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East Tennessee’s largest city is also its most colorful. Knoxville’s got almost as many nicknames as it does rabid sports fans. Whether you call it Scruffy City, K-Town, Marble City or Knox Vegas, chances are better than good that you love to call it home.

The residents of Knoxville have a lot going for them any map will show you just how far the fun extends when visiting Southern treasure. The Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains is positively bursting with a profusion of culinary gems and must-see landmarks, from the storied 1928 movie palace known as Tennessee Theatre to the Sunsphere of its World’s Fair Park.

But more than any other sight to be seen Knoxville’s riverfront is, perhaps, its most famous attraction, an awe-inspiring cross-section of biking trails, river views and greenspaces. And it is these greenspaces that are perfectly suited to a tranquil afternoon with a nice tumbler of what the ancients called “biak-biak” (“both breed”).

I’m speaking, of course, about kratom. This Ayurvedic herb derived from the Mitragyna speciosa tree has become widely renowned for its gentle balance of invigoration and exhilaration, and it has found favor among discerning Tennesseans who recognize its intrinsic value.

Those who are looking to obtain some high quality kratom powder should read the following guide to find out everything there is to know about kratom in Knoxville. I think you’ll agree that there’s more to know than what is normally volunteered by the mainstream media.


Kratom legality is an ever-changing thing that is subject to pressure from political lobbyists and lawmakers. In recent years, we have seen a major push from bureaucrats on both sides of the political spectrum to regulate or even ban this ancient substance.

Some states and municipalities have already passed legislation that outlaws or otherwise restricts the sale or possession of Mitragyna speciosa and its alkaloids—mitragynine and 7-OHM (7-hydroxymitragynine).

As of this writing, kratom has been banned in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Vermont and Wisconsin. It has also been outlawed in San Diego, CA and Sarasota County, FL.

Fortunately for those who live in The Volunteer State, kratom remains legal to buy and sell among individuals 21 years of age or older. There is a catch, however, and it is an important one. According to state law, kratom is legal to sell and possess so long as it is properly labeled and sold in its natural form.

In other words, retailers should not attempt to sell kratom extracts, alkaloid isolates or liquid kratom shots, lest they run the risk of being ticketed and/or fined.

This may seem like a real bummer to longtime users who rely on extracts for that extra je ne sais quoi, but as I’ll demonstrate in this post, there are plenty of worthy kratom strains to choose from. Virtually all of these strains outperform smoke shop kratom shots.

Now that you’re hip to the legal aspects of kratom possession in K-Town, you’re undoubtedly eager to start shopping around. Let me do you a solid and narrow down your search.


There are approximately 42 tobacco shops, convenience stores and novelty emporiums carrying kratom capsules and raw powder in the city of Knoxville. Before you doubting Thomases take a swing at me for my perceived clerical error, let me remind you that Knoxville is the largest city in East Tennessee, so it’s little surprise that there are so many stores stocking kratom products.

That being said, there are only three that are really worth the time and money. Each of these shops has been thoroughly vetted and meet quality standards. These three vendors have earned their spot by exhibiting optimal customer service and superb consumer reputation.

  • Smokey Mountain Vapor (N Broadway)
  • Fantasy World (130 S Peters Rd)
  • Planet Vapor (5411 Kingston Pike)

Featuring curbside pickup during the ongoing public health crisis, Smokey Mountain Vapor is North Broadway’s number one vaporizer store and independently-owned apothecary. Scores of 4+ star reviews online attest to their excellence.

As one satisfied customer said, “They’re awesome …absolutely soft sell…personal service n good prices ….i freq recommend to others.”

Another user echoed this sentiment, saying, “These dudes have always done me solid…They are a bit of a jaunt from my neck of the woods but I highly recommend.”

Bestselling strains include Red Bali, Super Green Malay, Red Jongkong and White Sumatra, among many others. Call ahead for a full list of what’s in stock.

Fantasy World may be billed as a lingerie store that primarily specializes in marital aids and contraceptive devices, but their line of vaping supplies and specialty products have put them on the map.

As one reviewer said, “The girls make it most comfortable to ask any questions…Best kratom in town… hands down. Best prices for the quality hands down… yall keep doing what your doing. And that is an amazing job.”

Popular strains include Green Borneo, Bali Red and Yellow Vietnam, among others. Curious parties can give them a call to find out which strains are in stock and what they can expect of their shopping experience. As the aforementioned visitor said, the ladies are a pleasure to deal with.

Finally, Planet Vapor represents Kingston Pike’s premier kratom shop. Unlike the other cats in town, these guys (somehow) stock kratom shots which are labeled Krato Shots (clever, right?). Each shot sells for $9.99 which is well below the industry average.


Kava lounges have become increasingly popular in the United States, particularly among metropolitan hipsters who see the purported benefits of Ayurvedic herbs and the advantages to enjoying an alcohol-free cocktail.

The kava bars frequently offer a versatile menu that includes such compounds as akuamma seed powder, kombucha and, yes, even kratom powder. One such locations exists in Knoxville.

Located on North Broadway between the Java Juice Box and Greenlee’s Bicycle Shoppe, Noble Kava Ethnobotanical Tea Bar is an atmospheric oasis for anyone who wants to retire from their daily stressors and get to know some fine herbal enthusiasts.

The staff are famously pleasant, the prices are extremely reasonable by juice bar standards and the drinks are as divine as they are delectable. If you’re on Broadway you can’t miss a visit. Cop a squat on one of the stools at their Tiki bar and knock back a few bombs.


Thanks to kratom’s legal status in Tennessee, most online kratom vendors are all too happy to ship to Knoxville. This is just one way that you can ensure that you are receiving safe, lab tested product at a fair price.

Whereas smoke shop proprietors are notorious for price gouging and purchasing from third party wholesale distributors, online suppliers typically deal directly with native farmers in Southeast Asia. As a result, they get their kratom for a fraction of the price and can offer it for a similar discount.

Furthermore, the best suppliers in the industry routinely submit each batch of raw powder to a third party laboratory where it is tested for potential contaminants. Once these batches are tested, the vendor then shares their certificate of analysis with customers to assure them that they will be buying pure, unadulterated leaf.

If you want to buy kratom online, you’ll want to deal with a trustworthy seller. The following is my short list of the top kratom vendors of 2020.

  • MitraGaia
  • PDO Botanicals
  • Urban Ice Organics


Buying from these dealers is a slam dunk since you get everything from a satisfaction guarantee to seasonal deals and sitewide clearances. Check ’em out and see which one you like the best. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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