Kratom 5280 Vendor Review – Everything You Need to Know About This Brand

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Reviews have suggested that Kratom 5280 is a reliable choice in the over-saturated ethnobotanical industry, but testimonials are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to selecting a trusted kratom vendor.

Would-be consumers should always be concerned with the business practices of a kratom brand as well as the background of the individuals behind it. Generally speaking, the brands with the most staying power are run by passionate entrepreneurs with a certain level of expertise.

Some independent artisans invest heavily in ethical sourcing of Mitragyna speciosa (read: kratom) plant matter, ensuring the sustainability of native farms. Regrettably, many others eschew this approach, opting instead to turn a quick profit without a second thought given to purity or integrity.

In the case of Kratom 5280, little is known about their supposedly“professional staff” or Indonesian partners. As with other suppliers in the space, this company is based in the United States and they procure their product from one of the select number of farms on the islands of Indonesia.

If you’re looking for more detailed information about the brand’s founders, you’ll have to look elsewhere as their names are not referenced on their About Us page, nor does their Contact page provide a mailing address.

So, is this supplier really a dependable seller or is this yet another fly-by-night operation?

Let’s take a closer look.


Located in the southern foothills of rural Pine, Colorado, Kratom 5280 is a domestic kratom vendor with an assortment of green, red and white veins. Their About Us page claims that they are decidedly anti-gimmick where kratom strains are concerned and, yet, their product page features such hyperbolic offerings as Wahyu’s Best.

Perhaps more alarmingly, such offerings are advertised using pictures of small, undernourished leaves which any seasoned farmer would never use to produce potent powder or kratom capsules. Many of their kratom powders appear to have a consistency not unlike dirt which does not bode well for what customers will receive.

This vendor promotes their brand as “boutique quality,” whatever that means. This is another red flag for me because it runs counter to their self-proclaimed “No Unrealistic Claims” policy. What’s more, their “heirloom genetics” is another example of the kind of hyperbole that has given the industry a bad name.

What is heirloom genetics, you ask?

Heirloom variety was a term used to describe old cultivars of plants which were used for food in growth and maintenance by farmers during early periods in human history. The term has gained prominence since it was implemented as a marketing strategy in the cannabis industry.

What exactly heirloom agriculture would look like in terms of kratom strains is anyone’s guess. Does this mean that Kratom 5280’s farmers routinely feed their Mitragyna speciosa trees the cuttings of OG (old growth) strains? And if so, what effect does this have on the soil composition or potency of the resulting cultivar?

Again, no answers are provided, leaving unwitting consumers to assume that this simply means their strains are somehow better than those of their competitors. Alas, there is no concrete evidence to support such a hypothesis.

After placing an order of my very own, I was able to ascertain the real name responsible for this brand. Evidently their online store is the brainchild of Rocky Mountain Nootropics, LLC, a once-non-compliant corporate entity owned by Noah Spencer Lopez.


On the bright side, there are some bad ass products in the 5280 catalog. Examples of their most alluring products include Green Bali, Maeng Da and Red Horn. As I’ve said before, red vein kratom powder is among the most exhilarating in the speciosa family.

Red Horned Leaf is widely considered one of the strongest cultivars on the market. It has often been called unpredictable by those who have used it. This owes to its versatile aroma and unexpected duration.

Sampler variety packs are available for first-timer users who want to familiarize themselves with what this brand has in store. Bulk options such as split kilos are also accessible…at a price.


I’ve seen some reviewers speak of their unbeatable prices, but these individuals are clearly living under a rock. If this is the best price you’ve found on bulk kratom powder and kratom capsules, you obviously haven’t done your homework.

Kratom5280’s kilos sell for $150 which is at least $30-40 more than the current industry standard. For the sake of comparison, Kratom Crazy offers 1,000 grams for $89.99.

To use another example, MitraGaia charges $120 for the same, and when you buy two kilos, you get a third free. This is to say nothing of the kratom coupon codes frequently provided to longtime customers and new visitors alike.

There is nothing to recommend this brand to fans of small batch kratom since 500 grams is the smallest they are willing to go. 500 grams will run you 80 bucks while a 3 kilo bundle will cost $450.00.

According to their pricing guide, their best value is a five kilo bundle which sells for $550.00. While this is undoubtedly cheaper than their smaller purchasing options, it doesn’t hold a candle to the prices of other bulk kratom stores.


All orders automatically receive free shipping via USPS Priority Mail. This lack of shipping fees makes up for the 4.9% sales tax that’s applied at checkout, but it does little to compensate for the lofty prices on their kilograms.

Customer service is key with this vendor since orders are placed via email. In my experience, they responded promptly and delivered the goods in terms of tracking information. My admittedly limited experience with their customer support staff make me unqualified to judge them, one way or the other.

That being said, I would venture that they are quick to respond to inquiries and grievances based on the speed with which I received a reply to my order query.


On a slightly more positive tip, this supplier accepts a number of payment methods that others do not. Their payment options include Bitcoin, E-check and PayPal. Money orders are also accepted at this time.


There is a relative dearth of information about them online with very few users posting about their experiences. During the course of my research, I was only able to find one post on Reddit discussing this brand.

In said post, a user by the net handle u/LEE_FORDHAM46 said, “A little more stealth when shipping would be nice too. Won’t go into details, but I think a couple extra steps could’ve been taken. To me, the quality is right where it needs to be, especially for the price. Will 100% be ordering from them again. Some may see the Echeck payment option as a downfall, but honestly…it’s so easy it’s ridiculous. I encourage ya’ll to give them a shot, these are professionals!”


  • Bulk deals on kilo bundles
  • Exotic strains
  • Samplers
  • Free shipping
  • Accepts Bitcoin


  • Cost-prohibitive pricing
  • Threadbare website
  • Gimmicky signature strains
  • No lab results disclosed
  • Does not accept credit or debit cards


Although my personal experience with Rocky Mountain Nootropics and their kratom online store was far from the worst I’ve encountered, there is little in the way of attraction here. I neither loved nor hated their strains, they were simply okay. For the more frugal buyer, this is definitely not the first stop in town.

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