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Here are the facts.

You’ve heard about the kratom, that wondrous Ayurvedic herb derived from the Mitragyna speciosa tree and now you’re resolved to gets your hands on some. This being your first rodeo, you’re probably primed to get burned by some overpriced kratom vendor who can see you coming a mile away.

But before you get swept up by that ever-expanding rabbit hole of rampant marketing or the rapacious slurry of sketchmeisters that issue forth from search engines like so much manure, consider what I’ve gotta say in this guide to buying locally in Columbus. You’ll be cheesin’ once you have.

If this is your first kratom shopping experience, you’ll want to do some homework before shaking the proverbial kratom tree. After all, you never know what might come tumbling out. The rotten apples never fall far, as they say.

As someone who has spent a substantial amount of time in the Buckeye State, I can tell you that there are plenty of bad ass spots to visit on your journey. From the historic tap room known as The Map Room to the Illuminati shrine that is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the Birthplace of Aviation has something to get everyone lifted.

When it comes to Cowtown, however, there is much more to be explored. As Jim Kaniaris, vice president of Express, told National Geographic back in 2016, Columbus has “lifestyle pockets.”

These pockets are home to a record number of fashion designers, graphic artists, robot manufacturers and independent artisans of every imaginable stripe. Naturally, this wide-ranging cultural hub has its fair share of ethnobotanical haunts.

There’s the Firefly Apothecary on W 5th Ave, the Bexley Natural Market on Cassady and medical marijuana dispensaries such as Verdant Creations (also on Cassady).

As far as scoring kratom is concerned, none of these places will do. Keep digging and remember, the early bird catches the proverbial worm.


As of this writing, there are approximately nine active brick-and-mortar shops stocking kratom capsules and kratom extracts in the Indie Art Capital of Ohio. As with any other city, there are some that are better than others. The following are the top Kratom Columbus OH vendors in Franklin County.

  • Miracle Kratom
  • The Joint on High (1186 N High St)
  • Centuries Harvest Kratom

Forget what you may have heard about Life of Kratom, just because they have more name recognition on the Internet does not mean that they are better than their competitors. On the contrary, they have fewer reviews, fewer products and higher pricing than most of the names on this list.

Miracle Kratom is number one with a bullet, having established themselves as one of the first retailers in the city and one of the fastest growing shops to lay claim to the title. Located on W Broad St., this herb shop is owned by the tri-state area’s premier source for variety.

With more than 40 kratom strains to choose from, their store is easily the most exciting land-based shop in the state. An ounce of lab-tested kratom powder starts at just eight bucks with two ounces selling for $15 and a four ouncer going for $28.

If you’re not satisfied with small batch kratom, you can score a bulk deal by picking up one of their 36 ounce pouches for $160. That’s more than 1,000 grams for about what most vendors charge for a straight kilo.

The Joint on High has more than just its play on words to keep you in good humor. Aside from offering kratom coupon codes on their Facebook profile, this joint attracts a loyal customer base by virtue of an enormous collections of merch and mirth.

In addition to their vast catalog and friendly staff, The Joint on High has also returned their customers’ favor by donating baskets of goods to fundraisers and providing flexible nighttime hours that cater to the busy schedules of all comers.

Last but hardly least, we have Centuries Harvest Kratom, a relatively new business that sprang up in 2018. Founded on a devotion to sourcing the highest quality in the state, Centuries Harvest is committed to serving Newark, Columbus and surrounding areas via their two land-based locations as well as their easy-to-navigate e-commerce platform.

The Centuries Harvest Kratom website (kratomstoresohio.com) is transparent and ergonomic, disclosing prices on all of their goods and making it simple to find what you’re looking for. As a physical shop, they became the first in Ohio to carry gold and yellow vein kratom powder IRL.

Their exotic strains include Gold Bali, Yellow Vietnam, Green King and Green Simba. This is just the tip of the iceberg as their online store clearly demonstrates. This vendor has all of the usual suspects from Super Green Malay to Red Bali, but it’s their whites that will really rev you up.

Centures Harvest Kratom’s White Elephant Strain is one of the most invigorating variants on the market and one that you’ll surely return to again and again. If you’re an active individual with a lot of plates to juggle you’ll want to check this baby out.


The thing to note about most every smoke shop or kratom store in Columbus and beyond is the lack of peer-reviewed products and satisfaction guarantees. Most small businesses are unwilling to offer refunds, never mind any sort of lab certification.

By contrast, online vendors are able to demonstrate that their products have been properly analyzed for potential contaminants or additives by third party laboratories. The biggest names in the industry routinely submit each batch of M. speciosa powder to a third party and openly share this information with consumers.

Those who wish to feel safe and secure would do well to skip the local scenery and head straight for a reputable online store. When you buy kratom online, you eliminate the hassle of having to choose between smoke shop brands or deal with price gouging by cutthroat retailers.

The following is my short list of the greatest kratom suppliers on the Internet. Each of these companies has been thoroughly vetted. I have repeatedly sampled their wares and have been satisfied with the results.

  • MitraGaia AKA Gaia Ethnobotanicals
  • PDO Botanicals AKA Pharmacy Dropout
  • Urban Ice Organics AKA Natural Organix


No matter where you go to wet your beek, you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you follow the advice I’ve laid out in this guide. Always do your homework and never hesitate to ask sellers questions. If they are unwilling to give detailed answers then it’s time to shop around. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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