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It is essential that you understand that Kratom works differently for each person who takes it. Your individual biological/chemical makeup, level of tolerance and constitution are key factors that will determine how you respond to kratom intake.

Alternately, the effects of Kratom in the body also differ as Kratom strains vary based on the geographical location grown, as environmental factors play a huge role in how active alkaloids are formed and preserved. The Kratom vein color and strain are also major factors in determining the type of effects the plant will produce.


While long-time users of Kratom attest to several pleasant effects of the medicinal plant, others, especially beginners, often wonder if and how the plant really works. Kratom’s capability as a self-administered pain management supplement is among the most questioned.

Stress, social anxiety, and panic attack treatment are also common queries that many curious people ask. They want to know about the plant’s side effects and potential for abuse. Therefore, it is crucial to learn about the effects of different Kratom varieties.


Generally, the effects of red vein kratom focus more around the pain-killing (analgesic) and relaxation effects. These effects are the most sought after effects for most Kratom users. Long-time users report that red vein Kratom varieties work wonders even for advanced pain or chronic pain.

One first-time user on Reddit had this to say about red vein kratom: “I feel more motivation to get stuff done and more talkative as well. However, I don't get any warm blanket feel and it doesn't do much for my anxiety, in fact it might increase it some.

“I would liken it to a low dose of adderall mixed with caffeine. I like the motivating effects but anxiety is an issue for me and its partly why I take kratom, to relieve it. I'm going to try mixing this with another strain to perhaps smooth it out more.”

Another user spoke of the importance of gauging your dose properly, saying, “I think I did too high a dose the first few times (7 grams boiled 15 minutes in hot water and consumed sediment and all.).

“It was too speedy for me, so tonight I made a cup with 4 grams and filtered out the sediment. I feel awesome. Waves of euphoria, anxiety decreased.”

Red vein Kratom is also used in relieving opiate use and withdrawal symptoms. It is likewise helpful in preventing the use and abuse of semi-synthetic drugs while Kratom acts as a daily pain management solution.

With this is mind, some people may become addicted to kratom with similar effects to very mild opiate withdrawal however users state withdrawal of natural to synthetic opiates is “apples to oranges”.


On the other hand, white vein Kratom is not as popular as the red vein strains. However, it also has a lot of advantages to its red counterpart. The white vein Kratom is well known and well respected for its “get up and go” quality while providing a steady following for its unique energetic effects.

As one person pointed out on Reddit, “White veins tend to be more energetic. They have less pain relief than reds, but tend to have more euphoria in my experiences. White borneo and white horn are good strains.”

Moreover, white vein Kratom has been successful in overcoming insomnia, according to user reports. They notice an energy boost, but the effects tend to subside into a relaxing transition as the energizing effects burn off.

It is used during the daytime to increase energy but leaves the user relaxed towards the end of the day, also offering a good night's sleep. On the other hand, abusing any strain of kratom could lead to insomnia and RLS upon cessation of use during the withdrawal phase.

This variety of Kratom is widely used by many people as a tea drink or similar to a cup of coffee that gives a rush of energy. Apparently, it is mildly effective and many long-time users prefer the white Maeng Da variety due to the increased alkaloid content.

An athletic user on the Longecity forums said, “A little Maeng Da upon waking and I'm energized all day, making my work day incredibly productive! A little Maeng Da mixed with some Red Thai or Bali preworkout and I'm energized and pain free.”

This same user suffered from anxiety disorder and reported a total deterioration of his symptoms upon taking kratom for this purpose. He also raved about its dietary benefits, saying that it makes his dieting efforts so much easier.

It is imperative that users monitor their dosage carefully, however, as large doses can be dangerous and unleash the potential for bad side effects to crop up. One user on Reddit noted the shakes and caffeine-like stimulation that large doses induced in him.

As mentioned earlier, everyone is different and no two people will respond in the same way to a kratom dosage. As this person made clear in their response to that initial Reddit user's post, high doses don't always affect one negatively.

He writes, “I've dosed a white as high as 10-12. Never made me sedated. My normal dose is 5-6. But Idk if I'm a good judge. White are by far my goto. I can even take them before bed and sleep like a baby. I never get jittery.”

Nevertheless, in the interest of safety, users should stick to recommended dosing ranges.


There is another Kratom vein variety, which is the Green vein strain. This is the most underestimated of all Kratom vein types as its effects are found in the middle of the red vein and the white vein varieties.

In Thailand and Indonesia, the green vein strain is considered the most potent, providing stimulating and pain killing effects simultaneously.

Users on Reddit have said that green vein kratom is a middle of the road variety of kratom, saying that, while red veins are more sedating and white veins are more stimulating, green veins fall somewhere in between the two, offering a combination of these effects along with euphoria and more.

A user on Bluelight's forums warned of the terrible gas he experienced when taking a large dose of Green Vein Thai kratom.

Over and above all else, Kratom’s wide array of capabilities and uses depend upon the Kratom vein, dose, weight and metabolism of the user as well as their level of tolerance.


Generally speaking, Kratom is very easy to prepare, but you must also be prepared for the taste as it could be very bitter, even when turned into a tea.

Because of its bitterness, users try to come up with different preparations on how to take Kratom, whether in powder, extract or liquid form. Below are the top suggestions on how you can give Kratom a twist, making it more interesting and more tolerable to ingest.


The quickest way to ingest Kratom is the toss and wash procedure. This is simple to do by pouring a mouthful of any drink of your choice, and then dropping a measured amount of Kratom in your mouth at the same time. Swish it around and swallow it immediately to prevent the nasty taste from consuming the mouth. Follow up with a few more swigs of fluid to wash away any residue and taste remaining.

This is, perhaps, the most popular preparation of kratom and is extremely effective. For more on this subject you can click here or watch this helpful video.


Another preparation for ingesting Kratom is mixing it with your favorite juice. Fruit juices are highly recommended like lemon juice and other citrus types. The acidity in these fruit juices tends to extract the alkaloids in the Kratom leaf or powder.

It is also advised to let the mixture sit for about 5 minutes, allowing the alkaloids extract, before consuming the entire mixture.


Today, there are Kratom powder or extract encapsulated and sold by different vendors. However, there are also available empty capsules on the stores, allowing the user to measure the desired amount of Kratom extract or powder, before swallowing. This method can surely help in eliminating the bitter taste.

If you are looking to make your own capsules, as so many people do, you can visit our store today to get your hands on a wide variety of quality kratom powder including Akuamma, Green Vein Borneo, some choice Maeng Da or even Super Green Malay.


The majority of Kratom consumers prefer ingesting Kratom in the form of brewed tea. Kratom in its powder is believed to be non-dissolvable, thus, could cause unfavorable effects because it does not go straight down to the stomach. This could lead to constipation and nausea.

Apparently, brewing Kratom leaves or extract may take a bit more time, although it will be enjoyed continuously once there is enough stock of brewed extract in the fridge. Moreover, the following method will help you get through brewing Kratom leaves or extract.


This is everything you'll need to brew yourself some awesome kratom tea:

  • Kratom extractor leaves

  • 1-liter water

  • 1 to 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

  • Honey to taste

  • Weighing scale

  • Strainer or coffee filters


Combine the Kratom leaves or extract in a pot, along with the lemon juice and water. Bring the mixture to a boil, lowering the heat, and simmer for about 30 minutes. Strain the mixture over a strainer or coffee filter.

Repeat the same process with another set of 1-liter water. Strain again and then mix with the first batch of the strained mixture. If desired, add honey for a bit of sweetness. Keep in a sealed container and store in the fridge for longer shelf life.


If you don’t have time for this process, there are several vendors of Kratom powder, extract, capsules, and dried leaves on the market. However, ensure the authenticity of the product as there are also fake Kratom products circulating. Do some thorough research and comparisons of these product providers so as to arrive at the most reliable Kratom vendor.

Some vendors which have a strong reputation among the nootropic community include Kraken Kratom and Onnit Labs. Onnit Labs have been featured prominently on The Joe Rogan Podcast and have been endorsed by pro athletes and celebrity actors alike.

Here at Kratom Crazy, we offer a satisfaction and money back guarantee. We pride ourselves on offering top of the line products at a reasonable price with a 30-day refund window for your convenience.

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