Where to Buy Kratom Locally in San Antonio, TX

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Alamo City is one of America’s most important cultural landmarks and one that plays an instrumental role in the economy of south-central Texas. As the second-most populace city in the Lone Star State, San Antonio is home to more hard-working corn-fed folks and flourishing independent businesses than just about any other midsize metropolis on God’s green earth.

From the Broadway Cultural Corridor to its Six Flag Fiesta, San Antonio’s got more legendary attractions than all-git-out. And kratom is absolutely no exception.

Contrary to popular belief, “Remember the Alamo” is not the Lone Star State’s official motto, rather it’s “Friendship.” And nowhere is this spirit of friendship more evident than in the spirit of generosity exhibited by San Antonio’s shop owners.

Independently-owned smoke shops, gas stations and novelty stores are positively bursting with unique paraphernalia, special storewide deals and punch cards for return customers who want to earn kratom coupon codes.

Naturally, this generosity varies wildly from shop to shop and some are more lackluster than others. As the saying goes, some kratom vendors are all hat and no cattle.

“I might could order you some Horned Leaf” is an all-too-familiar refrain among lesser proprietors who stock little besides OPMS kratom caps.

But before we wade into the murky waters of the kratom marketplace and suss out the ugly from the good and bad, let’s take a closer look at the laws governing the Ole Say Town.


As I said in my guide to kratom legality in Texas, kratom is derived from the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa, an evergreen tree indigenous to Southeast Asia. This Ayurvedic herb from the coffee family of plants is currently legal all across the state of Texas and has been for quite awhile.

Unlike representatives from other states, Texas lawmakers have yet to propose legislation that would ban or otherwise restrict kratom sales or possession. This is cause for celebration, to be sure, but this does not mean consumers should remain docile.

Everyone should be on high alert for changing statutes and aware of their capacity for public comment. Should legislation be introduced on a local level, Texans should contact their representative and let their voice be heard.

Users can also support nonprofit organizations like the AKA (American Kratom Association) as they work tirelessly to advocate on behalf of kratom and the science behind it.


There are more than 50 stores carrying kratom capsules and raw powder in Alamo City. Locals can buy kratom in San Antonio at any time of the day or night thanks to 24/7 convenience stores and tobacco shops that stay open well past the witching hour. Some even open their doors before the rooster crows.

Many of these establishments are second-rate at best and few bother to stock more than a few basic kratom strains. To make matters worse, a lot of them are unfriendly to outsiders. This makes for a miserable experience if you’re an out-of-state visitors.

Fortunately for those who wish to avoid the lackluster or downright rude, I’ve got your back. In the interest of narrowing down your options, I’ve taken it upon myself to compile a comprehensive list of the top-tier kratom vendors in San Antonio.

After extensive research, I’ve found the following shops to be your best choices for buying locally in Alamo City. Caveat emptor: Prices and customer service may vary and are subject to change at any time.

  • Kingdom Kratom (5428 Schertz Rd)
  • Artisan Vapor & CBD Huebner
  • Hazel Sky Smoke & Vape #1 Fredericksburg
  • Planet K Texas – Military (2803 Goliad Rd)
  • Gräs CBD + Kratom

Kingdom Kratom richly deserves its moniker since they have cemented their reputation as the kings of kratom in southwestern Texas. Their location on Schertz Road is a favorite hangout among athletes and students alike.

As one user simply put it, “Bar none, the best source for all things kratom. Batch after batch, the consistency in their products never disappoints. Their ordering system and super fast service is simple and convenient. Trusted this company for well over 2 and 1/2 years.”

Artisan Vapor & CBD is Huebner has been called the best vape shop in all of San Antonio, and with good reason. These cats have kept things 100 since the very start. Their line of liquid kratom shots and 20x Maeng Da Extract is second only to their CBD tinctures and concentrates.

The Artisan Vape Company operates an online store in addition to their land-based establishment, and both offer consumers a plethora of goodies from e-liquids and kratom blends to caps and devices.

This vendor has earned a 4.6-star rating among hundreds of reviews. One user said, “I love going here. The staff is well informed on their own stock so when I come in & ask “what do you have that’s [enter preference here]?” They have been able to suggest plenty of options.

“I’ve never been disappointed in my selections from here. They are quick, efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable. Each time I’ve visited, I never felt like I was annoying them with questions or asking for recommendations.”

Hazel Sky Smoke & Vape differentiate themselves from the other options on this list by virtue of their curbside pickup. This is the vendor for those who wish to practice proper social distancing during the ongoing public health crisis.

With more than 365 reviews on Google and a firm 4.7-star rating, it’s obvious that this is one seller that’s here to stay. This is the House of Fun for neighborhood students who want to enjoy some Fanta while they shop for some fresh plain leaf.

Since the advent of the COVID-19 outbreak, Hazel Sky has done their best to offer online sales to those who wish to shelter in place. This includes their cheap kratom extract and Delta-8 THC solutions.

Like Hazel Sky, Gräs CBD + Kratom has established itself as another discerning vendor, one who provides curbside pickup and contactless ordering to all of its customers. Although they are newer than other proprietors on this list, they have made a name for themselves by stocking signature blends, superior cannabis products and premium grade M. speciosa tea.

Gräs CBD + Kratom’s 4.8-star rating tells you all you need to know—this is a first-rate supplier with a loyal customer base and a lot to recommend them. As one user said, “Gras has been my go-to since coming off…meds for kratom.”

Planet K actually has more than one location including their eastern shop on Austin Highway, but it’s their Goliad Road establishment that deserves the most accolades. In addition to kratom military discounts and a helluva collection, this 4.5-star gift shop has got all the goods.

Check out their Maeng Da and Red Vein Bali for a taste of what they have in store for ya. And visit their website to see the sheer volume of items on display. Their killer Aliens Playing Poker logo will crack you up and keep your craving that herb that’s outta this world.


Like I said earlier, there are a lot of factors to consider when shopping locally, not least of which is the quality (or lack thereof, as the case may be). While many of the shops on this list succeed at stocking fresh and potent leaf, it’s worth mentioning that some of them are unaware of its potential for contamination.

Since most tobacco shops order their kratom from wholesale distributors, they are all-too-often ignorant of its potential dangers. Wholesale distributors are notorious for skimping on proper labeling and transparency.

As a result, brick-and-mortar suppliers do not always know whether or not their strains have been submitted for lab testing. Furthermore, they have no way of knowing whether one of their products has been laced with synthetic additives.

By contrast, online kratom vendors are invariably more responsible. Not only do they source their Mitragyna speciosa from native farms in Southeast Asia, they also routinely submit each batch to a third party lab where it is tested for heavy metals and other potential adulterants.

What’s more, the top kratom suppliers on the Internet offer 30-day money back guarantees. Whereas shop owners frequently enforce a No Refunds policy, online sellers accept returns and deliver full refunds.

If you’re fittin’ to buy kratom online, you’d do well to check out my short list of the best kratom vendors in 2020. Each of these brands has been thoroughly vetted and I’ve personally sampled their wares.

  • MitraGaia AKA Gaia Ethnobotanical
  • Happy Hippo Herbals
  • PDO Botanicals AKA Pharmacy Dropout
  • Urban Ice Organics AKA Natural Organix


I think you’ll agree that there are plenty of options at your disposal, but always think twice before you order your supply. Remember to ask important questions and demand satisfying answers. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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