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Picralima nitida or Akuamma, as it is more commonly known, is a potent natural substance. Akuamma seeds are harvested from Akuamma trees that grow extensively across the African continent. The seeds contain several alkaloids that have the capacity to change a person’s thinking and alter his or her state of mind.

The main alkaloids include akuammidine, akuammine, akuammicine, akuammigine and pseudo-akuammigine. These seeds predominantly contain a chemical called akuammine, which has the ability to alter your thinking and induce peace. The seeds are used in traditional medicines dispensed in Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast. They are legally harvested and sold in most countries around the world.

Akuamma seeds are crushed to prepare a medicine that helps in reducing the symptoms of malaria. They are crushed and orally administered to the patients to provide relief within a few hours of consumption. It is a common practice to consume them with green tea as it helps improve digestion. These seeds are available in a powdered form and can be bought online. If you are keen on unlocking the full benefits of these seeds, you should consider looking for an agent who will bring you untreated raw seeds.

You can grind them up using a regular coffee grinder and consume them by dissolving 2 tablespoons in boiling water. This is said to have a better effect on your psyche compared to making use of the dried powder.

Mechanism of Action

The seeds are said to contain both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. They are consumed because of their anti-opioid properties as well. They assist with providing relief from opium withdrawal symptoms. You will feel much less tempted to return back to old addiction habits and cope better with the withdrawal symptoms occurring in your body and mind.

The alkaloid akuammine is quite potent and can cross the blood-brain barrier with ease. It has a mind altering effect and helps you relax. Akuammine is mostly used as a relaxant and can relax your mind almost instantly. However, it is best to wait for at least 30 minutes before expecting to see any of its positive effects on the mind. If you don’t notice any difference then, you should try increasing the dosage.


These seeds are legal in the US and can be freely purchased and consumed to avail their mood altering benefits. They can be bought online or from an agent, but it is important to check the credentials of the agent before buying. The seeds are not FDA-approved, but there are quite a few studies available that speak to the efficacy of this compound.

Effects of the drug

  • The main effect of the herb is to generate a “calm”. Once you consume the herb, you will start feeling warm and your mind will fully relax.
  • It will also relax the muscles in your body, and produce a calm mind and body. Again, you might have to wait for at least 30 minutes to an hour to experience its full mental and physical benefits.
  • The seeds can also be consumed to stave off stress and anxiety.

Many people tend to mix these seeds with other alkaloid-containing herbs, such as Mitragyna Hirsuta. Although this is generally seen to be a safe practice, it is best to consult a physician before mixing the two. If you feel like the combination is working better for you then you can stick to it. You may not be able to see much difference by increasing the dosages, so it is best to stick with whatever is recommended and not overshoot the same.

Traditional uses

  • Traditionally, the seeds were used to treat malaria. They are said to provide instant relief from symptoms, such as fever and body pain.
  • The seeds have long been used to relieve aches and pains. These can relate to musculoskeletal pain or pain in the bones. The chemicals in the seeds are said to be potent enough to penetrate through almost all barriers in the body as its bioavailability remains quite high.
  • Akuamma seed extract is said to have powerful contraceptive and aphrodisiac
  • They are also harvested and synthesized into pills to help provide relief from diarrhea and other stomach ailments. The seeds are used to act as antipyretics, naturally reducing fever.
  • It has an inhibitory effect on intestinal peristaltic movements, contributing to digestion.

For these reasons, most Africans consider these seeds to be an answer to most of their health issues and consume it on a regular basis. You too can use them for these purposes in addition to its mental benefits.

Potential Side-Effects

Like most other anti-opioids, Akuamma seeds come with their fair share of side effects. Here is looking at some of them:

  • You might feel dizzy if you consume too many seeds.
  • You might experience extreme drowsiness.
  • If you develop any stomach issues, such as loss of appetite or nausea, it is best to discontinue use of the herb.

It is best to stick to the recommended dose and not over shoot it.


You can buy the herb in both powder and capsule form. They can both assist in enhancing your mental well-being. There are akuammine soaps available that are said to contain concentrated levels of this chemical. You can use the soaps to alleviate stress and anxiety, but they will not have the same effect on your mind as consuming the supplements.

Addiction Potential

There have been reports of addiction, but there is no conclusive proof that supplement use will result in chemical dependency. Having said that, it is important to stay within the recommended dosage limit as, otherwise, you may develop a mild dependence on the seeds. If you think you are slowly developing an addiction, it is best to stop consuming the herb or lower your dosage.

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