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Our Green Vietnam kratom powder will have you purring, “Good morning, Vietnam!” A delightfully fast strain, Green Vietnam is a one of a kind strain that offers an ecstatic experience unlike any other.

A true fan favorite, Green Vietnam kratom delivers hours of fun without the jitters or comedown associated with a coffee crash. Packing some serious wallop, Green Vietnam is ethically sourced from our network of trusted farmers.

Green Vietnam is finely ground and tested for adulterants prior to packaging. What you see is what you get. No filler. No contaminants. No pesticides. No B.S. This is 100% organic, Vietnam-sourced kratom powder.

A truly unique kratom strain, Green Vietnam is subtle and easy going but never overpowering. This is your get-up-and-go aromatic botanical in a finely textured form.

Veins and stems are removed prior to microgrinding, so you’ll know that you are getting nothing but premium kratom leaf powder.

Our kratom powders are ethically sourced from our network of trusted native farmers in Indonesia and beyond. They are finely ground and sealed securely for a fresh aroma and pleasant mouth feel.

  • Highest quality
  • No fillers
  • Ethically harvested in Vietnam

Kratom Powder & Kratom Capsules

Many customers opt to purchase kratom in powder form, using it to brew their own kratom tea. Kratom powder enables users to measure out the amount of finely ground Mitgragyna speciosa that is right for them.

Alternately, some individuals prefer to buy kratom capsules which take the hassle out of having to use a measuring spoon. Here at Kratom Crazy, our kratom capsules are 100% pure, housed as they are in vegetarian capsules that are free of any additives or binders. All strains are laboratory tested for your safety.

We understand the great demand for fair mass pricing which is why we have made bulk wholesale kratom capsules readily available in our online store. You pick the strain, we prepare the capsules. The more you buy, the more you save. Simple as that.

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.

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Mitragyna speciosa powder

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2 reviews for Green Vietnam

  1. OutinOR

    Very good strain. IMO this one requires considerable experience to use comfortably.

  2. Mary Hamrick

    My fave and the most helpful

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