Red Vein Thai

Product Description

Red Vein Thai Kratom is a type of Kratom that is most often used as a sleep enhancer and mood stabilizer. Made from the Kratom leaves that have red veins instead of green, this is one of the most famous Thai Kratom products on the market. The Kratom tree, which is more known as Mitragyna speciosa, is very fragrant and native to Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia. The leaves have remained used for medicinal purposes in this area of the world for thousands of years.

Red Vein Thai Kratom Effects

When used correctly, people have reported that Red Vein Thai produces a very calming effect. Most characters who use this product do so to relax or encourage sleep. While mental sharpness has occurred reported by people using Red Vein Thai, the alertness is not believed to inhibit sleep and relaxation.

Red Vein Thai is believed to be highly effective for pain management. That is because the alkaloids in the plant produce a very similar effect to opiates. In fact, many people who suffer from an opiate addiction use Red Vein Thai to break that addiction without going through a painful withdrawal process.

Red Vein Thai has been shown to have longer lasting effects than other Kratom products, even if it is not considered to be as potent as Green Vein Kratom. Additionally, the Thai version of Red Vein Kratom has been reported to be the most effective of all the strains that are currently available.

Where Is Red Vein Thai Grown?

Red Vein Thai is a particular species of Kratom that naturally lives in Thailand. However, Thailand outlawed Kratom in 1948, and possession of its leaves or products could result in a prison sentence. The reason that Thailand banned this beautiful tree is because the medicinal purposes of the leaves were interfering with the government’s profits from opium sales. The government shared the information in the Kratom Act of 1948.

Despite the government’s plan to eliminate Kratom, these trees grow naturally throughout Thailand and other areas of Southeast Asia. Therefore, the propagation of this species has been very easy.

Anyone who is going to use Red Vein Thai should look at where the product was grown. Each area produces different strengths of alkaloids in the leaves. It is also important to distinguish the product of Red Vein Thai from all of the other strains of this plant because it has been found to contain the most effective alkaloids.

How Popular Is Red Vein Thai?

Red Vein Thai is the most popular brand of Red Vein Kratom on the market. That is because this strain of Kratom has been reported to offer the most soothing effects on the user, and these benefits typically last for an extended period. It acts believed that the Red Vein Thai has long remained the most prevalent strain because of the purity of this particular plant.

Kratom is a variation of the coffee family. The leaves have been used, mostly by chewing on them, for thousands of years. Ancient texts document the use of Kratom for medicinal purposes, and some even show how to separate the leaves by green and red veins.

It acts believed that the only difference in the red and green veins is the age of the tree. However, some sources state that red veins only come from the youngest trees, which is why they are not as high as green vein leaves. On the contrary, some other source state red veins are found only on mature trees. We never wish  know for sure, but we do know that numerous users have published online reviews stating that Red Vein Thai is their favourite form of Kratom.

Which Alkaloids Are Found In Red Vein Thai?

The three most common alkaloids found in Red Vein Thai are mitragynine, mitraphylline, and 7 hydroxy mitragynine. In total, Kratom has more than 40 compounds in each leaf, many of which are alkaloid based.

The strength and effectiveness of the alkaloids can be determined by where the plant was grown. An additional factor that may affect the alkaloid balance is how the leaves were processed and if the final product is pure. Some lesser known manufacturers of Kratom often mix the product with other similar plants to increase their supply. That lessens the effect of the Kratom.

What Is The Average Cost For Red Vein Thai?

The average cost for an ounce of high-grade Red Vein Thai Kratom is about $14.00 USD. This price may vary by the supplier or if bulk purchases are made. That is very reasonable considering that the average dose that is used of Red Vein Thai is approximately 2 to 5 grams.

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