers. Whether kratom possesses any substantive viability in this area is largely tangential and subjective.

While many bodybuilders have said that kratom suppresses their appetite, others have lamented the nausea and constipation that it can cause. Some kratom side effects seem rather counterproductive for these purposes.

For instance, constipation can lead to bloating which is hardly something you want if you’re looking to compete for the title of Mr. Universe.

Never minding the potential for a droopy gut for a moment, let’s talk about another area that no man wants drooping. Those suffering from a lack of stamina should study kratom with a magnifying glass.

Despite search terms like kratom for energy and stamina becoming all the rage in 2020, every consumer should take care to educate themselves about the science of kratom before brewing it.

Yes, kratom is considered a folk medicine in Southeast Asia. The natives of Indonesia have been chewing Mitragyna speciosa leaves for endurance and stimulation for hundreds of years.

On the other hand, they also dig up their dead and pose for photographs with the corpse. So, you might want to take their cultural proclivities into consideration when studying traditional habits.

This is not to disparage the wonderful people of Indonesia in any way, rather it is a word to the wise that Indonesian customs may run counter to U.S. superstitions. After all, you won’t find Joe Blow America taking selfies with his long-dead mema while her mandible drops off into her mumu.

Online kratom forum communities are flooded with horror stories from users who have taken bogus products, dangerous dosages or overwhelmingly powerful Maeng Da Kratom Extract.

As for kratom stamina, the jury is out on this one. The presence of anti-inflammatory agents like Epicatechin may make for sustained physical effort with minimal strain (not to be confused with a strain of kratom), but its ability to put a spring in your step doesn’t mean it’ll help you fly your kite, so to speak.


In 2018, a case report revealed that kratom use may lead to reduction in testosterone levels. This side effect was discovered when a 42-year old male sought treatment for low energy and poor libido. During a two-month follow-up, the patient’s testosterone levels had returned to normal.

Upon being questioned about lifestyle changes, the patient in question copped to taking kratom prior to his initial visit. He also admitted that he had discontinued kratom use mere days before his first intake.

The authors of this case report believe that kratom may cause hyperprolactinemia which, in turn, may present with symptoms of hypogonadism. This is disconcerting to anyone who’s looking to put a little lead back in their pencil since hypogonadism results in an insufficient amount of the masculine growth hormone.

Put more simply, hypogonadism is a condition which can afflict men in a variety of ways, each more undesirable than the last. Symptoms of this disorder include reduction in fertility and menstruation in women and sexual difficulties in persons of both biologically-assigned genders.


We’ve discussed kratom abuse at length on this blog, but it always bears repeating. Chronic kratom use can be detrimental in a number of ways. Individuals who consume kratom on a daily basis run the risk of kratom hangover, tolerance, addiction and abuse.

Those who fail to “cycle” their doses by taking a two-day break in between each dosage swiftly find themselves developing a tolerance. In no time at all, your dosage may climb from a 4-5 gram dose to an eight to 10 gram dose.

As I’ve said all too many times, dosages in excess of 10 grams are ill-advised as they potentiate kratom’s adverse effects. These effects may include stomach cramp, vomiting, skin discoloration, kidney damage, altered mental state, elevated heart rate, profuse sweating and even liver failure.


Erectile Dysfunction AKA E.D. is one side effect that is rarely mentioned in the same breath as kratom, but it’s also an all-too-common one. Studies have demonstrated that frequent kratom abuse can result in temporary E.D.

Further studies have also suggested that chronic impotence may occur in cases of dose-dependent kratom users. Additionally, prolactin levels may be affected negatively by using kratom on a regular basis.

According to the FDA, there is inconclusive scientific data to support any medical claims about kratom effects. However, they have issued a public warning, urging citizens to avoid kratom consumption due to the potential danger associated with adulteration and contamination.

It behooves me to remind our readers that kratom use is not advised if you suffer from any preexisting health condition. Over the last few years, it has come to our attention that kratom can be deleterious to those with high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, cardiovascular issues or kidney disease.

As you can see, taking this Ayurvedic herb to spice things up in the bedroom can be a real boner. Pun very much intended.


Pregnant and lactating mothers should also avoid Mitragyna speciosa and its alkaloids as it may pose a threat to their unborn child.


I think you’ll agree that there are far too many contingencies to consider where kratom and sex are concerned. The good news is, there are many herbal remedies for E.D. Pharmacies, herbal apothecaries and even convenience stores are loaded for bear with a glut of natural supplements for sexual enhancement.

As with kratom, users should always do their research before taking any substance to improve their sex life. The same compound that improves your sex life may wreak havoc on other aspects of your health. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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