Where to Buy Kratom Locally in New York [State Buyers Guide]

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New York has always been a state in a constant state of evolution. From its very infancy, the Big Apple has managed to reinvent itself in a “New York minute.” Thanks to its inviting shores and State of Liberty, it has become a safe harbor for people of all colors, creeds and cultures.

The corollary of this diversity can be seen in the cultural fabric of the city and its outer boroughs. Irish taverns exist in relative harmony with mosques, synagogues, street bazaars and holistic treatment facilities.

The sordid and unique people that form New York’s population share the same cobblestone streets and no doubt pause every once in awhile to pay homage to the austere beauty of the historic architecture gifted to us by the city’s early Dutch settlers.

The Empire State is united as a people, but geographically it is divided up between the City That Never Sleeps—our bustling Gotham with its Central Park and industrious skyscrapers—and the outer boroughs of Kings County, Queens County, Nassau County and Suffolk County, respectively.

Although it is divided into different sections, the state as a whole exists under the auspices of its motto: Excelsior! This Latin word translates into English as “Ever upward!” And needless to say, New Yorkers take this motto to heart.

Our residents are committed to improving our environs and our lives, by any means necessary. We have long embraced alternative lifestyles and ethnobotanicals. Kratom is one such substance, an ancient Ayurvedic herb from Southeast Asia that has become wildly popular all throughout the Sugar Maple State.

As I said in my 2018 post about the best places to buy kratom in NYC, Manhattan has fought for the freedom of herbal compounds in the past. Legislation to restrict kratom use has repeatedly failed to pass in the region.

Unfortunately, this may be poised to change as State lawmakers take a cue from local government. A bill was recently introduced in the NY Senate which proposes a statewide ban on kratom sales to individuals under the age of 21.

The bill was spearheaded by Republican Senator Pamela Helming who seeks to define kratom as a risky drug and impose a $500 fine on businesses who are caught selling kratom strains to customers 20 years of age or younger.

Kratom legality is a concern that should be taken seriously by consumers as it threatens the availability of Mitragyna speciosa products and, therefore, the well-being of American users. Non profit organizations like the AKA (American Kratom Association) are working tirelessly to advocate for the future of kratom legality in the U.S., but consumers need to do their part by contacting their local representatives.

In the meantime, kratom products are widely accessible, both in Manhattan and the five boroughs. Here’s what you need to know if you’re mulling a first-time purchase.


There are no fewer than 40 shops selling Mitragyna speciosa in a variety of forms. This includes raw powder, specialty blends, kratom extracts, kratom resin, liquid kratom shots and even kratom chewing gum.

As any longtime resident will tell you, the majority of these hole-in-the-wall joints ain’t nothin’ to fuss with. On the contrary, small-time headshops are the most likely place for first-time users to get burned, either on price of quality (or both).

Fortunately for the beginner, there is no shortage of establishments to choose from. The following is my short list of the best options in town. Each of these vendors has been thoroughly vetted and all of them are known for their dependability.

  • MountKratom NYC
  • Jubilee Smoke & Vape Shop
  • Kavasutra Kava BAR – 10th St

MountKratom NYC was the city’s first functional online store for ordering kratom delivery. With Same Day Shipping, this vendor has made it easy and breezy for the Big Apple’s hardworking citizens to obtain fresh, quality plain leaf with the click of a button.

Their split kilos, affordable rates and outstanding turnaround time have made them Manhattan’s five-star gold standard for everything from variety packs to gold and yellow vein kratom powder.

Not to be confused with the New Jubilee Vape II on W 14th St, Jubilee Smoke & Vape Shop is a higher-rated and prominent tobacconist located on Lexington Ave. With a 4.6-star rating among 127 reviews, this long-established seller has earned a permanent spot of my list of recommended vendors.

Their great prices and wide variety make them a no-brainer for the novice and the seasoned enthusiast alike. These cats are open from 8AM until 11PM from Monday to Saturday with adjusted hours on Sundays. So, you’ll be able to score some top shelf speciosa any day of the week.

Last but not least, Kavasutra Bar is NYC’s one and only kratom lounge, a safe and chill environment for the social butterfly as well as the introvert. The open space and free exchange of ideas will please all comers.

Their menu includes kratom cocktails, kava kava juices, akuamma seed powder and more. Drop by for some bombs and see why this nightspot has become a staple in cities all across the U.S.


As I said before, there are many parts of New York that comprise the state’s cultural makeup. The five boroughs deserve to be included in any guide to buying kratom locally. In the case of Kings County, there are several stores carrying Mitragyna speciosa.

Brooklynites can lay claim to some of the most bodacious Maeng Da this side of the Mekong Delta by visiting such sites as Grand Smoke Shop, Master Piece Vape & Smoke and Z&M Smoke on Livonia Ave.

Grand Smoke is the top-rated kratom supplier in BK, offering everything from Red Jongkong and White Sumatra to premium craft beers and a wealth of dabs. As BrookieBear’s biggest and best, they should be the first stop of your quest to buy fresh.

Master Piece Vape & Smoke has scored a 4.7-star rating among 67 customers on Google. Their reputation is legit as are their affordable prices and awesome array of products. The vintage style of the store is matched by the good humor and generosity of its proprietors.

Z&M has been around for a minute and they know how to keep their customers cheesin’. Their vast assortment of goods make them a convenient spot for anyone in the East New York area.


There are hundreds of shops stocking M. speciosa throughout Queens County, but there are only a handful of worthwhile stores in operation today. At the top of the heap is TheGrande CBD & Kratom, Garden City’s five-star favorite.

As one of the newest kids on the block, TheGrande has a lot to prove to the community and they’ve met that call head on.

Their winning website provides convenient directions for new customers and advertises their full product line which includes bestselling brands such as PurKratom, JustCBD, Remarkable Herbs and more.

Over in Valley Stream, Vapor Junction has been tearing it up for years. This 4+ star tobacconist is the neighborhood’s number one kratom and CBD shop. Located on Rockaway Ave, Vapor Junction has been doing the damn thing since their inception.

Great assortment and good pricing are matched by sustainable sourcing and solid knowledge of the herb. Customers have raved about the smarts of their staff and the friendliness of the same.

Finally, we’ve got King Kong Vape Queens CBD Exotic, 63rd Drive’s safest and arguably best choice for in-store pickups and versatility. As a one-stop shop, King Kong gives customers the ability to purchase all of their daily amenities from speciosa tea to groceries and CBD.


Anyone from what we call “Lawnguyluhnd” knows that kratom is illegal under the age of 21, but that hasn’t stopped students from Adelphi U and beyond from marveling at the sheer diversity of products at shops like Stratus Vapor Lounge and Plainview’s prized Kratom & CBD Oil.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of stores carrying kratom and CBD products in the county, but here are my top choices for plain leaf:

  • Euphoria of Bellmore
  • Gotham Smoke & Novelty Shop (Huntington)
  • Smoke Hub (Farmingdale)

Euphoria Psychedelic Gift Shop & Health Care is Bedford Ave’s answer to the top shelf apothecaries of Midtown. With afternoon hours during the national public health crises, Euphoria has remained a place of succor for those suffering through the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a holistic and Ayurvedic purveyor, Euphoria is Nassau County’s top-tier store for ethnobotanicals of all types. Kratom is offered in a number of strains including green, red and white veins.

Gotham Smoke & Novelty currently holds a 4.1-star rating among 131 customer reviews on Google. Their loyal clientele have called them “excellent,” “impressive” and “outstanding.” Conveniently located in Huntington Station, they serve as a local haunt and a lifeline for LIRR commuters.

Farmingdale’s Smoke Hub has been around since I was a glint in my daddy’s eye and they have continued to give customers constant incentives for returning to their humble little hole in the wall. This small but significant vendor offers service with a smile and specialty blends with a real kick.


As a resident of Suffolk, I’ve been burned by the best and worst of ’em, but I remain loyal to those who have treated me right. IMHO, you can’t go wrong with The Spot in Copiague, NY. Owned by Lindenhurst eccentric Steven Weinkselbaum, this historic headshop has been in business since the psychedelic Seventies.

The Spot has everything from paraphernalia and adult novelties to manuals, cookbooks, candies and pre-rolls. Their kratom is priced reasonably and their staff are a hoot. Let them hook you up with the good stuff and urge your against the riskier items on display. They’re always honest. Plain and simple.

Other top contenders include OK Botanicals, Lindy’s Smoke Shop and Cloud 9 in Brentwood, but stick to Babylon Township if you want to deal with honest and reliable shops.


There you have it! If you’re still having trouble finding a trustworthy source, consider buying kratom online where you will receive a satisfaction guarantee and proof of third party laboratory testing. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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