Kratom Crazy Affiliate Program

Looking to earn extra cash selling kratom? Do you have a website offering kratom information to your readers? Then the Kratom Crazy affiliate program is an excellent choice to earn money on these visitors.

Our affiliate program converts very well for our affiliates due to our competitive bulk pricing on kratom powder and capsules. Another reason that our program converts well is due to our various payment methods which includes credit cards, ACH transfers and Bitcoin.

Why Sign Up?

If you are an internet marketer and are looking for a good niche to enter, then kratom is an excellent choice. The word “Kratom” has nearly 370,000 searches a month in Google alone. Whats more, the market remains a great online due to tight regulations that prevent e-commerce giants like Amazon from allowing the sale of the products.

Our kratom affiliate program targets the bulk kratom market. For this reason, many of the purchases are on the larger side. It is not uncommon for a customer to purchase 1-3 kgs at a time or more.

kratom crazy affiliate program

Affiliate Program Features

Earn 10% per sale

For each sale our affiliates refer to our website, a 10% commission is generated. As an affiliate, you can expect a conversion rate of between 4-10%. This rate is estimated on kratom relevant web-pages.

The average sale on our website is $75. This generates a $7.50 commission per sale. Because our pricepoint is low, our program has a much better conversion rate then other programs selling for much higher prices.

30-day cookie

Our kratom program enacts a 30-day cookie policy. This means that if a visitor referred through your affiliate link, visits us later within the 30-day cookie window, then you are awarded the sale. Many browsers come back within a week and purchase our products within 7 days.

Marketing materials

Our affiliate program comes with some great marketing materials. Our banners are graphically pleasing and encourage a high CTR for our affiliates.

Affiliate Program Rules

  • Must have a valid website
  • No medical claims
  • No coupon pages

Affiliate Payout Methods

We offer several payout options for our affiliates. The most popular option is PayPal. However, we can also pay in Bitcoin and with paper checks. Some affiliates prefer these methods. Either way you can expect to be paid easily and quickly without hassle.

Our payments are once per month on the 1st of each month. The minimum payment threshold is $50.

Sign Up Now

If you are interested to sign up for the Kratom Crazy Affiliate program, then please follow the link below. Once you sign-up, your account will be under a quick review and approved within 24-48 hours. We do this to screen out bad affiliate accounts and to keep the quality of our service.


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100% Satisfaction

We back all of our products with a full MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE so that you can order risk-free

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