What Exactly Does the Kratom Drug Do to Your Body?

You might have heard of bad reports about Kratom and no wonder as the internet is turning the herb into a villain. There are a few reports on the adverse health effects of it for the body, and many of those have done posted on various sources, including top online publications. But what is the truth about the effects of kratom drug in the body? Read on.

Kratom Effects

  • Concentration: Because Kratom also has nootropic activities in the brain, it helps someone develop focus, something help for people reviewing for an exam.
  • Increases sexual desire: Users report of improving their sexual performance, keeping both them and their partners happy in their relationship with the help of the libido-enhancing effect of kratom.
  • Mood-boosting: Kratom can uplift anyone’s mood, making someone feel a deep sense of contentment, improving their well-being and their life outlook.
  • Stimulatory: it can stimulate your brain in small amounts, allowing you to do more things than you can actually do without it. According to users, they also experience deep focus and a balanced sense of vitality and vigor.
  • Pain relief: This herb is also a good analgesic, so it may work against pain, too.

Is Kratom Safe?

Yes, it is. If you would not combine this drug with other substances, it will remain safe. The greatest side effects one could be experiencing with it is falling asleep. So it is never advised to take kratom and then drive or operate machinery, just like how it would happen advised when consuming other substances. And because there were no conclusive studies as to whether this drug is safe for pregnant women or not, they are not recommended to consume it at all cost. Remember that just like other substances, kratom is also mind-altering so it might affect your cognitive abilities, such as operating machines.kratom-safe

Health problems are not likely, except for users who consume large amounts of it every day, just like a few indigenous groups in Thailand who becomes dependent on this drug. Many of them also develop physical withdrawal symptoms when quitting kratom abruptly, while others also lose weight.

Some withdrawal symptoms on kratom include irritability, runny nose, muscle aches, muscle jerking and diarrhoea. But nevertheless, health risks are not high among kratom users, except to those who combine it with other drugs (polydrug use). Individual dosage and reactions may vary. The same goes with tolerance. Some people may have high tolerance on kratom while others may have low. And for those who are taking excessive amounts than what their bodies can handle, they experience emesis or vomiting as a means of their bodies’ preservation. Nevertheless, it is always advised to start small with kratom to see how your body reacts to it before re-dosing or increasing your dose.

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