Mitragyna Hirsuta

Mitragyna Hirsuta


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Mitragyna Hirsuta is a family of tall trees that extensively grow in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. The trees are often compared to Mitragyna Speciosa, whose leaves are mined to produce a powder that has both a stimulating and sedative effect on the mind.

Mitragyna Hirsuta is predominantly used to prepare traditional medicines which treat musculoskeletal aches. Locals have an unusual way of consuming it where they tend to finely crush the leaves before adding it to betel leaves and chewing on it until all its juice is extracted.

Another good way to consume the herb is by boiling it in hot water and consuming the water on a regular basis. The leaves are available in powder form and can be added to hot water to brew a tea out of it.

Mechanism of Action

Mitragyna Hirsuta is said to contain the same alkaloids as Mitragyna Kratom and can be used as a replacement for the same.

The herb works fairly fast on the body and crosses the blood-brain barrier within a matter of minutes post-consumption. It has a lasting effect on the body as its bioavailability is pretty high. It induces a calming effect on the mind and allows the person to experience a “high” at the same time. It is commonly used to relieve minor aches and joint pains.


Mitragyna Hirsuta is legal and is not considered a health threat. Although it is banned in Thailand for its mind-altering nature, it is legally sold in most parts of the US. It is easily available online and can be ordered in bulk. You can also order it from an agent, but make sure that you check his credentials before buying.

Unlike Mitragyna kratom, this drug is much more milder and does not have as many side effects. That being said, it is important to note that it might not be completely free of adverse effects and can affect the body in a few negative ways.


The Mitragyna plant has several effects on the mind and body.

  • It helps in enhancing mental alertness as it stimulates the mind.
  • It is used to activate brain cells and improve concentration. After a while, the sedative effects of the drug begin to kick in and the person starts feeling drowsy. This dual effect on the mind is seen as a paradoxical effect that can sometimes cause confusion.
  • Although there is no conclusive evidence, many people claim that they experience fewer aches and pains when they consume this herb.
  • You might feel light-weighted and free of aches after consuming the herb for a couple of days.
  • The herb is said to be much more effective than regular morphine drugs and is best to consume with precaution.

Traditional Uses

This herb was traditionally used to prepare a tea that was used to treat musculoskeletal pains and aches. The leaves were crushed and boiled in water to prepare a brew that aids in reducing body and joint aches. The leaves are also dried, crushed and mixed with betel nuts and chewed on. This process helps in extracting the raw ingredient present in the leaves and is directly administered to the body.

If you are keen on trying out this process then you can contact an agent or supplier to provide you with some good quality leaves that you can chew on.

The powder form of this herb is also a powerful source to avail the in-lying alkaloids and their benefits. You can add it to boiling water and consume the brew from time to time.

Potential Side Effects

The herb, although much milder than Mitragyna kratom, is known to have similar side effects on the body. When consumed in large volumes, the herb can induce hallucinations, tachycardia and also increase respiratory issues. It is best to stop consumption of the drug if you experience any of these symptoms. You can also reduce the dosage and consume the recommended quantity.

If you are not sure how much to consume, you can consult your physician for the same. Although most practitioners do not entertain the consumption of alternate medicines, he or she follow the dosage recommendations mentioned on the packaging.


It is advised to steep 20 grams of the herb in boiling water for 30 minutes. Once the herb starts to dissolve in the water, you can drink it. It is best to take several small sips as drinking too fast can cause you to feel high in no time. You can also boil around 10 grams of the leaves in water and drink slowly. If you are new to this herb, it is best to avoid chewing on the leaves directly. It is best to pick the powder or dried leaves over fresh ones.

If you are not sure about the effect that it will have on your body, it is best to start with 15 grams and then slowly build up to 20 grams. If you notice any of the side effects then it is best to discontinue consumption. If side effects persist then you can visit your physician.

Addiction Potential

As with the case of Mitragyna kratom, there is lots of potential for addiction with this herb. It has potent mind-altering effects, which can cause a person to develop an addiction for the product. It might seem like it is quite easy to evade an addiction by remaining within the recommended dosages, but with time a person will not be able to get him or herself to stop their consumption of the drug.

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