Kratom’s Benefits for Bodybuilding & Working Out


The Mitragyna speciosa plant has been used for countless years as a natural pain killer and stimulant, but in recent years, users have discovered its sedative and euphoric effects as well. Now, kratom is being embraced by athletes, martial artists and bodybuilders who have found it to be a terrific pre-workout tonic.

Here we will explore the sundry ways in which kratom can help physically active people to improve their exercise regimens and boost their performance. We will also take a look at some areas of concern that people have been vocal about.

In the end, I trust that you will agree that kratom is the ideal herb for athletic people who are looking for that extra get up and go.


Countless trainers, weightlifters and athletes have been taking kratom of late and it's pretty clear why.

As one enthusiastic reviewer wrote back in 2015, “Who needs pre workouts when you have kratom? I'm not joking, this stuff is seriously amazing...The correct strain of kratom can provide you with an awesome energy boost which lasts for hours, no come down and can get you focused on all your lifts.

“This doesn't make you feel like sh*t like the usual pre workout sometimes does, it doesn't make you feel wired or anything like that. It's hard to explain, but its great.”

He goes on to say that kratom is beneficial for cutting, energy boost and increased focus. And he's not alone, these are benefits that have been well-documented for years!

As an organic all natural stimulant from the coffee family of plants, kratom can sharpen your cognitive abilities and improve overall productivity.

Of course, everyone responds differently to kratom as most people respond differently to nearly any herbal supplement or stimulant. For instance, some users on the forums have said that it puts them to sleep and at least one poster said that it doesn't do much for him no matter what mg dosage he tries.

But Dr. Tony Huge of has raved about the incredible benefits of Kratom for bodybuilding in a detailed YouTube video. Long-time kratom advocate Shauna Hoffman has also expounded on the advantages of taking kratom before weight lifting, noting the uptake in energy levels among other things.

Gym goers also appreciate the elevated motivation that kratom can induce, but that's just the tip of the proverbial ice berg as kratom can also help users with post-workout fatigue and inflammation. Many people are crazy about kratom because they appreciate its ability to relieve muscle soreness after intense reps and daily exercise regimens.


Although the average kratom dosage is approximately 2-10 grams, for those seeking a pre-workout dose, it is best to take between 3 and 6 grams as this is the sweet spot for heightened energy and focus. This is also the ideal dosage for relieving anxiety and staving off pain.

Kratom has been called the “miracle herb” because it is just so versatile in terms of its benefits. Not only is it a natual analgesic (pain killer) but it's also a stimulant and a natural anti-depressant. The fact that it can energize you and calm you down simultaneously means that you won't get any of the jitters associated with caffeine and other stimulants, and you'll be able to get restful night's sleep after taking it.


There has been a lot of concern on the Internet about kratom contraindications and the like, chief among them its possible poor interaction with steroids. One user on Reddit posted about starting a Medrol pack and asked if kratom would make the intensity of prednisone worse.

Other users were quick to respond with one Redditor writing, “Stick to red [vein kratom], avoid the green for now. Take it slow. Imho steroids build up over time, they tend to get worse for side effects the longer you are on them, so watch yourself.”

Another user said, “I've taken both together many times, no interactions at all. The nasty side effects are from long term use, a single dose pack shouldn't give you any problems at all except possibly a little irritability.”

So there you have it! As we can see, there does not appear to be any problem with mixing kratom with steroids, however users are advised to avoid steroids since they have a number of their own adverse side effects and have been shown to ruin many lives overtime.

On the other hand, when taken responsibly, kratom has far less potential for addiction and tolerance. Remember, it is important to cycle your doses, taking a break for a day or two in between so as to avoid developing a kratom tolerance.


This is a question that is on the minds of lots of weight lifters and athletes. One user on posits that any mu-agonist opiate will decrease testosterone levels, but he fails to realize that kratom is not an opiate despite its opiate-like effects.

While it does not seem to be cause for any real concern, there are some who believe it can significantly shut down testosterone after long-term use. As I mentioned earlier, it is very important to avoid chronic kratom use. All of the cons that come with kratom usage tend to become a problem when you're using it too much or in large quantities.

One user at said, “My balls aren't shrunk, still have 70% of there [sic] size left, but f**k I don't want to do anything anymore, get out of bed, etc.”

But not everyone has experienced such effects. On the contrary, some users have reported incredible results while using kratom, noting that it gets their mojo working and helps them to get diesel at the same time.

One poster wrote, “I take kratom twice a day, and am a competitive lifter in great physical shape and with an awesome sex drive.

“I'm very in touch with my body, and kratom very minimally effects testosterone levels. While it does screw with the HPTA feedback mechanism, it is not to a large degree.”

He adds, “If you lift heavy and eat heavy and sleep heavy, you will gain heavy. Even while consuming kratom.”


If you decide to pick up some kratom as a pre-workout supplement, you will likely see some impressive results if you stick with red vein kratom powder and control your dosage. Always use it in moderation and avoid daily use.

Do NOT take kratom more than once per day. Be safe, be smart and be swole.

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