Where to Buy Kratom Locally in Baltimore, MD

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Charm City hasn’t been called the “greatest city in America” for no good reason. This monumental seaport city is a veritable beehive of activity for everyone from artists and working professionals to culture-hungry tourists who eat up the area’s rich historical past.

They’ve got something for all comers, whether you’re looking to brush up on your knowledge of Babe Ruth, gorge on some tasty crab cakes or get down and dirty while honoring John Waters’ muse AKA The Drag Queen of the Century.

It’s a diverse creative hub, one that is also the most populous city in America. And it is this diversity that extends to The City That Reads’ kratom infatuation. There are more than 40 bars, smoke shops and convenience stores carrying kratom capsules and kratom extracts in the Charm City proper.

At the top of the heap are the many kratom and kava lounges which dot the landscape from 18th Street to Snowden River Parkway. Many of these kava bars also function as fully functional eateries.


If you’re visiting Baltimore for the first time and you want a well-rounded idea of what you can expect during your trip, I highly recommend checking out a kratom lounge before you settle in for the first leg of your vacation.

After dealing with all of the stressors that attend air travel and the subsequent experience of checking into a hotel, you’ll want to decompress. Places like these are perfect for unwinding before you explore the rest of your surroundings.

Spacycloud is my # 1 choice for best kratom dive in the state. Sure, you’ll find similarly alluring establishments in neighboring areas. For example, Qi Kratom CBD Tea is an inter-generational ethno-botanical store that’s just a stone’s throw from Baltimore. But Spacycloud is at the epicenter of Baltimore’s botanical community.

This impressively forward-thinking vegetarian coffee house contains numerous event spaces and lounges including an on-site skateboard shop, a kratom + kava club, proprietary mango-flavored CBD edibles display, and a coffee and kombucha cafe.

This Hampden fave has a menu that is positively mouth-watering from its myriad drink options to its hearty pumpkin soup and silly good artisanal veggie burger. Go for the tasty Maeng Da cocktail and stay for a couple swigs of their shagadelic Hemo-O-Mosa.


For Baltimoreans who are new to the Mitragyna speciosa community, you may be finding it difficult to locate a reputable establishment that stocks your go-to kratom strains. If you type kratom near me into a search engine, you’ll likely find a full list of the shops that carry kratom in your neighborhood, but that won’t necessarily point you in the right direction.

To separate the good from the bad and land on a solid choice, you’ve really gotta shop around. That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of narrowing the list down for ya. After researching the region’s highest-rated shops, we did a little digging of our own and found out which businesses could truly be counted on, both for quality and affordability.

This list represents the finest that Baltimore has to offer the kratom consumer:

  • Mr. Smoke Baltimore (900 Light St)
  • KVC Smoke Shop (Catonsville location)
  • Voodoo Glass Company (1121 W 36th St)
  • Karmic Connection (508 S Broadway)

Without a doubt, Mr. Baltimore is the crème-of-the-crop when it comes to small batch kratom. Their knowledgeable staff are friendly, courteous and really go the extra mile to satisfy their customers.

My experience with their representative was better than I ever could have hoped for. She happily walked me through their full catalog, breaking down prices and variety options. As of this writing, they are offering 30 grams of “loose” M. speciosa tea for $19.99. A 30 count of kratom tabs sell for $29.99 while a 60 gram pouch of kratom powder goes for $37.

Unfortunately, Mr. Smoke and vendors like them are unwilling to sell split kilos, but you can score a 100 gram pouch for $50 and pair it with another strain for the same price.

Granted, there are cheaper options in town, but with Mr. Baltimore you are paying for experience, and that experience is exceptional in every way.

Next up we have KVC Smoke Shop, a Catonsville tobacconist with curbside pickup during the COVID -19 crisis. Their massive collection easily places them at the vanguard of the local ethnobotanical scene. Prices vary pretty wildly, but you can usually score a decent amount of mitra for under $40.

Their in-house catalog includes bestsellers like Red Bali and the aforementioned Maeng Da as well as exotic strains such as Red JongKong and White Sumatra.

Voodoo Glass Company might come last alphabetically, but they certainly don’t come in last on any list of the best Baltimore kratom spots. Located within walking distance of Roosevelt Park and the famed Food Market, this long-established retailer serves as a five-star source for Akuamma Seed Powder, CBD oil and even liquid kratom shots.

Karma can be a real B-word which is why Karmic Connection has landed in the final slot here. Although their staff are nice enough, their store policies seem a bit shady. The shop’s clerks are not allowed to discuss pricing on the phone, but are instructed to assure curious parties that they can “work something out” in person.

Nevertheless, they’ve earned a spot on here because they may be the right fit for anyone who’s looking for a vast assortment of strains. Their catalog currently consists of more than 20 different variations of green, red and white vein. This is in addition to their gold and yellow vein kratom powder.

For the uninitiated who are trying M. speciosa for the first time, this vendor stocks sample variety packs and one-ounce samplers. Alas, this is not the shop for you if you’re looking to buy bulk kratom powder and kratom capsules. For that, you’ll want to read on.


Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to buy it. As I’m sure some of our readers have already noticed, the pricing here is not exactly reasonable when compared to online kratom vendors. That’s because smoke shops are notorious for price gouging.

This is not to disparage the good name of any of the proprietors mentioned in this post, rather it is to explain why it’s often preferable to purchase your mitra tea on the Internet. Convenience stores and headshops really don’t have much of a choice when it comes to selling kratom at a markup. Given the rising cost of rent and income taxes all across the U.S., it’s hardly a surprise to see them jacking up their price tags.

E-commerce sites, on the other hand, deal with far less overhead. For this reason, they are able to provide their loyal customers with a superior product at a fraction of the cost.

Should you decide to skip the local apothecary and practice a bit of patience, you will find a wide array of cost-effective options available online. The following is my short list of the most trusted online kratom vendors.

Each of these businesses has been thoroughly vetted, sometimes for months at a time. I have personally sampled their products and researched their company’s backgrounds to ensure that our readers learn the truth about their respective brands.

  • MitraGaia AKA Gaia Ethnobotanicals
  • PDO Botanicals AKA Pharmacy Dropout
  • Urban Ice Organics AKA Natural Organix

As you’ll see, these cats are committed to the integrity of the ethnobotanical industry and devoted to their customers’ satisfaction. Their products and prices aren’t too shabby either.


Whether you brew one at Spacycloud or buy some from MitraGaia, you’re bound to experience something beautiful while you’re cheesin’ in Charm City.

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