Split Kratom Kilos

Split Kratom Kilos


Order any Kratom Crazy strain in split kilos for the same pricing as our full kilograms!

NOTE: You must buy in full kilo amounts or the cart will not allow you to checkout. For example, 2 x  1/2 kg amounts will work but 3 x 1/2 kg will not allow since the sum is 1.5 kg. In this case, you will need to order 1 or 2 kilos.

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Weight 0.5 kg

Red Maeng Da (1/2 kg), Green Maeng Da (1/2 kg), White Maeng Da (1/2 kg), Red Bali (1/2 kg), Green Bali (1/2 kg), White Bali (1/2 kg), Super Green Malay (1/2 kg), Red Borneo (1/2 kg), White Indo (1/2 kg), Red Indo (1/2 kg), Red Thai (1/2 kg), Green Borneo (1/2 kg), White Borneo (1/2 kg), White Sumatra (1/2 kg), Red Sumatra (1/2 kg), Green Sumatra (1/2 kg), Green Kapuas (1/2 kg), Red Kapuas (1/2 kg), Red Bentuangie (1/2 kg), White Kapuas (1/2 kg), White Thai (1/2 kg), Red Elephant (1/2 kg), White Horn (1/2 kg), Red JongKong (1/2 kg), Red Kali (1/2 kg), Green Vietnam (1/2 kg), Green Horn (1/2 kg), Red Horn (1/2 kg), Green JongKong (1/2 kg), Green Ketapang (1/2 kg), Red Riau (1/2 kg), Green Thai (1/2 kg)


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