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If you’re one of the hundreds of people who have heard about kratom and its many effects, you’re probably curious about where to start. Those who discover this incredible Ayurvedic herb often find themselves baffled by the sheer variety of kratom strains.

Without a doubt, the question that is posed most often on social media is, “Which strain is the best?” I’ve struggled to answer this question many times, but it’s always an uphill battle.

The truth is, there is no right answer to this question. As with almost everything on this enchanting earth, the best kratom strain is something that is entirely subjective. Like the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Or, in the case of the Mitragyna speciosa (read: kratom) leaf, one person’s nightcap is another person’s no-no.

To wit: Some strains tend to work most effectively as nighttime strains. These “slow” speciosa variants are tranquil, even lethargic in nature, making them perfect for the sleep-starved person who wants to catch some Zzzzs. Alternately, other strains tend to be “fast,” inducing invigoration that suits the energy-deprived and physically active.

In order to determine which strain will work best for your needs, you must first get a fix on what it is you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a beacon in this over-saturated and oft-confusing marketplace, you’ve found the guide that will get you there. Today’s post will illuminate the marked differences and notable similarities between the various kratom veins.

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Before we get into the multitude of strains available on the current market, let’s take a closer look at what drives their purported benefits. Kratom is derived from Mitragyna speciosa, an evergreen tree from the coffee family of plants.

The leaves of M. speciosa contain central veins which occur naturally in three colors—green, red and white, respectively. If you’ve heard of kratom capsules or kratom powder referred to by a color other than these three there is a good chance they have been combined with two or more strains, but we’ll get into that more in a bit.

First things first. Green vein kratom is generally considered the most sociable form of M. speciosa. The many subtypes of green kratom capture the essence of coffee without the sweating, nervousness and jitters commonly associated with a strong cup o’ Joe.

Although kratom is not approved for medicinal use, innumerable users have embraced it for what they call its invigorating and motivational qualities. Strains such as Green Indo Kratom and Super Green Malay have become bestsellers among students and entrepreneurs.

By contrast, red vein kratom powder is far less animating and far more calming. Its potential for restfulness and clarity of thought has been remarked upon by scores of reviewers and recreational users. While some have touted the uplifting properties of red veins as their most dominant attribute, others have attested to its overwhelming drowsiness.

This divisiveness owes to the spectrum of effects which red veins have at different dosage levels. For example, smaller dosages are typically relaxing and mildly uplifting, inspiring moderate introspection and mild tranquility. However, larger dosages tend to result in drowsiness and the couch lock effect.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have white veins which are infamous for their sharpened focus and clean boost. Although whites are often combined with reds to produce so-called “pink veins,” white vein generally pairs better when stacked with green. These two veins compliment each others’ overall sense of well-being.

Which brings us to the mythical gold and yellow vein kratom powder. As I mentioned earlier, consumers are likely to come across kratom vendors who claim to stock M. speciosa in vein colors other than green, red and white.

It behooves customers to educate themselves on the difference between actual vein colors and these faux-veins. Where green, red and white veins occur naturally, chocolate, gold, pink and yellow veins achieve their unique and exotic hues through alteration.

In the case of golds and yellows, the vein color is produced by means of fermentation or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Such methods result in photosynthesis which chemically alters the alkaloid profile of the raw plant matter.

Fermented kratom “veins” such as Gold Bali is made by subjecting Red Vein Bali to a three-step process. First, the finest oversize leaves are hand-selected and placed in direct sunlight for a controlled period of time.

After the leaves have been left to dry, they are soaked down and bagged up. This plant matter is left to ferment in the dark for a fixed time before they are removed and thoroughly sifted. This brown-tinted kratom matter is then sifted repeatedly to remove all stems and veins before being turned into micronized powder.

The tawnier, gold-tinted strains such as Yellow Vietnam is grown along the Mekong Delta where it is dried for an extended period in direct sunlight. This protracted drying technique yields a plant matter with 20% higher concentrations of key alkaloids than plain leaf.

These alkaloid and flavonoid constituents play an instrumental role in Yellow Vietnam’s soothing and profoundly nootropic “aroma.”

I trust you can see the sheer diversity of the M. speciosa genus. There is something for everyone here and you’ll never want for more versatility.


Like I said in the beginner’s guide section of this post, kratom is not approved for medicinal use and should not be confused with any form of treatment or cure. That being said, users have reported on their positive experiences with this tea.

A growing number of users have claimed that kratom worked as well for them as any anxiolytic drug. In fact, more than one consumer has picked Red Bali as the best for anxiety/relaxing.

Personally, I would never suggest a particular strain for a serious mental health disorder, I can say with confidence that most every form of M. speciosa minimizes my daily stressors.


IMHO, there is only one strain that really gets the job done when I’m feeling sluggish and that’s Super Green Malay (SGM). Unlike other popular “fast” strains like Maeng Da and White Sumatra, SGM is subtle and longer-lasting.

Whereas some forms of M. speciosa can result in the dreaded kratom hangover, SGM doesn’t have much of a comedown and ordinarily leaves one feeling replenished.

As with other super kratom strains, SGM is enhanced by means of infusion. Extraction methods may vary, depending on where you buy kratom online.


Slow biak-biak may not be notoriously bad ass like its Maeng Da and Sumatra Kratom counterparts, but these variants are the epitome of chill. The Mack Daddy of the fam is White Hulu Kapuas.

Hailing from the Hulu forests along the Kapuas Delta of Indonesia, White Hulu is a bold cultivar that is often produced using a signature grafting process. This grafting method enables native petani to fuse two sturdy OG kratom trees together, creating a hybrid that is as profound as it is robust.

White Hulu Kapuas effects include heightened awareness, general serenity and hours of invigorating sensations. Always in vogue with athletes and active working professionals, White Hulu Kapuas is the strain of choice for those grappling with stressors and sluggishness.

A joyous example of the merriment and motivation that Mitragyna speciosa has to offer, White HK is the way for they who wish to smile through their trials.


This is the most important element of M. speciosa consumption. The experience you have with any given variant will depend almost entirely on how much you take.

Sure, there are other factors which should be considered such as body type, diet, lifestyle and preexisting health conditions. However, dosages will largely determine how you respond to this herb’s alkaloid content.

First-time users are always advised to start with a threshold dosage while acclimating to this herb’s properties. Once you have grown accustomed to its effects, you may want to graduate to a low or moderate dose.

One should use this substance with caution, taking care to cycle dosages so as to avoid developing tolerance or addiction. Those with preexisting health conditions should never consume kratom, lest it contribute to elevated heart rate, cardiovascular issues, seizure, kidney damage, hallucination or liver failure.

Pregnant and lactating mothers should not consume kratom as it may be detrimental to the health of their unborn child.


I think you’ll agree that there are plenty of options at your disposal. Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with our kratom strains chart, you should have the information you need to decide on a kratom variant that suits your personal preferences.

If you’re still undecided, you may want to consider purchasing one prominent example from each vein color and sampling each to see where you land.

Be sure to keep a detailed journal, so you’ll be able to ponder your initial impressions before ordering split kilos or any other bulk kratom package.

Should adverse effects occur, users are encouraged to discontinue use and seek immediately medical attention. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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