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The so-called Emerald City has long been the cultural epicenter of Washington State. Tourists can think of Seattle as America’s answer to gay Paris, a romantic destination where lovers can embrace in the rain and awake to a strong cup of coffee.

Kratom (real name: Mitragyna speciosa) is one such pick-me-up, an Ayurvedic herb hailing from the coffee family of plants, namely Rubicae. Known for its natural invigoration, kratom has become one of the most popular ethnobotanicals in the Western world. In Seattle, this is no exception.

So, while you may have come to the famous seaport city to explore the Space Needle and the Seattle Gum Wall, you just may leave with some kratom chewing gum.

Although kratom products have been the subject of much controversy here in the United States, the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree have been regarded as a folk medicine for centuries by the natives of Southeast Asia.

Nowadays, most users prefer to take kratom orally in one of two forms—raw powder or kratom capsules, respectively. It has found favor among students, athletes, entrepreneurs and academics who appreciate its purported exhilaration, inspiration, sharpened focus, sociability and motivation.

With an ever-growing number of smoke shops and convenience stores adding the substance to their inventory, kratom is more prevalent than ever. Seattle residents are likely to find sources for speciosa all across town, but understanding the differences between top shelf vendors and sketchy third party entities is of paramount importance, particularly during the global health crisis.

In today’s guide, I’ll tell you all about the legalities governing kratom use, the considerations that users should make before shopping and the best places to find fresh Mitragyna speciosa leaf.


As of 2020, Mitragyna speciosa and its alkaloids—mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine—are legal for commercial sale in Washington State. The Pacific Northwest has yet to pass any legislation limiting the possession or consumption of kratom.

Even though it is not prohibited at this time, users are urged to follow any future initiatives in their area. Should a bill be introduced at any point, Seattleites should reach out to their local representative and let their voices be heard on this pressing matter.

Fortunately for us, nonprofit organizations like the AKA (American Kratom Association) are working tirelessly to educate lawmakers about the science behind this substance, but their efforts cost money. Individuals who can afford to donate to the cause should visit their website for more information about how to help.


If all the Liquid Sunshine’s got you aching like a tired streetwalker, you’re probably in the market for some choice M. speciosa. Emerald City has something for all-comers in this department.

There are more than 40 tobacco shops, record stores and novelty shops carrying kratom strains in the seat of King County. It should go without saying that not all of these places are the same. Some are far better than others.

If you’re thinking about making the trek downtown to get your hands on some premium grade kratom powder or kratom extract, you should consider your needs and personal preferences. Be sure to research a retailer before making the trip.

Some vendors offer curbside pickup while others offer local delivery. Alas, others not only fail to provide such options but fail to comply with proper safety precautions such as face coverings or social distancing.

Based on my independent research, the following list represents the best five kratom vendors in Seattle. Each of these establishments boast four star ratings or better. All of them have a reputation among native consumers.

  • Seattle Organics Kratom Shop
  • Anarchy Smoke Shop (Burien)
  • Greenlake Smoke N Vape (Aurora Ave N)
  • Divine World Botanicals
  • Experience Craft Beer & Tobacco

Seattle Organics is an Aurora Ave N landmark, one that is treasured by customers who recognize their passion for quality and consistency. The owner is revered for his business model with one user exclaiming, “This guy is a legend. Vertically integrated, grows all the kratom that he sells, has photos of himself at his farms in Borneo. Friendly and helpful dude.”

Another user echoed this sentiment, writing, “This place is a breath of fresh air for wellness minded Kratom seekers. Usually we have to trust the sourcing in this case they work directly with the farm & I am so grateful for their well rounded insight.”

Anarchy Smoke Shop is a closer runner up given their solid social media presence and memorable atmosphere. With more than 1,000 followers on IG and an inventory of natural botanicals, it’s no wonder this one has racked up so many positive reviews.

New additions to their collection include K Vape Kratom Red, a new liquid kratom shot, and Tianna Green. Kratom Extracts include alkaloid-infused gummies.

Greenlake Smoke N Vape is still relatively new when compared to other shops on this list, but they have scored a five-star rating among more than 100 satisfied patrons, almost all of whom have left glowing reviews on Google and Yelp.

Their official website is more than a little janky, but the proprietor stocks a wide variety of brands and prices are fairly reasonable in the current marketplace. Compared to some of the price gouging I’ve seen on the circuit, this shop is a steal.

Divine World Botanicals is another five-star establishment and one with a bit of a difference. This dried flower shop is Seattle’s premier purveyor of kava and kratom gifts with local pickup options and a host of full spectrum kratom products.

They also bear the distinction of being the only retailer who can get an e-commerce site right. Their online store is an inviting tableau of trees and a hand-crafted walk bridge. They welcome you to learn more about their selections and do their damndest to educate visitors about the origins of their strains.

Experience Craft Beer & Tobacco may have a lower rating among patrons, but they are still a 4+ star operation and one that is conveniently located in the Pike Place Market. Prayash is loved by their loyal customer base and the split kilos are almost as good as the delicious neighborhood brews.


Of course, some of us would prefer to avoid brick-and-mortar shop in these tenuous times. For the immunocompromised, neighborhood shopping may pose a potential health risk.

For those who wish to prevent against unnecessary exposure, there is always the online shopping experience. Some of the finest kratom suppliers operate online stores where you can order safely and securely.

What’s more, kratom websites often deliver incentives that smoke shops cannot. In addition to kratom coupon codes and sitewide clearances, they provide 30 day money back guarantees and certificates of analysis demonstrating purity.

The following is my short list of the most trusted kratom vendors of 2020. Each of these brands has been thoroughly vetted and I’ve personally sampled strains from all of them.

  • MitraGaia AKA Gaia Ethnobotanical
  • Pharmacy Dropout AKA PDO Botanicals
  • Urban Ice Organics AKA Natural Organix


Regardless of whether you opt to buy kratom online or support local businesses, you should be able to score some quality leaf with the information in this guide. Just remember to do your homework before laying down any of your hard-earned money. Ask questions and make sure shops are willing to give clear answers. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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