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Cascade Blend Kratom: Another Intriguing Product from Urban Ice Organics

June 06, 2019 Articles, Kratom Capsules, Kratom Effects, Kratom Products, Kratom Reviews, Kratom Shots, Kratom Strains, Kratom Tea, Kratom Vendors

It's no secret that we have gone crazy for Urban Ice Organics in the past. This Nevada-based vendor has been the subject of not one but two kratom reviews here at Kratom Crazy. We've talked about their admirable efforts to lobby in favor of keeping kratom legal as well as the... Review: An All-American Kratom Vendor with Integrity and Value

May 27, 2019 Articles, Kratom Capsules, Kratom Effects, Kratom Extracts, Kratom Products, Kratom Reviews, Kratom Strains, Kratom Vendors

The evergreen tree is an annual plant with leaves that are always green. The evergreen tree also shares some traits in common with kratom. Like live kratom plants, the evergreen tree is available in a variety of sizes and colors. And as with the larger wild kratom trees, ever...

Cat’s Claw and Kratom: How They Work Together, How to Dose and More

May 14, 2019 Akuamma Seeds, Articles, Cat's Claw, Kratom Alkaloids, Kratom Effects, Kratom Potentiators, Kratom Research, Kratom Tea, Natural Remedies, Turmeric Powder

Cat's Claw is one of the most versatile herbs on the planet, possessing as it does innumerable potential benefits, such as increasing white blood cells, relieving chronic pain, lowering high BP (Blood Pressure), promoting digestive health and much, much more. The holistic ...

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