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Red Elephant

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Never forget what makes kratom special. It’s all about the leaves. Red Elephant is a red vein kratom strain with especially impressive leaves. This strain gets its name from the incredibly large leaves that grow on older, more mature kratom trees. As you may have suspected, these leaves resemble the big, floppy ears of an elephant.

Loaded with a broad range of indole alkaloids, the Red Elephant kratom strain is, without a doubt, the most relaxing form of kratom. A slow nighttime strain, our Red Elephant kratom is freshly picked using the utmost care and hygiene.

Where is This Strain Grown?

Red Elephant is grown and harvested in Southeast Asia where it is cared for by members of our trusted network of farmers. The oversize kratom leaves are picked using gloves and masks to limit exposure and ensure that our kratom remains uncontaminated.

How Does Red Elephant Compare to Other Red Strains?

As red vein kratom goes Red Elephant’s effects are similar to those of other strains such as Red Bali and Red Vein Kali. However the particularly large size of its leaves result in higher concentrations of kratom’s key indole alkaloids, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in particular.

How Popular is Red Elephant Kratom?

Kratom enthusiasts have been extremely vocal about their love of Red Elephant with one user writing: “…it is one of my all-time favorite strains.”

“…red elephant is awesome!” another user exclaimed.

Bottom Line

Our Red Elephant kratom powder is dried in a dimly lit air-conditioned facility. It is pesticide-free, 100% pure and imported on a weekly basis for ultimate freshness and potency.

Those who burn Red Elephant can expect one of the boldest and brightest strains.

Veins and stems are removed prior to microgrinding, so you’ll know that you are getting nothing but pure kratom leaf powder.

Our kratom powders are ethically sourced from our network of trusted native farmers in Indonesia and beyond. They are finely ground and sealed securely for a fresh aroma and pleasant mouth feel.

  • Highest quality
  • No fillers
  • Ethically harvested in Malaysia

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.

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5 reviews for Red Elephant

  1. Suzie Ehrenberg

    Goo product. Will be buying more

  2. Hopper (verified owner)

    This is the best strain I have ever found. Premium!!!!

  3. Holly LaPrade (verified owner)

    I have bought from several reputable vendors but Kratom Crazy has become my #1 preferred supplier. I purchased the Red Elephant and Red Bentuangie last time and was very happy with them both. I am placing another order tomorrow and can’t wait to try several other strains. I highly recommend ordering your kratom here!

  4. Tommy Seale (verified owner)

    I had been skeptical leading into the purchase I made with multiple questions into really knowing if there was any reputable vendors online I had recently been making my purchase from headshops and while the quality was always good the prices were to high 20$ an Oz. So when I saw the great reviews and great selection I made the bold step to order from here and I was INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED!! I paid 25 With shipping included for 100g so close to 4oz and it came in 2 days!!! I will continue to exclusively purchase through KrazyKratom company from here on out!!! Thanks sincerely!!! -Tommy Seale

  5. Benjamin Tinerino

    Red Elephant is my new favorite strain.

    I also just want that this is the best kratom company I have ever ordered from. Their customer service is second to none. There was a shipping problem with the postal service and KratomCrazy went above and beyond to fix the issue for me. I will be purchasing from here exclusively from now on.

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