Kratom Becoming Legal in Thailand?

Ever since the inception of the Kratom Act in 1943, kratom has been banned and made illegal in Thailand. That happened something to do with the taxes. That were imposed on opium, but cannot be levied on kratom because of its predominant presence in the country, and its conventional favourable status.

Physical Attributes of Kratom

Kratom or mitragynia speciosa is a known tree that is indigenous to Thailand and found mainly in the southern part of the country. Studies have shown that kratom acts as a depressant with stimulating effects. It contains alkaloids that are beneficial in reducing pain and opiate dependency.


Possessing an analgesic property, kratom in comparison to other legalized drugs is safer to use in various medical treatments and therapies related to pain receptors within the central nervous system.

Recent Updates on Kratom

During the year 2010, the ONCB or Thai Office of the Narcotics Control Board made a proposal for the Ministry of Justice to consider the likelihood of legalizing the kratom.

The briefing paper developed by ONCB gives an overview of kratom in the light of its policy and legislation in Thailand. It represents documented facts and field research that were done from October 2010 to November 2010 in various parts of Thailand namely: Bangkok, Surat Thani, Trang, Satun, Songkhla and in Hat Yai.

ONCB Recommendations and Conclusions

Thailand’s Office of the Narcotics Control Board of ONCB has stated that kratom is an important part of Thai culture. They making it illegal has no prior basis because no untoward incident occurred from its years of utilization.

Further, the ONCB has maintained in their briefing paper that kratom be regulated properly at the pharmacy level and should be compliant with current prescription laws. Making kratom legal would also give way to the substance to be studied unbiased, so the optimum potential of kratom can be used as a substitute to inhibit drug and alcohol addiction.

Legal Reforms on Kratom

While there may have been the lot of positive comments and general agreements that kratom is a safe drug alternative, making it legal is still a necessity. The reason behind this is that kratom can be combined with other medical substances like cough syrups and some household products, making it prone to become an illegal narcotic substitute.

Adverse effects that may come out of such combinations remain to be seen. However, the Thai government still has to impose strict laws on medical substances mixed with kratom. That can be purchased at a pharmacy to restrict easy access. For this reason, such substances must require the correct prescription from a doctor to prevent the massive purchase of the medicine just to achieve a “high” sensation.

Finally, let’s see how this development would move further and check soon if kratom remains illegal in Thailand.

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