Is Kratom a Nootropic?

Kratom, while not specifically a “nootropic” has many nootropic qualities that can range from heightened focus and memory to lowered anxiety and a mild euphoria. Kratom is typically used by people looking for a safer, legal alternative to opiate-based drugs, as well as to help those patients dealing with chronic pain. What is Kratom?  Kratom is a plant-based substance…
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Possible Benefits of Kratom at High and Low Dosages

Kratom has been around for centuries and has been widely used in Southeast Asian countries where it originated from. In the local areas of Thailand and Malaysia, Kratom leaves are consumed fresh, chewed mostly by laborers who work for long hours, in the belief that the plant matter has psychoactive properties. However, the effects and Benefits of…
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Common Side Effects of Kratom

Kratom is a psychoactive plant derived from a Southeast-Asian tree that is related to the coffee family. Its effects, however, are divergent and largely depend on how much Kratom is consumed by a person and their personal reactions to it. Combining kratom with other drugs or supplements can also open up a whole other "can of worms". When…
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