About Us

At Kratom Crazy we are very passionate about our kratom. Our company was founded in January 2015 due to an increasing demand in the kratom research market. All of our products are shipped from within the United States. We ship domestically and worldwide and carefully ensure that our customers get their kratom in the quickest amount of time possible by offering same day shipping Mon-Sat (before cut-off time) as well as overnight services.

The goal of our company is to fill the gap between supply and demand in this niche. All of our kratom is tested personally by our kratom research team to ensure our clients are getting only the top quality product.

Kratom Crazy

There are many factors in choosing proper quality for our product. Firstly, a lot of care is taken to ensure the source of our product. We do not deal with middlemen like trading companies to ensure that our kratom is obtained direct from the source. Our kratom farmers use proper ecofriendly farming methods and we often check in to make sure they are using methods to ensure a consistent quality product.

How our farmers grow and harvest their kratom makes a big difference in our product. They only harvest mature leaves to ensure the alkaloid content is optimal. Harvesting before the kratom plant is mature enough will reduce the almost of alkaloids in the leaf. How our farmers dry their leaves is also huge in our quality control methods. The leaves have to be dried on special racks in a dark, climate controlled environment to ensure proper alkaloid preservation.

If you have any questions about our farming procedures or business, you are welcome to contact a member of our team at any time. Please use this form and we will get back shortly.